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Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

Sega Genesis

Game Description:

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole is a role playing game for the Sega Genesis.

Translation Description:

This project aim to offer a better experience than the original French translation released in 1993.

This release contain :

  • The 50 to 60Hz display patch
  • A proper shadow under the 0 digit
  • Translation for some characters
  • Re-translation for some items
  • Full dialogs re-translation
  • Censored bath scene now accessible
  • QOL control patch to use normal directions

This release does not contain :

  • The patch for the debug mode
  • Any uncensored graphics items
  • Japanese context for Pink Palace

IPS must be patched to the French rom release of the game CRC32: 5DE7D917 In some cases, the rom checksum must be fixed after applying the IPS

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Landstalker - Le Tresor du Roi Nole (France)
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20180824-045026)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 86DB4B22B54E8583E35717927AD66B7535BF33B4
  • File/ROM CRC32: 5DE7D917



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gufino2HackingTool programmer
TentaculeVerteHackingRom modding
Ryu-YaTranslationAdditional translations

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