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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Egypt is a fun and simple puzzle game, released by Human Entertainment.

You play the role of a young, unnamed adventurer (looking similar to Indiana Jones) who’s exploring an unknown shrine. He wanders too far deep inside until he finds a shining gem, from which a voice spoke. A goddess was trapped inside the shrine by a wicked man, and her power is almost gone. She creates a gem as her avatar which has the power to unlock the myriad seals in the shrine, but she cannot move it herself. She asks the adventurer to move the gem on her behalf and free her from the cursed shrine (as well as freeing himself).

The gem is used to move tiles in an eight by eight grid and must match special tiles together to remove them from the grid. If two or three special tiles match, they disappear. When all special tiles are removed, the seal is removed, and the gem moves on to another room in a temple, each room increasing in difficulty as the game progresses.

Translation Description:

As far as text in the game, it seems like only the intro was in Japanese, and maybe some cutscenes and the ending, but I didn’t get that far. In any case, the intro is terrible, and not even complete. Bleh! Don’t let the illustrious Magic Translations name in the readme fool you; this is the only work by Ramah, one of its former members. After not hearing back from him for a while, the rest of the members let him go. So, yeah.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Egypt (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 38DF4BE7
  • MD5: 5E7BF243E25D18FEEC6035ACA444F187
  • SHA-1: 605F62D4545E6A3B2AA4555728A6E6F5D5966389
  • SHA-256: 5C1F0FBAC3D992F15D551880FEC70D7882B66E186A50E54578EB942A0144CC2B



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