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Sakura Wars Columns 2


Game Description:

Sakura Wars Columns 2 is an puzzle game for the Dreamcast.

Translation Description:

This is the English translation patch for “Sakura Wars: Columns 2″ (known in Japanese as “Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2″) for the Sega Dreamcast! Everything from start to finish is fully translated and localized, aside from the Japanese voice acting and the online battle section. On top of that, the original website, the original DLC, and even a fully complete/unlocked save are all accessible from directly within the game itself.

For those unaware, this is an extremely in-depth and full-featured puzzle game based on the world of “Sakura Wars.” Not only does it feature a myriad of unlockable content and extra bonus material, but also includes a full “Story” mode for all 12 playable characters. For those who love good puzzle games, “Sakura Wars: Columns 2″ not only delivers in the department of fun gameplay, but also keeps on giving back to the player with a multitude of different ways to enjoy the game.

Download Link on GitHub

ROM / ISO Information:

  • GDI source: Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 v1.000 (1999)(Sega)(JP)[!].zip
  • unpatched GDI:
  • 346fea58ab1a55c577138c5b04319157 disc.gdi
  • bc9705193d44fe615854e9ade6089e26 track01.bin
  • 98d912d36b179dc5d2386e41b72ffbc9 track02.raw
  • 4ca5e50e56e64f11be0faeb6fc447877 track03.bin
  • patched GDI:
  • 346fea58ab1a55c577138c5b04319157 disc.gdi
  • bc9705193d44fe615854e9ade6089e26 track01.bin
  • 98d912d36b179dc5d2386e41b72ffbc9 track02.raw
  • cb06b7a47d275a81d425ea8d8a6d71d4 track03.bin


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Derek PascarellaHackingProject leader, primary hacker and graphics editor
Chanh NguyenTranslationTranslation coordinator and lead script editor
Natsume38TranslationLead translator of script from Japanese to English
DanthraxScript Editing/RevisionScript editor

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