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Game Description:

Galerians is an action adventure game for the PlayStation.

Translation Description:

Galerians (ガレリアンズ, Garerianzu) is a 1999 survival horror video game developed by Polygon Magic for the PlayStation. The game follows a boy named Rion who discovers he has psychic powers. He has amnesia, and in the process of learning his identity, Rion discovers that he is humanity’s last hope for survival against the Galerians, genetically enhanced humans.

About the Translation.

This translation is definitely the final version of the game - the improvements are made, and the author would say it’s better than the original.

Brief detail of the improvements below:

  • The entire font was changed, the game’s prototype font was used, which is much better than the final version, adjustments in the VWF, leaving it well aligned, which is not seen in the original version of the game.
  • Every graphic in the game has been edited, including scenarios, file information, menus (its graphics)

There was no abbreviation on anything in menu, unlike the existing versions of the game. Including the game credits that were also graphics.

  • All videos were subtitled, including graphic edits within the videos.
  • As extra, was added and docked the Japanese music song into US credits.

But it didn’t use the version that was on the disk of the Japanese version, because it’s wrong there, it’s cut, was used the official version of the song’s composer, in other words, it’s better than the official Japanese version.

  • All game script has been translated and revised.

Including in-game lines that do not have subtitles in the original versions of the game, all done with programming via MIPS. In other words, subtitles were added where they did not exist even in the official version.

  • An anti-sales splash was added, to warn users, that the patches are free made from fan to fan, to not buy from third parties.

Tools and special thanks

  • Script tool

Made by CUE

  • Compressed Graphics for RAW/Tim

Compression Algorithm = Phoenix from Sadness city

Decompression/compression Algorithm = GDKchan

Gui program for compressions/decompression algorithms and a new pack tool to save space in CDB files = Master_Luc

Compression/Decompression LZSS algorithm tool for graphics of credits = denim

  • Hacking/programming/ASM

VWF ASM for font = Master_Luc

Programming via MIPS for in-game speech subtitles = denim.


Links for the .xdelta patches:

  • NOTE All files are .xdelta patches, you must apply this to the ISO.

Use delta patcher from Phoenix to apply the patches.

If you want to apply to an ISO with a different checksum, deselect the checksum check option in the delta patcher, but it’s not guaranteed the patch will work correctly.

PS: As pyou can see, a lot of people were involved for this to have been released. So sharing is love.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • -----------------------------------------CD1 SLUS-00986-----------------------------------------
  • (Disc 1).bin CRC = 7455948E
  • MD5 Checksum: 217885A22FBB0F3092F8405CE42419EA
  • SHA-1 Checksum: F69E7299E5CEA91A74E1E4C9893E6781D1227D1D
  • SHA-256 Checksum: 81E34107B000B6D4E1E54C467C4E26DD6C2A2BD354BAD6E6205338BB058B8548
  • SHA-512 Checksum: 49B01C48DA525D2EDB9824FDFF31D382E5FE7BB1359F84C65996A3B14DF0D8088B312343E25241E9A9B9C9BD3B64ECA906CA29341912CAF239D56DF0B1833A8E
  • ----------------------------------------CD2 SLUS-01098------------------------------------------
  • (Disc 2).bin CRC = 04A22D52
  • MD5 Checksum: 5BC6DE661CB074CD5218AC0B9DAECDA2
  • SHA-1 Checksum: 93584939FEDEB42CE92437F69794A374BE54FFBF
  • SHA-256 Checksum: 79989FD9DE0460FA911FBD85500222B8A948C6C321F95B7DB43D1565EEE6127E
  • SHA-512 Checksum: C0157937435ED1DD29145D26F3F327B855235A3385A85AFFA2D06F0097F8EF4F841400BE5D9379CAD15495B7472BBFF4FA0F592D9D1A7794D8CCA3583B8F1007
  • ----------------------------------------CD3 SLUS-01099------------------------------------------
  • (Disc 3).bin CRC = C59B3BBD
  • MD5 Checksum: 992E16E5164FEBD23C8242EDE1FC0D8C
  • SHA-1 Checksum: F65D1622E250AF26C3539D58B33EA69A2DA578F5
  • SHA-256 Checksum: 710E6387D4C61CF8E15FAD82A3431F0B145E35E6EED505C1B5A07731611BF437
  • SHA-512 Checksum: 65333449BE6F3152448BD58041F178BC18B228CE7263D6159E84CCBA322EE38524EAA8AEE8E8F22C68961815B80F9F83AF6E17E0563E74688638BB7C79719219


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Lion_manHackingAll Script Translation
ajkmetiukGraphicsAll Graphics edition
Master_LucHackingPrimary hacking, programming and ASM work
denimHackingProgramming, Hacking, ASM work and Lzss compression for credits graphics

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