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Tales of Graces f

PlayStation 3

Game Description:

Tales of Graces f is an action role playing game for the PlayStation 3.

Translation Description:

This project is a translation of text and textures into Russian language.

Version 0.1 is to be considered a trial version, and translation takes ~33% out of the all the content. Due to UNDUB version being available we have positioned a choice for players to choose which file ((rootR.cpk) you’d like to patch - with English voices or undubbed. Translation was done from Japanese language for the most part. If we take into account that English translation mostly differs from English version, you should expect English voiceover not to match with Russian subtitles. Our team highly recommends to play with Japanese voiceover. Have fun playing this game!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Index of version: BLES-01617
  • Original file size map0R.cpk: 1 732 324 000 byte
  • Original file size map1R.cpk: 944 612 096 byte
  • Original file size rootR.cpk (english voice): 2 015 996 008 byte
  • Original file size rootR.cpk (UNDUB): 2 026 685 672 byte
  • Patched file size rootR.cpk (english voice): 2 039 854 272 byte
  • Patched file size rootR.cpk (UNDUB): 2 050 543 936 byte
  • Patched file size map0R.cpk: 1 779 533 408 byte
  • Patched file size map1R.cpk: 1 061 565 536 byte
  • MD5 hash value of original file map0R.cpk: d097ee2a2a57360f150da9e163145d09
  • MD5 hash value of original file map1R.cpk: b7f169678ae1cacce648d878dabd08fe
  • MD5 hash value of original file rootR.cpk (english voice): 13d2f03fab23aba8f8bd10befeb67faa
  • MD5 hash value of original file rootR.cpk (UNDUB): 16eb2ee86c565243c4f51ebf7ba50e97
  • MD5 hash value of patched map0R.cpk: 142d23720b91d68de842e4abd26483bf
  • MD5 hash value of patched map1R.cpk: 5fa6986a9e51f50df277e684695d9313
  • MD5 hash value of patched rootR.cpk (english voice): 27a2ce784d5fea8543c40a9493d03dcd
  • MD5 hash value of patched rootR.cpk (UNDUB): 2ecf9313f553924c75f6721819b39d8a


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Evil FinalistProductionResourse management and changing content.
CamelieMimikaTranslationTranslation & texture

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