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Eikou no Saint Andrews

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

Highly technical yet visually underwhelming, Eikou no Saint Andrews (St Andrews Old Course) is a Japanese-exclusive golf title and the first for the sport released on the Nintendo 64.

Gameplay uses a rubberband mechanic. Swinging requires pulling back on the Control Stick, then releasing it when the red dot is at its smallest. Force is controlled by how far back the stick is pulled, and spin by how off center. Your stance is influenced by the terrain, and in some cases only half shots will be available.

Translation Description:

A slapdash USA localization for the N64 release “Eikou no Saint Andrews”. Menus and images are now in English, though imperial measurements are not used for heights or windspeed to prevent changes to gameplay dynamics.


  • Please note this title uses a rubberband mechanic that requires an analog stick. Emulator users should avoid using a keyboard, and console users should test how worn their control stick is on a practice hole.
  • Saving requires 1 note and 79 pages on a Controller Pak. Unplug any other controller devices to avoid save errors.

More information on emulation issues, controller devices, and saving issues can be found in the readme.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Eikou no Saint Andrews (Japan).n64
  • Internal checksum:
  • 0DED0568 1502515E
  • MD5:
  • 4A229356D76746A7EE7FB18BE68CB7ED
  • SHA-512:
  • 64B1E66CAA8791D9AF435A1B7900336501439EFDF6138CEBC33D0EAB22F30F8DD5B72CCD6786AD6B7F233FE7CBE7BAC44F08C0E722E695BD1D02FC0F189EC03C


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