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Wagyan Land

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

If you’ve played Kero Kero Keroppi’s Great Big Adventure 2, you know exactly what to expect. You shoot things at enemies, and you play some kind of funky game with the boss, instead of actually fighting him. The word chain game is freaking DIFFICULT. Anyway, the most major change (not really a “change,” since Wagyan Land came first) is that you can’t jump on your enemies to kill them. You can’t even kill them at all, unless you get four powerups and become invincible. Once you shoot an enemy, it’s just FROZEN for a little while, and you can jump on it and stuff. It’s pretty wicked. And of course, one hit kills you, just like in all great games. Too bad the collision detection totally bites. Oh yeah, and the graphics are awesome! They’re just so simplified and elite and stuff. So yeah! Play the game.

Translation Description:

Spanish Translation of “Wagyan Land” for the NES. It includes the spanish accentuation, ¡, ¿ and ñ. Based on the English translation of AlanMidas.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Wagyan Land (J).nes
  • File Size 192 KB
  • File MD5 E99A9DD1E9C5FA256274E68F5CA9464D
  • File SHA-1 A978AB6C2147C7CD7FDC79AC005743843B162889
  • File CRC32 0797E1AE
  • Wagyan Land (Japan).nes
  • File Size 192 KB
  • File MD5 FE7AF4E65C987009C39C9196F5F74B67
  • File SHA-1 4DC413A74AC16F34A5E714DD96080DF7C4E29FE0
  • File CRC32 6EB4D2B8


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Max1323HackingHacking & Translation to Spanish
AlanMidasOriginal HackingOriginal English Translation

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