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Super Castlevania IV

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Castlevania IV is a great game. For an early SNES game the graphics are great. Some might even say they are more detailed than CV: Symphony of the Night which was released later on a more advanced system. There just are less sprites than SOTN making tiles repetitive. There are also amazing graphic effects such as a screen with a background that rotates like a cylinder and a room that rotates. It even has a boss that uses mode 7 to grow and shrink in size. Besides the graphics the music is good and sounds like something recorded for CD. I had a CD of the music and it was hard to tell that it was actually SNES music. The gameplay is good and Simon’s new moves make the game much more playable than previous games. This includes multi-directional whipping, moving in mid-air, and moving while crouching. All these things add up to one great game. Reccomended.

Translation Description:

Here is a Spanish translation for the Super Nintendo title, Super Castlevania IV.

Based on Super Castlevania IV Uncensored.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name : Super Castlevania IV (U) [!].smc
  • CRC-32: F5B68D68
  • MD5: 8167A0EADDFC50C4CE8A0698F8383801
  • SHA-1: 3384BB9DD2FFB4B6D33A1F53D10F567AA4D5264B


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User Review Information

User Reviews
Lovely!ShadowOne33330 Jul 20171.0Yes