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Latest New Utilities
NewRoad Rash 64 Editor2021-05-10 20:47:43
NewAFS FIX CheckSum MD 32X2021-05-09 22:05:21
NewTexture Calculator2021-05-05 02:40:48
NewZelda 2 Color Edit2021-05-02 21:41:21
NewGran Turismo 3 Editor (PS2)2021-05-02 14:39:20
NewLegend of Zelda Reloaded Randomizer2021-05-02 13:12:26
NewSFXpolyDump2021-04-30 14:31:29
NewRoad Rash Editor (Playstation)2021-04-29 23:12:55
Newsuikoden-tools2021-04-27 11:02:11
NewSmaghetti2021-04-25 11:05:35
NewPretty Solider Sailor Moon2021-04-22 12:15:33
NewComix Zone Font Editor2021-04-20 12:48:35
NewSnesida2021-04-14 19:09:29
NewSH2I - Super Hitachi 2 Inspector2021-04-09 08:01:09
NewDragon Warrior II/III/IV (NES) Map Building Visualizer2021-04-03 19:10:48
NewLunar Expand JS2021-04-03 14:19:27
NewJapan Pro Golf Tour 64 DLC Uploader2021-03-29 17:49:14
NewE3D 3D Model Editor2021-03-29 09:06:59
NewBootedit 22021-03-28 21:14:35
NewLunar Address JS2021-03-28 20:48:35

Last Updated Utilities
UpdateLALE - Link's Awakening Level Editor2021-05-09 20:15:14Updated to version 2.01 including bug fixes for spritesheets and used space calculation and a few minor tweaks.
UpdateLALE - Link's Awakening Level Editor2021-05-07 19:01:16Updated the program to V2.0
UpdateSFXpolyDump2021-05-04 19:07:33Update to version 1.6.0 Updated default palette selection for StarFox1 roms. mtl and png files now copied to animated sub-directories as needed.
UpdatePSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)2021-04-30 15:56:30Updated to a new version.
EditSmaghetti2021-04-28 08:38:23The download link doesn't work since this is a webapp.
EditGEMS2021-04-26 10:56:00Adding screenshot.
UpdatePSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)2021-04-24 12:36:40Fixed the name of the tool, added information about the new version, removed the download link because it is a web tool, download is unnecessary.
EditPretty Solider Sailor Moon2021-04-23 14:22:44Editing the description to add the links to access the editor.
UpdateSH2I - Super Hitachi 2 Inspector2021-04-22 05:48:18Update
UpdateSH2I - Super Hitachi 2 Inspector2021-04-21 05:55:21Update
UpdateSH2I - Super Hitachi 2 Inspector2021-04-19 02:55:38Update
UpdateAsar2021-04-16 20:11:05Updating to the latest version.
Edit[FDS] Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan) Level Editor - jGreatEd2021-04-16 02:31:00Reupload due to fake virus alets with x86 version
Edit[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2021-04-16 02:26:13Reupload due to alerts about fake virus with x86 version
UpdateRNC ProPackED2021-04-15 09:19:16The new program version.
UpdateSH2I - Super Hitachi 2 Inspector2021-04-15 05:14:02Update
Updatesaga2edit2021-04-11 17:25:46Update to version 0.3.0
UpdateLegend of Zelda Map Generator2021-04-10 23:36:06Support sparse column groups (Redux compatibility). Fix bug with renderScreensByColumn and renderScreensByTileCode. Add renderScreenByIndex. Fix block id output in classes. Add utility functions getPointer and chunkArray.
UpdateRainbow2021-04-07 06:15:04New version that adds support to other variants of the TM2 format, and fixes some bugs.
Update[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2021-04-06 09:30:04Fixed undo buffer issues