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Latest New Utilities
NewZAMN (Genesis) ROM Editor2022-05-24 21:59:45
NewZAMN ROM Editor2022-05-17 19:01:51
NewEntities Editor2022-05-14 17:07:02
NewEmuChe2022-05-03 20:47:37
NewEditor of Swing2022-04-22 09:06:30
NewNES SNES Search/Patch Tool2022-04-12 13:51:37
NewUMDReplaceK2022-04-08 17:02:13
NewClock Tower 2 (PSX) Repacker2022-03-31 08:20:52
NewPopolocrois Monogatari II Text Editor2022-03-26 00:13:38
NewAWDS - CO Terrain Offense Editor2022-03-23 16:46:47
NewGTA: San Andreas ROM/ISO Editor2022-03-21 10:43:13
NewSRWJ Editor2022-03-20 18:32:46
NewAdvance Wars Dual Strike - Map Header Editor2022-03-15 18:59:59
NewImmediate Pointer Finder (IPF)2022-03-08 21:48:43
NewSega CD Search/Patch Tool2022-03-02 14:27:16

Last Updated Utilities
UpdateZAMN ROM Editor2022-05-24 12:56:53Version 1.2 update: Added an adjustment for Giant Baby hit points (HP), and fixed a bug where a new Snakeoid HP value wasn't getting patched into the ROM.
UpdateEntities Editor2022-05-24 11:39:08caught the very last, very unlikely scenario in which an item could never display in the GUI (without doing something few would think to try)
UpdateZAMN ROM Editor2022-05-20 18:45:54Ver 1.1 update: Fixed a bug where it wasn't finding a few ROM addresses with European ROMs.
UpdateEntities Editor2022-05-19 17:13:14catches some corner cases, so units no longer disappear from the GUI entirely if they are edited in certain ways.
UpdateUMDReplaceK2022-05-19 17:12:48Version of the tool has been updated and now the tool supports both PS2 and PSP ISOs, thus making the platform go from being PSP specific to Multi-Platform.
EditEntities Editor2022-05-18 10:26:11wow, file size of the picture decreased drastically just by reducing the number of colors
UpdateEntities Editor2022-05-17 20:39:22small update to improve readability
UpdateImmediate Pointer Finder (IPF)2022-05-16 19:34:25Update
UpdatePCSX 1.5 with Debugger2022-05-16 05:47:15The new program version.
EditEntities Editor2022-05-15 22:41:36hopefully this will be the last major edit
UpdateFaxanadu Randomizer2022-05-15 04:14:51New version
UpdatePCSX 1.5 with Debugger2022-05-07 09:55:59The new program version.
EditUMDReplaceK2022-05-04 21:41:01It was brought to my attention that there was a bug with the last release and that a part of the code wasn't being included with the exe. I've updated the link to the file to now link to a full release version rather than just the exe, to resolve this issue for future users.
UpdateSable Text Inserter2022-05-02 17:56:48Update the bundled Asar library to support the bank() function.
EditInfinite Hyrule - Zelda Overworld Randomizer2022-05-02 12:57:46Fixed a couple Bugs, added a "Compatible Roms" help popup
UpdateEFSAdvent2022-05-02 04:10:42New version released.
UpdateZScream2022-05-01 20:33:43v3.0.1 bugfix
UpdateNES SNES Search/Patch Tool2022-05-01 13:11:35Version 1.1 update. Improvements: Much better results/compatibility for the "Start w/more", "Subtracts", and "Adds" type searches. Added new search type: "Start w/more (indexed w/ X)". Improved the RAM search feature so it will find more matches/ROM addresses. Added a button to automatically assign values to your ROM addresses when using the RAM search option. Improved instructions for the RAM search feature (when you click on the "Info for value search" button). Added more info to the Dump text file.
UpdateSega CD Search/Patch Tool2022-04-27 17:27:54Ver 1.1 update: Bug fix where 8-bit values weren't being patched correctly, added option for Sega CD and Genesis RAM address ranges, changed/improved the way that the backup copy works when patching.
EditPSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)2022-04-27 06:08:57Updated to v1.6