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New (English)Initial D Extreme Stage2021-05-12 15:39:02
New (English)Sei Shoujou Sentai Lakers II2021-05-12 14:52:43
New (Spanish)Totally Rad2021-05-10 04:47:47
New (Russian)Fire ‘N Ice2021-05-09 18:50:58
New (English)Maru's Mission2021-05-08 14:38:33
New (English)Dr. Slump2021-05-08 10:16:47
New (English)Sakura Wars Columns 22021-05-06 17:02:49
New (Spanish)Dragon Slayer I2021-05-06 07:01:26
New (German)Breath of Fire IV2021-05-04 15:46:23
New (English)Puchi Eva: Evangelion@Game2021-05-03 06:12:48
New (French)Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury2021-05-03 02:55:11
New (Spanish)Pokémon Trading Card Game 22021-05-01 20:49:50
New (Chinese)Metroid: Samus Returns2021-04-29 02:33:36
New (Indonesian)Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master2021-04-26 00:31:02
New (Spanish)Mega Man 62021-04-25 16:02:57
New (Spanish)Mega Man 52021-04-25 15:58:27
New (Spanish)Pac-Man 2 - The New Adventures2021-04-24 18:06:45
New (Spanish)Mega Man 42021-04-23 16:59:59
New (Spanish)Mega Man 32021-04-23 16:54:31
New (Portuguese)Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 22021-04-22 19:46:58

Last Updated Translations
Edit (Spanish)Arcana2021-05-12 21:56:15Update image
Update (Spanish)The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2021-05-12 15:42:48update to v1.11 - Final 1.0h Ending finally translated, project complete after more than 7 years of work. Thanks RH :)
Update (Spanish)Arcana2021-05-12 11:46:37Upload version with some fixes (bugfix and dialogs)
Update (English)Sakura Wars Columns 22021-05-12 10:10:33Patch has been updated from v1.0 to v1.1.
Update (Korean)Fire Emblem2021-05-12 06:33:00v0.8.1: revised partially
Edit (English)Pocket Monsters: Green Version2021-05-11 18:52:21Respectfully resubmitting changes based on suggestions given by a moderator.
Edit (English)Tengai Makyou Zero2021-05-11 04:13:08The link to the manual was not longer available.
Edit (English)Vandal Hearts2021-05-10 06:13:09Update
Update (English)Dr. Slump2021-05-10 00:32:30Patching to 1.1. Additional hud elements have been modified for the character patch and some typos fixed. Some confusing language over the patch version has also been fixed.
Edit (Spanish)Final Fantasy III2021-05-09 19:08:24Forgot to update one of the readme's inside the .zip
Update (Spanish)Dragon Quest I+II2021-05-09 11:23:15Name of the enemy "Metallic Slime" (that in modern Spanish translations is called "Burbujilimo Metálico") replaced in the standard patch of this translation (not in the patch with modern enemy names), so it matches more with the name "Cieno", that has been given to the enemy "Slime". For more information, read the Readme, in the field "Control of versions".
Update (Spanish)Final Fantasy III2021-05-09 10:26:41- The description of the magic spell "Cure 2" wrongly said "Recupera PM" (Recovers MP), instead "Recupera PV" (Recovers HP). Text of the ancient inscription about the 3 Godesses of War reviewed. - Enemy name of "Ornitosauro" switched to "Ornitófido", since the last two letters, "ro", appeared too little in menus. An ophidian (ofidio in Spanish) is a lizard, "ornito-" means "bird", so ornitófido means "bird lizard"; this enemy is a mix of lizard body with chicken head. - In the Opera, one comma has been removed after "Oh" in "Oh,mi héroe" (Oh, my hero). That "Oh" could be interpreted like interjection (with a pause after it, "Oh, my hero") or like a rhethoric vocative (with no pause after it, like in "O my hero"); in both cases, it must be writthen with "h" in Spanish, but when it's used as vocative, the comma becomes optional. Since there was no space after that comma and the next word, we have preferred to re-interpret that "Oh, mi héroe" like vocative, to avoid this typographic issue. Now it appears like "Oh mi héroe" and looks much better. This kind of structure is called "Greek vocative", and is very used in poetry, in barocque theatre, and in classic texts (like the Odyssee), so why not in an Opera. - Unnecessary dot at the end of one verse of the Opera removed. - "CYAN: ¡Micer SABIN!", in the Phantom Train, replaced by "CYAN: ¡Sir SABIN!", so be more understandable by nowadays Spanish speakers. That Micer is a Spanish equivalent to "My Sir", but was mostly used in Catalonia and the former kingdom of Aragon centuries ago, so it has local connotations; besides, that form of addressing is not very known in Spanish, and most of modern speakers might not understand it; it comes from Catalan "Misser", and this from Italian "Messer", and this from Latin "Meus Senior"; it's equivalent to "Monsieur" in French, pronounced "Mesieur", or to "Monseñor" in Spanish; "Sir" is much more understandable and less confusing, even though it has English origin, so we've changed it at the end in this dialog.
