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Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is a third-person action shoot ‘em up game for the Nintendo 64.

Translation Description:

Spanish translation for Duke Nukem Zero Hour on the n64. Most of the text in the game has been translated, but no special Spanish punctuation symbols could be added due to inexperience. Included in the patch zip, there is a rom database file (rdb) for Project64 so the game can be run properly on that emulator. Also included is an input configuration file (zero.cp) that makes possible playing the game with a double analog gamepad (an Xbox360 pad was used for testing).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Platform Nintendo 64
  • ROM format N64 ROM image
  • File Size 33554432 (2000000)
  • ROM Size 33554432 (2000000)
  • ROM CRC32 9A3258D7
  • ROM SHA-1 DE4DB292CC6CF5DD1DD1D3C9700CF8E5C3078410
  • No-Intro entry Duke Nukem - Zero Hour (USA)
  • Byte-swapped Not Byte-swapped


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