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Phantasy Star

Sega Master System

Game Description:

Phantasy Star is a role playing game for the Sega Master System, and the first in the Phantasy Star series. It’s also one of the earliest JRPGs, and considered a pioneer in the genre. It was critically acclaimed for its scope, lush graphics, animations, 3D dungeons (a first for JRPGs), and for its blend of science fiction and fantasy elements.

Translation Description:

Phantasy Star: Classic-style Names

Unofficial addendum of SMS Power!’s translation.

With the v2.x update, SMS Power! offered a patch to make names and terms in-line with the core four games’ official translations. However, it seemed to cherrypick specific nomenclature, resulting in half alterations.

This addendum goes farther and changes the names of healing items, spells, certain enemies, and each character (Other than Lutz). Also defaults font to that from PSIV’s menu, with an alternate thin font from PS Gaiden.

Originally conceived as a patch to reduce Frank Cifaldi’s expanded script, reduction was later deemed unnecessary, as the opening and confrontation with Lassic were truly the only scenes with added detail.

Apply to a ROM prepatched with SMS Power!’s translation, v2.2.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star (J).sms
  • Apply to ROM prepatched with SMS Power's translation, v2.2
  • CRC32 - 32F69FE3
  • MD5 - B017CCA2ECF9A545B8EB833F5EC66DE3
  • SHA1 - 005D6F6AC7EDDFC3835ED84E75891EFA698E532C


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
z80gaidenOriginal HackingCore hacking and programming
MaximOriginal HackingProject manager, final hacking/programming
Paul JensenOriginal TranslationScript translator, editor
satsuOriginal TranslationAdditional translations
Frank CifaldiOriginal TranslationLocalization
vivify93Script Editing/RevisionClassic-style Names Addendum

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