Edit (English)JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze2021-05-09 10:13:33Forgot to include xdelta.exe itself in the download link, making xdeltaUI.exe unusable.
Edit (English)Dr. Slump2021-05-09 03:52:17Clarifying differences between the 2 versions
Update (English)JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze2021-05-07 15:19:23Update to existing patch.
Update (Spanish)Final Fantasy III2021-05-07 13:53:04- Removed innecessary preposition in a dialog of CYAN where he said "Entonces, hemos menester de hacer entrada en el Imperio." and now he says: "Entonces, hemos menester hacer entrada en el Imperio." - Added two spaces around "X" symbol in the battle messages "Ganas objeto X 1". - Improved enemy ability name PistónMorfeo to Puya Morfeo. - Changed vosotros (you plural) by ustedes (polite "you" plural) in a dialog of a citizen of Mobliz that address to the group, explaining them how to go through the Serpeant Trench, that in other dialogs address to them using ustedes instead vosotros. And second picture replaced (it's the 3rd time I try to do this but it remains unchanged!)
Edit (Spanish)Final Fantasy III2021-05-06 19:04:41Second picture updated.
Update (Spanish)Final Fantasy III2021-05-06 16:04:12CYAN's dialog improved in the dining room of the phantom train (while he is arguing with SABIN about whether or not they should eat the phantom train's food, whatever it be). this way, the dialog "Hmm... ¡Paréceme que estas cuestiones no son en modo alguno mi fuerte!" changes to "Hmm... ¡Pardiez! ¡Estas disquisiciones metafísicas no son mi fuerte!"). The original japanese text here said: "うーむ… せっしゃは、どうもこういう話は苦手でござる。まったく… Uumu… sessha wa, dōmo kōiu hanashi wa nigatedegozaru. Mattaku…" (notice here how they use the archaic conjugation "gozaru", equivalent to speaking with "Thou" in English, or with reverential "vos" in Spanish); this would mean in English "Hmm... I'm not good at talking about this kind of thing. Jeez…" (whose literal translation to Spanish would be: "Hmm... No se me da bien hablar de este tipo de cosas. Por Dios..."). Woolsey translated this dialog in the American version of FF3US as "Sir! I won't hear any more of this kind of talk!" I had to somehow reflect that kind of "gozaru" in the syntax; I did it with that "¡Pardiez!" exclamation, that serves for that "Mattaku…" (Jesus! / ¡Por Dios!), and by using the word "disquisiciones" instead "things" (cosas). Also the meaning of the sentence was a little ambiguous: it's not clear what kind of things he referes to, if about arguing about food with SABIN itself, or if about the possibility that such food may not be something material, but some kind of "phantomic" food. To clarify it a little and make it more matching with the context I have added that word "metafísicas". Also, after the dialog where the phantom trains starts walking, after entering it, if you try to go to another wagon without first trying to go out it said "Can't leave the train now!", that I translated to Spanish as "¡Ya no podemos dejar el tren!" The translation to Spanish parting from that English sentence was correct, and the original japanese since to say the same, but that doesn't seem to make so much sence, since the game tells you that not when you try to leave the train, but when you try not to leave it, and go on walking around the different wagons. At the same time, this translation tries to somehow to respect the original form of the English script as much as possible meanwhile there was not censorship in the original script. So I have tried to fix this a little, in this update, by changing present for a future of possibility, thus: "¡Ya no podemos dejar el tren!" passes to "¡Ya no podremos dejar el tren!", meaning that if you go on advancing and wait so much for going out the speed of the train will get so fast it will be impossible to jump from it without being wounded. At last, another detail has been improved: If you reach near