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Harukanaru Augusta - Masters '98 (Japan)

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

Harukanaru Augusta - Masters ‘98, or Faraway Augusta - Masters ‘98 is the second golf title released for the Nintendo 64 and second to last in T&E Soft’s 9-year series of golf titles set at Augusta National Golf Club.

Gameplay is arcade style. Players can adjust their clubs, stance, and hit position. Pressing A as the swing meter rises sets the height of a swing, and pressing A as close as possible to the center of the red line at the bottom of the meter determines how centered the club strikes the ball.

Translation Description:

A localization of the N64 title “Harukanaru Augusta - Masters ‘98″ for a USA audience. All text–menus, course details, messages, and Controller Pak manager–have been translated to English. Voice remains untouched and will continue to be unless somebody happens to know a couple actors willing to have their voices mutilated for free.

Special thanks to Nathan Smith for suggesting this project.

Patching: Apply the xdelta patch using the similarly named xdelta. The patch will only apply to a ROM in native (big-endian) byte order.

Notes: Some emulator plugins have trouble displaying the fake water reflections properly, which in the worst case removes the ground. This also applies to the translation patch. Check the emulator and/or plugin’s compatibility with the original game.

Please refer to the readme for additional information, such as saving and Controller Pak usage.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Harukanaru Augusta - Masters '98 (Japan).n64
  • Internal checksum:
  • 09AE57B1 182A5637
  • MD5:
  • A02A4FB4B93E9847348440652CEF8D4D
  • SHA-512:
  • 231B9F5E10AACC28AFFFD6FB1DC4AE652DDA58BC50C0B190B68F92DB5384F21B506E880AC66EBBD29B45CEB60AFD5A48AF1884A295FF78984FDA390C70003801


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