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NewFF8 Compression kit2023-05-30 23:25:34
NewRobinEdit2023-05-12 04:49:15
NewTTIeditor2023-05-01 22:30:20
NewThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Red Hat Linux)2023-05-01 01:50:51
NewThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Debian Linux)2023-04-30 18:31:52
NewRPG Maker GB Message Editor2023-04-29 17:37:44
NewLufia II (US) ROM Patcher2023-04-24 19:21:11
NewDKC1 Standalone GFX Editor2023-04-16 12:15:22
NewThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Intel-based Macs)2023-04-16 10:23:30
NewSerial Loops2023-04-16 01:17:17
NewThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (ARM-based Macs)2023-04-14 14:53:24
NewThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher2023-04-14 14:41:33
NewPokemon Stadium 2 Randomizer2023-04-10 11:38:03
New1943 stats editor2023-04-09 15:02:28
NewRevEdit (Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge Level Editor)2023-04-08 17:32:13
NewShadowrun (SNES) ROM Editor2023-03-31 11:46:02
NewQ-Vert2023-03-31 01:15:11
Newttf-2-bpp2023-03-28 23:54:43
NewNitroPacker2023-03-26 12:44:28
NewGBC Palette Editor2023-03-20 17:04:29

Last Updated Utilities
UpdateCrystal Tracker2023-05-28 14:48:14Released v0.3.0, updated screenshot
EditCasino Games Password Generator2023-05-25 07:02:06Major overhaul
UpdateWario Land 1 editor2023-05-25 06:51:10Add status bar Show hidden bonus blocks Allow to delete enemies while keeping tiles behind
UpdatePSIG - PlayStation instructions generator2023-05-23 03:33:56The new program version.
EditDW2-TT2023-05-20 06:23:55forgot to rename the exe file
UpdateDW2-TT2023-05-20 06:09:31Update++
UpdateZScream2023-05-18 15:00:26version update
UpdateQ-Vert2023-05-14 17:50:20Update to version 1.1.
UpdateFaxanadu Randomizer2023-05-13 10:32:06New version
UpdateTeheMan 8 Editor2023-05-11 18:34:59minor update containing important fixes , updated screen shot to reflect newer version .
EditDS Pokemon Rom Editor2023-05-09 09:31:32Correct Author is AdAstra. Description format fixed.
UpdateSF2 Hex Utility2023-05-08 00:51:46Added gold values to the Hex Utility.
EditShadowrun (SNES) ROM Editor2023-05-07 19:44:23Forgot to include build that works with the Japanese version.
UpdateTeheMan 8 Editor2023-05-07 01:06:341.1 Update
UpdateShadowrun (SNES) ROM Editor2023-05-06 11:43:59Updated to ver 1.3: Added ability to warp anywhere in the game.
UpdateThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Intel-based Macs)2023-05-01 23:59:29update to version 1.3.2
UpdateThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Windows)2023-04-26 19:53:02version 1.3.2, minor bug fixes
UpdateThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (ARM-based Macs)2023-04-26 19:44:03version 1.3.2, minor bug fixes
UpdateThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (Intel-based Macs)2023-04-23 13:06:05Updating to the latest release with the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
UpdateThe MOTHER 3 HQ Sound Mixing Patcher (ARM-based Macs)2023-04-22 11:26:28Updated to the latest version, including the new Brazilian Portuguese translation.