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Phantasy Star

Sega Master System

Game Description:

Phantasy Star is a role playing game for the Sega Master System, and the first in the Phantasy Star series. It’s also one of the earliest JRPGs, and considered a pioneer in the genre. It was critically acclaimed for its scope, lush graphics, animations, 3D dungeons (a first for JRPGs), and for its blend of science fiction and fantasy elements.

Translation Description:

Phantasy Star Retranslated: Classic-style Names

Unofficial addendum of SMS Power!’s Literal English translation.

As of the v2.3.1 update, SMS Power! offer an alternate patch with none of their “extra-seasoned flavor” present in the script. It’s almost perfect, but some fans would prefer the names they grew up with.

This changes the names of healing items, magic, select enemies, settlements, and each character to reflect the international releases. The font is also defaulted to that of menus in PSIV, with the alternative now being the thin font in PS Gaiden.

Apply to a ROM pre-patched with SMS Power!’s Literal English translation, v2.3.1.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star (J).sms
  • Apply to a ROM pre-patched with SMS Power!'s Literal English translation, v2.3.1
  • CRC32 - 32F69FE3
  • MD5 - B017CCA2ECF9A545B8EB833F5EC66DE3
  • SHA1 - 005D6F6AC7EDDFC3835ED84E75891EFA698E532C



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
z80gaidenOriginal HackingCore hacking and programming
MaximOriginal HackingProject manager, final hacking/programming
Paul JensenOriginal TranslationScript translator, editor
satsuOriginal TranslationAdditional translations
Frank CifaldiOriginal TranslationLocalization
FlamePurgeScript Editing/RevisionClassic-style Names Addendum

User Review Information

User Reviews
A much needed patch! Thank you!YuriFerro18 Sep 20222.2-CNYes