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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

PlayStation Portable

Game Description:

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is an role playing action rpg game for the PlayStation Portable.

Translation Description:

An English localization patch of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSPo2I).

This patch features:


The game is fully localized to English—this means any and all text that can be found in the game is translated.

Care has been taken to keep the translation as accurate and close to the original as possible, with few things being outright changed—this was possible due to no restrictions such as age ratings or company pressure.

Extensive UI hacking

Numerous parts of the interface had to be adjusted in order to fit the English text because Japanese as a language tends to be much more compact than the former, and in some cases even things as short as a handful of characters simply didn’t fit as the Japanese was even shorter. Elements such as window/text box sizes, window placement, text alignment and positioning inside menus, interactive menus, programmed messages, and more have been extensively modified to provide a (hopefully) seamless experience.

Image editing to English

Custom images have been made for material that was in Japanese, such as title cards, tutorial images, icons, etc.

Movie subtitling

The movies that appear in the game have English subtitles specially made and timed for them. This also goes for the Episode 1 content, which has the Japanese dub with subtitles added to them.

Customized solutions

The Infinity Mission feature uses a naming system based on a place and a name in Japanese. This would not fit in English and so naming has been reworked. A new naming system was created using terms that thematically made sense and were also typesetting-friendly, while retaining access to the quest system linked to completing missions of this type.

There is also a quiz type mission which included questions that were impossible to solve without guessing for an English-speaking audience—those have been reworked to be solvable.


The patch is in .xdelta format and is far too large to be hosted here. It has been added to an .7z archive that also includes an installation guide, as well as additional missions that have also been translated.

Please see this post for the latest links:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • NPJH-50332.ISO
  • Original ROM SHA-1: 2961727668BEADDE6002C1FD311CC47E9ECFD139
  • Original ROM SHA-256: D8EF48D7B596708C227A46ABF0386B739AC216F64D4A12B67ACFE9F263591B5B
  • Original ROM CRC32: AF5D2BC9
  • Patch Archive SHA-1: 565C997FB0E598332919725828C431205F9CFAF6
  • Patch Archive SHA-256: A81FEE77664683CE827D4B139BA217729D07C0AD689B02EC937EB21212E1BFBF
  • Patch Archive CRC32: FF0F77B9
  • Patched ROM SHA-1: DC916FB3DA6E76CAFED337AB020EF1A7FA2DC768
  • Patched ROM SHA-256: 97E46B370AE99A291B9999601F3199E5820575DBD88BEAF031D76D3455057316
  • Patched ROM CRC32: 10804583


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
WeyuTranslationTranslation, Quality Control

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