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Initial D Extreme Stage

PlayStation 3

Game Description:

Initial D Extreme Stage is an racing game for the PlayStation 3.

Translation Description:

This is just a beta patch to a supposedly partial English translation of Initial D: Extreme Stage, that unfortunately had to put on hold and stopped working on since 12/24/2014 due to some issues.

It’s not fully bug tested since 2014, it was tested for just a bit with a personal working backup. There are a lot of versions of this game and this patch is specifically for Initial D: Extreme Stage [BLJM-60055].

How to patch:

  • 1. Extract your ISO backup to a JB (folder type)
  • 2. Copy the 2d.xdelta, car.xdelta, EBOOT.xdelta, patch.bat and xdelta3.exe inside your Initial D game directory run patch.bat and wait for it to finish.
  • 3. Copy your BACKUP folder just in case you failed to make a whole backup of your game and you can delete 2d.xdelta, car.xdelta, EBOOT.xdelta, patch.bat and xdelta3.exe inside your Initial D game directory.
  • 4. After it’s finished, if you want to convert your game folder (JB) back to ISO again use PS3 ISO TOOLS .

Watch preview on Youtube:

Translation release blog post:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Initial D: Extreme Stage / [頭文字D EXTREME STAGE] JAP (BLJM-60055) 2008-07-03


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


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