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Game Description:

FlixMix is an puzzle game for the PC-98.

Translation Description:

This English translation patch for the PC-98 port of the IBM PC/DOS puzzle game, FlixMix, completely replaces all the text in the game. Not a single bit of Japanese is left. For the most part, the English text is taken directly from the original version, with only a few strings that needed to be shortened due to lack of space. During testing there haven’t been any bugs found that were introduced by the hacking, but if you find any, feel free to inform the author.

The big reason why this version is worth playing over the original is that the arranged and original music by Takeshi Abo is truly outstanding. It is so much better than the original version’s music by far.

Another interesting thing about this port is that the second game set, Natural Mind, is completely different than the original version’s second game set, Grid Riddlers.

To apply this modification, make a folder named FM inside the location you installed Xdelta to. Copy your original FLIXMIX.EXE, FLIXMIX.001, and FLIXMIX.002 files into it. For the last two files, ensure that they are both dated 3/24/1995. If the dates do not match, then they have previously been used to save games and such, and you will need to find unused copies of these files. Once that’s done, copy the Xdelta patch files provided in the zip into the same place. Lastly, copy Patch-FM.bat to the location where Xdelta’s executable is and run it. If you followed these instructions correctly, the patching process should have been successful and you will now find a new folder inside FM containing the patched files that you can copy over to where you installed the game.

The game requires a PC-9821 (because it runs in 256 colors) and the GDC must be set to 5mhz via the BIOS or a DOS utility for it to run correctly. The patch was created and tested via the copy of Xdelta UI 1.1 provided on this site.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No database match.
  • File/ROM SHA-1: DE40CC93347365CB0AD80BF900348A8B4C7423B4
  • File/ROM CRC32: 55FF9A56


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
thepirategamerboy12HackingHex edited three files to change all Japanese text to English

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