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NewGriever's Pointer Searcher (English Translation)2018-08-13 18:20:14
NewSPCTool2018-08-04 17:00:46
NewPCSX 1.5 with Code Marker2018-08-02 10:39:22
NewDWAeditor2018-08-01 22:21:16
NewTales of Destiny Director's Cut Tools2018-07-14 11:58:22
NewLoD BPE Tool2018-07-07 12:08:46
NewPSX-MODE2-EN2018-07-03 08:44:57
NewTales of Vesperia Tools2018-06-23 05:40:28
NewEmblem Magic2018-06-20 10:26:38
NewMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-14 00:31:04
NewAnimal Crossing String Table Editor2018-06-04 01:18:50
NewALX - Skies of Arcadia Legends Examiner2018-06-01 18:11:37
NewCrashEdit2018-05-21 19:44:16
NewSA2 Stage Level Select Editor2018-05-21 19:28:01
NewAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-05-19 15:55:22
NewHeroes Power Plant2018-05-19 04:03:23
NewGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-05-15 20:20:07
NewDemolisher2018-05-14 11:41:58
NewSonic Adavance Editor2018-05-14 03:22:07
NewPSXImager V2.02018-05-10 01:25:51

Last Updated Utilities
EditRNC ProPackED2018-08-12 03:45:01GUI config is added.
EditSPCTool2018-08-11 16:05:38Wrong release date.
EditBGB2018-08-09 13:30:56Program version was outdated. Removed the explanation of what an emulator is from the description.
EditMother 3 Funland2018-08-08 22:33:53Outdated version, better screenshot.
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-08-07 01:32:59Version update
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-08-04 14:12:20Updated screenshot
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-08-02 22:16:34Version update
EditYY_CHR.NET2018-08-01 22:36:00YY-CHR.NET done been updated since the version uploaded here.
EditDigisalt's SNES PaletteTools2018-07-28 14:03:15It ain't MS-DOS, it's Windows and uses the command prompt. Added a link to the manual that was hosted separately.
EditDSNESDS v32018-07-28 13:39:03I had no idea it wasn't a standalone plugin until I found the one archived copy of the Wordpress page to find out that it's a set of plugins for Eclipse, and that v3 is the least functional version, and that Dropbox doesn't have any of them anymore. Tried to make that more obvious in the description.
EditAstyaEd2018-07-22 17:24:50Updating original release date to correct one.
EditAppleJuice2018-07-22 17:17:26Just changing the release date to the true release date.
EditAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-07-19 19:17:21Updated utility to Revision 1.2. - Added German and Italion languages. - Sets the language and region based on your computer's operating system (these can be changed at any time). - The Commander Officer images are now in .gif format, so the colors should be correct. - If you open the wrong arm9.bin file, or have the arm9.bin opened in another utility, the utility will close.
EditLunar Magic2018-07-19 17:31:54Updated version
EditGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-07-15 16:35:57Previous version was only compiled for Linux. Added at Windows binary for the plugin.
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-07-15 06:08:23Version update
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-07-10 00:52:21Version Update
EditPSX-MODE2-EN2018-07-07 09:22:16GUI config is added.
EditMake PPF3 GUI2018-07-07 09:14:01item menu text fix, archive update.
EditFF6Tools2018-06-23 13:13:56Changed screenshot, changed download link