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Moon Cresta


Game Description:

Moon Cresta is an action shooter game for arcades. The game was also licensed to Centuri, who released the game as Eagle.

Translation Description:

This is a Portuguese (Brazil) translation of the original arcade version of Moon Cresta.

Based on the Nichibutsu USA unencrypted version.

Tested on MAME 0.208.

Note: You need 2 ROM sets to fully use this translation. Read the instructions text file (in Portuguese) for steps on how to apply the patches.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Patch the following ROMs from the set "mooncrst"
  • mcs_a
  • MD5: d4ac64f059088930828e519b36c420fb
  • SHA1: 5bc9493afa76c55858b8c8849524cbc77dc838fc
  • CRC32: 631ebb5a
  • mcs_b
  • MD5: 41eab4a27f14dfde9ebfd909573c4b8c
  • SHA1: 38a6679a8b69bc1870a0e67e692131c42f9535c8
  • CRC32: fb0f1f81
  • mcs_c
  • MD5: 4fb5e2b5e110b3b62d9f1c9efcd05af7
  • SHA1: 08c6599db170dd6ee364c44f70a0f5c0f881b6ef
  • CRC32: 24cfd145
  • mcs_d
  • MD5: f11be41e78c3db900a63585117364eaa
  • SHA1: b8885c555c6ad7021be55c6925a0a0872c1b6abd
  • CRC32: 13932a15
  • Patch the following ROMs from the set "mooncrstu"
  • bepr199
  • MD5: 3f2a55574dff34c6ee7185cee87fd7bf
  • SHA1: 82e8e825d157c3c947a3a222bca059a735169c7d
  • CRC32: 6e84a927
  • e5
  • MD5: 6aa06e45eee6bc82d1d834df6f8ee56d
  • SHA1: 99dbe9fc7f95f8fdce86eb5c32bd1ca1bea0ca3c
  • CRC32: 06d378a6
  • smc2f
  • MD5: 393f92f8c52c8ff92b0736015f94b773
  • SHA1: d89abff6ac4afbf69377a1d63043d629a634aab7
  • CRC32: 410ab430
  • smc8f
  • MD5: caaf327e7ef7e83d31fd0c628da3d159
  • SHA1: e0d1680f193889568edf005786e2767d4fb086f4
  • CRC32: f42164c5


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Green JerryHackingFull Hacking & Translation to Portuguese

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