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Latest New Utilities
NewMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-14 00:31:04
NewAnimal Crossing String Table Editor2018-06-04 01:18:50
NewALX - Skies of Arcadia Legends Examiner2018-06-01 18:11:37
NewCrashEdit2018-05-21 19:44:16
NewSA2 Stage Level Select Editor2018-05-21 19:28:01
NewAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-05-19 15:55:22
NewHeroes Power Plant2018-05-19 04:03:23
NewGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-05-15 20:20:07
NewDemolisher2018-05-14 11:41:58
NewSonic Adavance Editor2018-05-14 03:22:07
NewPSXImager V2.02018-05-10 01:25:51
NewPartyPlanner642018-05-08 17:23:45
NewDiSFX2018-04-30 05:28:29
NewFaxanaduShopEditor2018-04-29 17:51:21
NewVisual SAK: Visual Swiss Army Knife2018-04-19 04:21:21
NewVS. Excitebike Text Editor2018-04-07 09:41:36
NewCollege Football 96 Utility2018-04-04 20:26:08
NewRockin' Kats (U) Level Editor2018-03-24 13:03:24
NewThe Battle of Olympus (de)compression suite2018-03-24 10:23:19
NewDragon Warrior Monster Stat Editor2018-03-17 07:18:48

Last Updated Utilities
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-18 00:25:03Bug fixes, more detailed description and warnings.
EditAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-06-17 17:30:43Updated the utility to 1.1 (converted the tool from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic Net).
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-17 16:29:33Bug fixes
EditGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-06-15 11:10:37Update to support direct opening of .nes and .gb files
EditJohn Madden Football Editor2018-06-08 14:36:41Bug Fix, added Madden NFL '98, ratings adjustments
EditTileEditorPro2018-06-07 22:40:47Now the background lines can be changed and improved code.
EditEWing IPS Patcher2018-06-05 00:41:06Major update! backend rework new options
EditByte manager2018-06-01 07:20:49The new program version.
EditPSX address calculator2018-06-01 07:14:19The new program version.
EditGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-05-31 14:06:18Updated build with support for additional formats
EditHades Workshop2018-05-30 15:38:16Update to v0.40. I hope that this download link is good ; I have to trick the update form to have it accepted. Sorry for troubles.
EditPSIG - PlayStation instructions generator2018-05-24 23:17:39bug fixes
EditBreath of Fire II Level Stat Gain Editor V1.12018-05-13 14:02:54New features and bug fixes
EditPSIG - PlayStation instructions generator2018-05-12 01:15:02The program GUI is changed. Generation of commands in lower case is added. Copying the generated instruction to the clipboard is added. Patching commands is added.
EditDragon Warrior Monster Zone Editor2018-05-09 21:50:52Fixed description (see History). Added BBCode and fixed formatting the Description.
EditDragon Warrior - Text Editor2018-05-09 21:28:54Utility updated to Fixed title.
EditDragon Warrior Text Editor2018-05-09 21:12:20Title fixed. Fixed text formatting in the Description.
EditDifFiles2018-05-06 09:08:44Minor fixes
EditDifFiles2018-05-05 14:52:43Large updates.
EditRomPatcher.js2018-05-01 12:44:17* new UI * some bugs fixed