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NewSNES Opcode Searcher2020-10-24 09:28:45
NewSF2 Graphics Editor2020-10-04 13:40:11
NewImage to SNES converter2020-10-02 22:32:09
NewMario Party Tools2020-09-08 20:26:44
NewGamecube Region Converter2020-09-03 19:15:58
NewECCRegen2020-09-03 07:17:30
NewSuperFX Object Dumper [EDIT]2020-09-01 23:20:18
NewRoad Rash 1 Bike Editor2020-09-01 19:47:15
Newsaga2edit2020-08-31 09:02:34
NewRoad Rash 2 Bike Editor2020-08-22 20:12:27
NewGodzilla Randomizer2020-08-15 07:35:58
Newsf_decrunch2020-07-31 11:23:27
NewElemental Gearbolt (PSX) BIN repacker2020-07-29 09:56:22
NewSuper Gokuden 1 Translation Tools2020-07-28 21:08:53
NewDashEditor - Mega Man Legends Translation Toolkit2020-07-04 19:16:09
NewTerranigma Data Reader2020-06-22 13:50:40
NewYoshi's Island randomizer2020-06-10 02:24:55
NewZanac Graphics Utilities2020-06-04 19:45:10
NewArcana Monster Reader2020-05-28 21:16:24
NewGoof Troop Level Editor2020-05-27 20:01:09

Last Updated Utilities
UpdateImage to SNES converter2020-10-24 13:29:04Update
EditUniPatcher2020-10-10 12:49:54Add screenshot
UpdateUniPatcher2020-10-09 11:55:01new version
EditImage to SNES converter2020-10-04 23:45:46Info edit
UpdateUniPatcher2020-09-18 05:15:11new version
Updatesaga2edit2020-09-14 01:23:58Update to version 0.2.0
UpdateRoad Rash 2 Bike Editor2020-09-12 21:51:02Minor update (fixed program window so it can't be resized).
UpdateRoad Rash 1 Bike Editor2020-09-12 21:48:07Minor update (fixed program window so it can't be resized)
EditDecEboot2020-09-09 12:03:07Added screenshot.
EditCheat patcher2020-09-09 04:16:52Readme file is updated.
UpdateAFS Packer2020-09-08 20:32:23Updated the program to the newest version, along with the screenshot and category correction.
EditSuperFX Object Dumper2020-09-03 00:21:01Minor changes to text blurb.
UpdateGodzilla Randomizer2020-08-30 23:34:24Added several new features including color palette and music randomization.
UpdateGCFT2020-08-28 21:00:06new version
UpdateFFI DoS Editor2020-08-28 07:58:48Updated with multiple new features.
Updateabcde2020-08-27 21:19:01v0.0.9 update
UpdateTilemap Studio2020-08-23 21:42:46Version update and new screenshot
UpdateGodzilla Randomizer2020-08-23 00:48:40Fixed a bug which caused easy boss shuffle to not work, added a toggle for placing Ghidora outside of Planet X
UpdateZScream2020-08-22 21:48:58Version Update
UpdateGodzilla Randomizer2020-08-22 16:02:05Added several new features, including boss randomization, player character randomization, player character removal, and flag strings.