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Ms. Pac-Man


Game Description:

Ms. Pac-Man is an action game for the Arcade.

Translation Description:

Ms. Pac-Man is the first video game heroine, and as such, deserves a Hebrew translation as well.

RetrOfir’s Hebrew translation of Ms. Pac-Man is the first ROM hack of the Arcade Ms. Pac-Man on, and as with the original Pac-Man, it is fully translated down to the service mode.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • 5e:
  • File MD5 949B23BA65DD39FAFB5FB325BCAA9641
  • File SHA-1 7619E6FC6ED4E5D8EAD50A1CF552EE3A3719598C
  • File CRC32 17D648F5
  • 5f:
  • File MD5 949B23BA65DD39FAFB5FB325BCAA9641
  • File SHA-1 7619E6FC6ED4E5D8EAD50A1CF552EE3A3719598C
  • File CRC32 17D648F5
  • 82s123.7f:
  • File MD5 80239848EF62294E0E78E33A3F444E9C
  • File SHA-1 8D0268DEE78E47C712202B0EC4F1F51109B1F2A5
  • File CRC32 2FC650BD
  • 82s126.1m:
  • File MD5 CCFE14E6F085CF7DC8CBEAABE33BE586
  • File SHA-1 BBCEC0570AECEB582FF8238A4BC8546A23430081
  • File CRC32 A9CC86BF
  • 82s126.3m:
  • File MD5 726E495BF2562DEE07AC463876BCC9A9
  • File SHA-1 0C4D0BEE858B97632411C440BEA6948A74759746
  • File CRC32 77245B66
  • 82s126.4a:
  • File MD5 E46A7BE53FC919B1416BE6451636EC9D
  • File SHA-1 19097B5F60D1030F8B82D9F1D3A241F93E5C75D6
  • File CRC32 3EB3A8E4
  • pacman.6e:
  • File MD5 290AA5EAE9E2F63587B5DD5A7DA932DA
  • File SHA-1 E87E059C5BE45753F7E9F33DFF851F16D6751181
  • File CRC32 C1E6AB10
  • pacman.6f:
  • File MD5 19A886FCD8B5E88B0ED1B97F9D8659C0
  • File SHA-1 674D3A7F00D8BE5E38B1FDC208EBEF5A92D38329
  • File CRC32 1A6FB2D4
  • pacman.6h:
  • File MD5 D7CCE8BFFD9563B133EC17EBBB6373D4
  • File SHA-1 8E47E8C2C4D6117D174CDAC150392042D3E0A881
  • File CRC32 BCDD1BEB
  • pacman.6j:
  • File MD5 99097308B36C2B8A98C0B548CE39355A
  • File SHA-1 08B86F4A2CD4EC47CC91079AF8769D5B2D64B6EB
  • File CRC32 07AB6044
  • u5:
  • File MD5 C6BB02EE83E84AD16EB444D74FD1E44F
  • File SHA-1 B26CC1C8EE18E9B1DAA97956D2159B954703A0EC
  • File CRC32 F45FBBCD
  • u6:
  • File MD5 6EEE4837E32A9C0CBC902986F3F3E689
  • File SHA-1 F52D0FA2B10DD6CCD14F33618BD62BFE327925BC
  • File CRC32 DF099A74
  • u7:
  • File MD5 404EE76ECA4437E89073B2259D23142F
  • File SHA-1 883EA9C76FB32FD3B536EDC4E064AF173D2A86B4
  • File CRC32 8AF68B64



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
RetrOfirHackingFull Hacking & Translation to Hebrew

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