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Otomedius G (Gorgeous!)

Xbox 360

Game Description:

Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) is an action shooter game for the Xbox 360.

Translation Description:

The quest to translate the Xbox 360 games Otomedius and Otomedius Gorgeous! into English, all the GUI, text and menus.

This started out as a way to patch an English translation into the arcade release of the game Otomedius, the Xbox 360 version uses a very similar file layout so translation development has moved onto that version of the game.

Currently all the game menu SWF files (Shockwave Flash) have been edited, all weapons, character select, ranking, replay, shop, weapon select and end of stage total screens is in English.

Some of the text is not stored as images and would require hacking the otomedius.xex file, this is beyond my ability at this time.

Intro and Ending movies for each character are WMV movie files, they could be re-encoded with baked in subtitles, something to look into in the future, they are 23 large files at over 2GB total.

The speech will not be translated as I don’t have a team of voice actors, this also means the voices used in the game will not be subtitled either.

All the DLC is now translated too.

YouTube link for the games running with the v1.6 patch.

The patch can easily be obtained from the original authors website, Gradius Home World:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • These files are for the Japanese DVD version of the game (20-11-2008 - VK016-J1), they will also work with the Platinum edition (as the discs are identical), however you will have to rip the DVD yourself.
  • 4B4E07EE is the Xbox internal ID used by the game Otomedius G (Gorgeous!).
  • You can also get the files from your installed DVD version on your Xbox 360 hard drive.
  • Partition 3/Content/0000000000000000/4B4E07EE/00004000/
  • This patch will not work with the Games On Demand Live download release as these three files are different from the disc installed and DVD version, so the game doesn't load in Xenia for an unknown reason (failed checksum maybe?).
  • Partition 3/Content/0000000000000000/4B4E07EE/00007000/
  • Stick with the DVD rip or the installed DVD version.



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