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Parasite Eve


Game Description:

Parasite Eve is a action role playing game for the PlayStation.

Translation Description:

1997 & 1998 were strong years for Squaresoft and PlayStation 1. Final Fantasy 7 and Xenogears saw the light of the day and created new milestones. Concerning such a strong competition it wasn’t easy for a certain action/horror RPG to attract attention. We’re talking about “Parasite Eve”.

However it became pretty soon clear that this game wasn’t just a niche product from Squaresoft. A fanbase established itself quite fast regarding this PlayStation 1 hit. The story, the graphics and FMV scenes were at the highest stage. Unfortunately this PlayStation 1 pearl never made it to Europe and both sequels (Parasite Eve 2 (PS1) and The third Birthday (PSP) – each released within Europe) couldn’t follow the quality of the first part.

That one who imported the game from the US to Germany could enjoy this exceptional title but also had to realize that it wasn’t easy to understand even with good English speaking skills. Many biological and chemical technical terms were mixed with science fiction and everything was about these mitochondria (which really exist). Therefore many players couldn’t understand the deeper sense of the story.

Playing Parasite Eve in German language is even 20 years after the game’s release a dream of many German fans.

For this reason the team of Twisted Phoenix took a special trouble to translate the game into German language – and the result is impressive.

Who ever wanted to experience an “Aya-effect” has got now the chance.

We wish all fans of the series a lot of fun with the German translation of Squaresoft’s “Parasite Eve” for the PlayStation 1!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • This patch is for Parasite Eve for Playstation 1.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The whole game including graphics has been translated into German language.
  • For the patch the NTSC-U-version of the game is required.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Serial: SLUS-00662 (disc No.1)
  • Serial: SLUS-00668 (disc No.2)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • DeltaPatcher is needed (e.g. in the game's download file)
  • Link: disc 1 -
  • Link: disc 2 -
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • For patching the game you need the images of both discs. Start DeltaPatcher and chose under "original file"
  • the disc you want to patch. There's a patch for each disc.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Disc 1: PE_GER100B_D1.xdelta
  • Disc 2: PE_GER100B_D2.xdelta


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Twisted Phoenix CrewTranslationScript Editing, revision, Beta testing

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