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Mitsume ga Tooru. The Three-Eyed One Comes Here


Game Description:

Mitsume ga Tooru. The Three-Eyed One Comes Here is an action adventure game for the MSX.

Translation Description:

This patch is for the Japanese localization of NATSUME’s “Mitsume ga Tooru: The Three-Eyed One Comes Here” game for the MSX home computer. It translates the game to English and Russian. The context and meaning of the original Japanese is maintained, but grammar, spelling, and expressions are adapted for English and Russian speakers.

This game is based on the original manga by Osamu Tezuka and developed and published by NATSUME in April 1989 for the MSX and MSX2 microcomputer platforms. The MSX game wasn’t as popular as its successor for Famicom – also created by NATSUME in 1992 – but it has its own charms, along with a fairly ambitious storyline and mysterious setting ripped straight out of the pages of Tezuka-sensei’s manga by NATSUME’s talented software engineers. (In fact, this is also a notable game for being NATSUME’s one and only published work on the MSX platform!)

The Project

This endeavor was inspired by other notable MSX scene projects and it almost goes without saying that “Mitsume ga Tooru: The Three-Eyed One Comes Here” is a real hidden gem, largely unknown by the world outside of Japan and mostly forgotten to time for the last few decades. It deserves so much more than that, though, and we’re happy to help English and Russian speakers enjoy this lost piece of gaming history.

The Features

- An authentic and dynamic translation from Japanese to Russian and English. The initial line length and character storage limitations have been removed, allowing for all the nuances of the dialogue and story to be fully conveyed.

- The speed at which the text is printed to the screen has been adjusted to account for the larger line length limits, making the experience more comfortable for Russian and English readers.

- New original fonts have been created just for this project, making use of both uppercase and lowercase characters while also ensuring all text is clean and legible.

- The original game manual was scanned, restored, and fully translated to the highest possible standards. It can be downloaded as a PDF for your viewing pleasure, or even printed in booklet form for physical perusal on your own time.

Some minor bugs and graphical glitches from the original game have been fixed, making this a more polished Mitsume ga Tooru experience than ever before.

Personal project page

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mitsume ga Tooru. The Three-Eyed One Comes Here (1989)(Natsume)(jp).rom
  • CRC32: 4F70C1F9
  • MD5: 223BD344FE8833C2EB385C256EB7029A
  • SHA-1: 7341EFC039394EC159FEEBCFAA9D4A61EBF08A18
  • SHA-256: 396357F4F7B4AD59B5ABBA22C88E60652265E378576B39D61B9EC58F0D479147


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Igor BezhenarTranslationHacking, translation
MP83HackingOriginal English font, testing
ArrogantHackingOriginal Russian font, testing
WyrdwadScript Editing/RevisionEnglish text editor, promotion

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