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Game Description:

Mirrors is an visual novel game for the PC-8×01.

Translation Description:

Mirrors is a visual novel (VN) game, originally released for NEC PC-8801 MC (the last model in NEC PC-88 series, which was equipped with CD drive). It eventually saw a graphically revamped re-release in 1992 for the Fujitsu FM-Towns computer. The story, written by Hiroyuki Kitahara, tells the player a story of David Astley, the lead singer of promising “Eleno Vision”, who is being haunted by nightmares about mysterious man who is going to kill him. While he and his bandmates are preparing for their first tour of Europe, David’s dreams are getting worse and just on the eve of tour something ominous happens…

To save the game, press ESC key when game prompts for dialogue option and use Numpad keys to select a save slot.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mirrors.ccd: 80273154a2daf2d107a282b353a86246 (MD5)
  • Mirrors.img: 84e583ec62372ca9dd0d737dce38b5d8 (MD5)
  • Mirrors.sub: e45923398b1d150f71e6056bd0974d15 (MD5)


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cccmarScript Editing/Revision

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