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Game Description:

Xenogears is a role playing game for the PlayStation.

Translation Description:

Texts and pictures are entirely translated in French by the Atelier Traduction team.

This patch is compatible with the US version of the game and is 100% working with the original system (PlayStation) and almost all the emulators.

If you want to play with Japanese voices (undub), please download the patch on our website instead because the patch is too big to be hosted here:

It’s a new French translation which has no connection with the old one at all.

Here’s the list of the important features:

  • A lot of texts have been translated from Japanese because the American translator made a lot of context and translation mistakes.
  • The bug which made a softlock with a Deus’ attack has been definitively fixed on ALL systems.
  • A VWF (font with variable width characters) has been implemented to improve the reading’s comfort.
  • All videos have been subtitled on the fly, so there are no losses at all.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • US BIN CD1 : C75E45FF
  • US BIN CD2 : 0E89EBF6
  • FR BIN CD1 : 3A836320
  • FR BIN CD2 : 7EEC207C
  • FR undub BIN CD1 : A48B6851
  • FR undub BIN CD2 : 875537ED
  • FR BIN CD1 with JAP controls: C0657D67
  • FR BIN CD2 with JAP controls: 9B8A7601
  • FR undub BIN CD1 with JAP controls: 11BAD3BA
  • FR undub BIN CD2 with JAP controls: FDD5A505


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
RyusanHackingLeader, hacking with SadNES cITy tools
RyleFuryHackingSubtitles on the fly, ASM, VWF fixes, tools, Undub
RyusanTranslationComplete translation
pinktagadaScript Editing/Revision
RyleFuryScript Editing/Revision
KirashiScript Editing/RevisionFrom the japanese script
aquagonScript Editing/RevisionFrom the japanese script
RyusanGraphicsPictures, videos edition and translation

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