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NewFaceView2020-02-17 13:50:47
NewZScream2020-02-12 14:44:29
NewDKC Hack Template2020-02-12 10:15:49
NewDkZ Studio2020-02-10 14:42:24
NewPVR Dissector2020-02-06 16:52:19
NewHUD Color Editor2020-02-03 07:26:11
NewSonic Battle Hack Suite2020-01-31 14:53:44
NewMario Golf 64 Level Manager2020-01-31 13:27:28
NewMK64 Mod Tool2020-01-31 12:40:12
NewDKC2 Entrance Randomizer2020-01-31 10:58:19
NewLazyShell: Updated Edition2020-01-24 19:52:04
New[FDS] Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan) Level Editor - jGreatEd2020-01-17 14:37:36
NewGame Genie Good Guy2020-01-13 11:23:13
NewJacakl Level Editor2020-01-06 12:57:30
NewCrash 2 Level Editor2019-11-25 17:29:38
NewBARF!2019-11-03 14:07:07
NewTilemap Studio2019-11-02 15:06:36
NewLightweight Checksum Calculator2019-10-30 07:38:11
NewEasySpriteExtractor2019-10-22 13:58:08
NewValhalla2019-10-17 11:10:21

Last Updated Utilities
EditZScream2020-02-18 21:28:03Update
EditMooJelly - Super Mario Land 2/3 editor2020-02-13 14:48:36link change
EditSimple Tools2020-02-11 07:33:18Fixed some bugs (see log file).
EditKiddEd2020-02-09 18:01:01Updating the file as a new version of the utility was released.
Edit[FDS] Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan) Level Editor - jGreatEd2020-02-09 07:08:02* Broken link in previous submission; * Added palette animation; * Reduced memory and CPU utilization while loading and rendering levels; * Fixed Red Pirahna Plants attributes.
EditDKC Entrance Randomizer2020-02-07 22:12:40Updated file from v1.019 to v1.021
EditJackal Level Editor2020-02-07 17:18:4607Feb2020 - Major bug fix, efficiency corrections, esthetics update, and more options. The editor previously allowed the user to place events between EF and FF (inclusive). This would corrupt the ROM, so the editor now forbids this. when clicking in this EF-FF area to place events, nothing happens. When you use the arrow keys, the event will skip this section. The entire level loaded twice when the radio button was clicked. This was fixed. Added an option to gray out the section of the screen that would never be loaded in the real game. Clicking to place an event did not update the 'Selection' position or 'Spawn at bottom' or 'Odd Y' messages. Resized the form a little, and streamlined the code a little.
Edit[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2020-02-07 13:39:50Hotfix: Bug in the expanding patch was fixed. readme.pdf file was updated. Was added section 'Known bugs' with instructions for manually fixing bug in ROMs that was edited with previous versions.
EditPitstop642020-01-31 09:51:35Added game name.
Editabcde2020-01-29 08:28:33v0.0.6 update
EditSMB3 Foundry Linux2020-01-28 10:51:30Rewrite description slightly, to position the download link closer to where it would be, if hosted on the site.
EditSMB3 Foundry Linux2020-01-27 08:57:32version update + direct download link
EditJackal Level Editor2020-01-27 08:45:377Jan2020 A lot of changes. Added Menu (File - Save, Save As, and Open. Help (this help file). CTRL-S, CTRL-SHIFT-S, CTRL-) respectively Selecting an event will scroll the level so this event is as close to centered (vertically) as possible. The event will also be highlighted (a surrounding box) in both the level and the event list Explicit hardcode was added to prevent any event from being placed on the 1st screen of level 1. The ROM is designed to not contain any events here and addiving an event will corrupt the ROM. The 'Selection' text is updated to indicate whether a tile or an event has been selected X and Y coordinates are displayed real-time as the event is moved around the level Messages are displayed when the events Y value is Odd (this means it will only spawn when the combined players' main weapon power is 3 or greater), and for Spawning at the bottom of the screen - this can be very annoying and difficult to debug if your event isn't spawning where you expect. Previously, i had not included critical code modules in the source code. These are now included
EditSMB3 Foundry Windows2020-01-26 17:11:17Updated version
EditLazyShell: Updated Edition2020-01-25 15:50:05Description Changes
Edit[FDS] Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan) Level Editor - jGreatEd2020-01-23 18:28:38Hot fix. An editor crashes while undo in some cases.
Edit[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2020-01-22 18:01:53* Refactored renderer and palettes loader * Fixed some crashes Now you can see 'forbidden' objects (will be marked with red crosses): it is objects, which will not be rendered by the game engine due to long items limit per page
Edit[FDS] Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan) Level Editor - jGreatEd2020-01-22 17:39:34* Refactored renderer and palettes loader * Fixed some crashes Now you can see 'forbidden' objects (will be marked with red crosses): it is objects, which will not be rendered by the game engine due to long items limit per page
EditJackal Level Editor2020-01-17 18:23:0817Jan2020: Fixed a bug with the new level grid that prevent the arrows from moving the enemies around. Also aligned some of the objects better with the level layout (e.g. barracks, turrets, etc.)
Edit[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2020-01-17 14:32:41Released v1.2. * Fixed many bugs * Added some capabilities with real engine