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New (Spanish)Ashita no Joe2019-03-17 20:02:14
New (Spanish)X-Men Mutant Apocalypse2019-03-16 22:12:58
New (Spanish)Volleyball2019-03-16 11:36:08
New (Spanish)Soccer2019-03-16 11:33:32
New (Spanish)Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun2019-03-16 11:31:59
New (Spanish)Mach Rider2019-03-16 11:29:56
New (Spanish)Lode Runner2019-03-16 11:28:55
New (Spanish)Devil World2019-03-16 11:27:33
New (Spanish)Challenge of the Dragon2019-03-16 11:26:14
New (Spanish)Castle of Deceit2019-03-16 11:24:22
New (Latin)Dragon Warrior II2019-03-13 19:26:45
New (Spanish)Millipede2019-03-12 16:34:47
New (Spanish)Mario Bros.2019-03-12 16:33:41
New (Spanish)Donkey Kong Jr.2019-03-12 16:32:30
New (Spanish)Donkey Kong Jr. Math2019-03-12 16:31:31
New (Spanish)Donkey Kong Classics2019-03-12 16:30:41
New (Spanish)Donkey Kong 32019-03-12 16:29:28
New (Spanish)Defender II2019-03-12 16:28:29
New (Spanish)BurgerTime2019-03-12 16:27:26
New (English)Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari 22019-03-11 23:29:12

Last Updated Translations
Edit (Polish)Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium2019-03-20 08:41:16Updated to new release
Edit (English)Fray in Magical Adventure (MSX2)2019-03-18 01:04:29I've scoured the internet for the names listed and couldn't find any images that matched the exact disk names. However I did find a French site that had a set of disk images that matched up to the SHA-1. Note disk 4 is indeed [a3] and not [a] like the rest of the set. This should help people find the correct disk images to patch.
Edit (Spanish)Journey to Silius2019-03-16 19:44:17A grammar error is corrected.
Edit (Spanish)Donkey Kong 32019-03-15 11:48:57V1.1: Fixed time and round.
Edit (English)Kou Dai Guai Shou - Zuan Shi Ban (KT-008 PCB)2019-03-14 11:04:10Typo
Edit (English)Kou Dai Guai Shou - Zuan Shi Ban (KT-008 PCB)2019-03-12 10:02:57Didn't mention what kind of rom to patch. Someone found there is same sha-1 from here and Pokemon Platinum rom.
Edit (Spanish)Disney's Aladdin2019-03-12 09:51:51Updated to fix duplicate game entry.
Edit (Indonesian)Chocobo Racing2019-03-11 12:49:55Add another patch.
Edit (English)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S2019-03-08 16:33:02Update patch to v1.1, fixing real-hardware bugs
Edit (English)Godzilla: Kaijuu Daishingeki2019-03-08 16:30:46Update patch to v1.1, fixing real-hardware bugs
Edit (English)Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2: Tenka no Zaihou2019-03-06 19:27:31Patch version update, fixes a crash
Edit (English)Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star2019-03-06 17:16:53Based on the comment in the release topic from the author, the rom information was incorrectly listed as the underdumped scene rom. I submitted a change to list the correct rom hash information Release Topic: No Intro Rom Hash Info:
Edit (Portuguese)Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 (NES)2019-03-06 13:48:45V1.1 Changes: Graphical changes and fixed the position of the "Difficulty" text in the title screen.
Edit (Spanish)The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse2019-03-05 11:44:22update
Edit (English)Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 22019-02-28 00:24:32Update to v2.00b
Edit (Spanish)The Legend of the Mystical Ninja2019-02-22 08:21:11Fixed a graphics bug on the lumberjack enemy and several typos.
Edit (English)Kuroshitsuji: Phantom & Ghost2019-02-21 13:07:18Minor update with a useful info.
Edit (English)Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!2019-02-19 20:23:37Created my own title screen graphics, built from Japanese version, so there should be minimal Saiya Translations inclusions. More of my script fits thanks to the new font and ligatures used. There were some color-corrections done for accuracy to source material.
Edit (English)Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible2019-02-18 19:05:10Updated to version two of the patch.
Edit (Spanish)Vixen 3572019-02-18 13:53:21V1.2: More intro fixes.
Edit (English)Earthbound2019-02-17 20:15:10Updating the readme.
Edit (Spanish)Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road2019-02-15 14:30:34V1.1: removed text speed hack as it damaged music.
Edit (English)Necromancer2019-02-13 12:23:29Version 0.25 - some minor changes in translation (see readme for details)
Edit (Spanish)Vixen 3572019-02-12 14:09:58V1.1: Fixes intro and translates untranslated strings.
Edit (English)Miracle Girls2019-02-11 11:52:06v1.1
Edit (English)Super Gussun Oyoyo 22019-02-10 18:30:03Image updated
Edit (English)Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou2019-02-10 17:56:08Image updated
Edit (Portuguese)Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 (NES)2019-02-09 17:15:58Update 1.0.1: Changed "Aki" to "Zangya". Also made a small graphical change to the 8x8 N letter.
Edit (Spanish)Undercover Cops2019-02-09 06:51:31BBCode link added in the description
Edit (Spanish)Ihatovo Monogatari2019-02-09 06:50:20BBCode ink added in the description
Edit (English)Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!2019-02-08 11:30:45Checked Saiya Translation's portions against original Japanese release and found sections that needed retranslating. Found small graphical glitches and corrected a majority of them. Disregarding ASM hacks or areas that need slight retouching, this is an improvement over the v1.00 patch and is fully translated, as far as I'm aware, including seemingly inaccessible text.
Edit (French)Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium2019-02-08 08:35:36Fixed some typoes in the readme (second author name was incorrect in a couple of spots)
Edit (Chinese)Grandia2019-02-08 01:40:36Updating readme information.
Edit (English)Mickey to Donald: Magical Adventure 32019-02-03 09:07:39Updated filename
Edit (English)DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken2019-02-03 09:05:43Updated filename
Edit (English)Ace wo Nerae!2019-02-03 09:03:48Updated filename
Edit (English)Koryu no Mimi2019-02-03 09:01:50Updated filename
Edit (English)Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!2019-02-03 07:10:01Changed category to Addendum since this hack used Saiya Translation's work as base.
Edit (French)Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium2019-02-02 21:52:52New version of patch, see change list in description.
Edit (Spanish)Mickey to Donald: Magical Adventure 32019-02-02 11:42:45Version number fixed