the machines room of the phantom train with phantoms in your party, they will leave your party and let you go on your way. Then there will be a dialog telling them "Shall we be off?" (¿Nos vamos?). I had translated this like "¿Nos vamos?", what is a faithful translation regarding the American English script, but may be a little ambiguous. It may be interpreted like "We leave, shall you come with us?" or like "We don't know if we leave or not", or like "It seems you are leaving us, isn't it?". The Japanese original says "行ってしまうのか Itte shimau no ka?" (Will you go? / ¿Te irás?) . That is more clear that the Woolsey's option. So in this update, that "¿Nos vamos?" passes to "¿Te vas?" I can't put it in plural here (¿Os vais?) because it could be one phantom accompanying you, or two, and it's perfectly possible when suddenly 2 phantoms make a gesture of stopping for leaving, you first refere to the first of them than left behind and who is heading the couple. Besides all this, I update the 2nd image of this description, too.
Edit (English)Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers2021-05-04 15:08:32Fixed issue with patches being based on the wrong ROM version
Edit (English)Puchi Eva: Evangelion@Game2021-05-04 03:26:55Sorry, please disregard my previous edit, I don't mean to spam, I'm just new to this. Got advice from a No-Intro member who informed me of a better rom to use as a base, patch is now compatible with CRC32 20B8F8D6 instead of C19B0781.
Update (English)Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers2021-05-03 08:02:43Version 1.4.0 translates a missing message (only visible on real hardware) and adds an optional patch to replace Diaboromon's battle sprite with the better looking one from D-1 Tamers
Edit (Spanish)Pokémon Trading Card Game 22021-05-02 18:49:05Translation description updated.
Update (Spanish)Super Castlevania IV2021-05-02 16:31:08Update
Update (Spanish)Mega Man 62021-05-02 05:31:13Update
Edit (English)Metal Slader Glory2021-05-01 21:24:22added link to manual
Edit (English)Grand Master2021-05-01 20:36:44updated archive and readme for more patching formats and added link to english manual
Update (Spanish)Mega Man Battle Network 3: White2021-05-01 13:51:51New version with new graphics translated
Update (Spanish)Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue2021-05-01 13:45:59New version with new graphics translated.
Edit (Spanish)Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light2021-04-29 12:57:01Download file contained a game manual which, while translated, contained copyrighted material which is disallowed on RHDN. Game manual removed from archive, no other changes made.
Update (Korean)Fire Emblem2021-04-29 06:24:12v0.8.0: Text relocated, corrupted text recovered, etc.
Update (Spanish)Majin Tensei2021-04-28 20:20:00New version 1.1
Edit (Spanish)Mega Man 62021-04-28 13:35:29Fixed patching information, it was previously Interleaved w/No-Header (SNES), but this is a translation of a NES game
Edit (Spanish)Mega Man 52021-04-28 13:34:05Fixed patching information, it was previously Interleaved w/No-Header (SNES), but this is a translation of a NES game
Edit (Portuguese)Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 22021-04-27 11:21:41New download link
Update (Portuguese)Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 22021-04-27 02:15:39The 1.1 version came out.
Edit (Spanish)Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei2021-04-25 12:28:23Adding note about project status
Edit (Spanish)Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei2021-04-25 08:49:27Updating expired link
Update (Spanish)Live a Live2021-04-24 23:42:25Version 1.1
Update (Korean)Fire Emblem2021-04-24 23:35:09v0.7.18: FE7 18th anniversary release Fixed previously observed graphical errors.
Edit (Spanish)Mega Man 42021-04-24 20:26:06Fixed patching information, it was previously Interleaved w/No-Header (SNES), but this is a translation of a NES game