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New (Japanese)Dr. Chaos2021-11-26 07:19:00
New (Spanish)Sword of the Berserk - Guts' Rage2021-11-25 19:02:01
New (English)Astyanax2021-11-25 05:48:40
New (English)Rainbow Islands: Putty's Island2021-11-22 13:59:35
New (Indonesian)Rolan's Curse II2021-11-22 13:07:36
New (Spanish)F-Zero - Climax2021-11-18 11:43:53
New (Spanish)Spider-Man2021-11-17 22:36:25
New (English)Fushigi no Yume no Alice2021-11-15 04:53:36
New (English)Choujikuu Yousai: Macross2021-11-13 00:34:43
New (English)Racing Lagoon2021-11-12 14:08:52
New (English)Yakuman2021-11-11 01:55:07
New (English)Sakura Taisen GB - Geki Hana Gumi Nyuutai!2021-11-09 11:36:59
New (Indonesian)Fatal Frame2021-11-04 20:41:00
New (Spanish)Urban Strike2021-11-04 04:33:01
New (Spanish)Jungle Strike2021-11-04 04:29:48
New (English)Line Attack Heroes2021-11-02 10:39:58
New (Italian)Super Metroid2021-10-31 19:30:24
New (English)Ghosts 'n Goblins2021-10-30 22:56:58
New (English)Soul Eater: Monotone Princess2021-10-30 06:38:35
New (English)F-Zero - Climax2021-10-29 13:09:57

Last Updated Translations
Update (English)Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo2021-11-28 22:32:32Bugfix: Fixed a mistaken song code that caused the Chapter 1 boss quote to break sound if animations were off.
Edit (Arabic)Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos2021-11-28 07:58:32Updating original release date.
Edit (Arabic)Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker2021-11-28 07:55:14Updating original information about the translation source.
Update (English)Shin Megami Tensei2021-11-27 19:13:27Update v1.2: The currency symbol issue (after battle) has been fixed.
Edit (Spanish)Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2021-11-27 07:22:14Readme update.
Edit (English)Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica2021-11-26 14:16:42Updated patch link.
Edit (English)Astyanax2021-11-25 22:16:02Switching one game image with a more updated one. Oops!
Update (Spanish)Mitsume ga Tooru2021-11-24 09:47:40New version
Update (Spanish)Contra: Hard Corps2021-11-24 09:09:07New version
Update (Spanish)Toki2021-11-24 04:18:49New version
Update (Spanish)Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2021-11-23 07:17:23Reviewed translation of "Pit of Giaga", that had been wrongly transcripted from Japanese, in the English translation of DQ3 made by DQTranslations, as "Gaia's Pit" and sometimes as "Gaia's Navel", but it's a completely different place to "Gaia's Navel" in the world map. Reviewed in what situations people refere to the members present in your group in that moment, and not to the whole heroes or characters that may be helping you in your quest in different moments of the game. In this update we make sure when it's the first case people address to you in singular, since you could be completing the game with just on character in your group; in those cases we make sure they're talking to the different characters that may accompany you or help you in different moments, no matter they're in the group right now or resting in Ruida's tavern, we keep the 2nd person plural. This criterium was applied in previous versions of this translation; the only difference was that in those cases where we didn't consider realistic you could reach a certain plain with a single-member party, we used in some cases 2nd person plural for addressing the current members in the group. Just these specific cases have been changed to 2nd person singular in this update, not any other. Anyway, in previous versions, such cases, if playing with a single-member party, could be interpreted by the reader as an archaic form of reverential "Ye" (Vos) as an archaic Spanish form of singular polite treatment (that consists of using plural instead singular for respect; that also happens in archaic English, where "Thou" as 2nd person singular may be opposed to "You" or "Ye", that in archaic English was the 2nd person plural form, for respect).
Update (English)Shin Megami Tensei2021-11-23 01:11:51Update v1.1a: Several text issues have been fixed.
Update (English)Shin Megami Tensei2021-11-22 15:39:44Update v1.1: Several text issues have been fixed.
Update (Spanish)Laplace no Ma2021-11-22 11:04:07Black screen fix
Update (Spanish)Spider-Man2021-11-21 22:22:59New version 1.1
Edit (Spanish)Super Back to the Future Part II2021-11-21 09:26:00Added an extra patch, this one must be applied to the previous translation.
Update (Spanish)Super Back to the Future Part II2021-11-20 22:23:42New version 1.1. Added special characters.
Edit (Turkish)Chrono Trigger2021-11-20 01:47:07update translate
Edit (English)F-Zero - Climax2021-11-18 12:58:35There was a typo saying "FerozElMajor" instead of "FerozElMejor".
Update (English)Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters2021-11-17 19:39:52The game has been fully translated. Updating for the full release.
Edit (Spanish)Alien Soldier2021-11-15 15:14:25Fixing duplicate game profile.
Update (English)Mario's Super Picross2021-11-14 22:41:24Version 1.5 release
Edit (English)Dicing Knight.2021-11-14 07:41:14I realise I had this in reverse, sorry.
Update (Portuguese)Final Fantasy Adventure2021-11-13 18:32:37fixes
Update (English)F-Zero - Climax2021-11-13 11:41:56-Fixed a bug that made new save files to not get the three default courses on Edit Course Mode. -Fixed a typo on the no save data screen. -Fixed a typo on the Samurai Goroh profile.
Edit (English)Dicing Knight.2021-11-13 08:49:14see note the "R27V1602" code on the PCB - the 16 indicates that its 16 Mbit
Update (English)Yakuman2021-11-12 18:15:11Fixed rom global checksum. Updated patch level to 1.2. Updated readme.
Edit (English)Yakuman2021-11-12 15:09:02Updated Readme
Update (English)Yakuman2021-11-12 13:33:02Slight revision to patch. Increase patch version from 1.0 to 1.1. Also updated two screenshots to reflect changes to patch.
Edit (English)Yakuman2021-11-11 20:42:51Fixed a grammatical error in the description.
Edit (English)The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Skull Leader Complete Pack2021-11-11 08:51:13Note about the problems with translation
Edit (Spanish)Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2021-11-09 15:18:21Picture 1 changed by another.
Update (Spanish)Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2021-11-09 09:16:39Unabbreviated the string "Venta" (Sale) in shops menues. (And forgot to update the ROM checksum in the previous update).
Edit (English)Dicing Knight.2021-11-08 16:23:41Patch based on bad dump and hex editing required. See Rom / ISO information.
Edit (English)Rockman & Forte2021-11-08 05:31:14Update info
Update (Spanish)Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2021-11-06 18:39:49Reviewed, for more clarity, the "o/a" symbol in situations where the sex of a certain, singular, specific character may be any, based on the user's choice. Such an "o/a" symbol now appears unabbreviated, like "o/a", instead an "o" with a little ª inside, as in previous versions, since some users have reported not to distinguish such a little ª too clearly, specially in CRT television screens. Added to this, such an "o/a" polivalent symbol has been removed in personality names, that are now stated in masculine, by rephrasing those sentences where they may appear to avoid concordance mistakes, with expressions such a "eres alguien buenazo", "eres de carácter ingenuo", etc. As a consequence of this, the dialog system for characters' class changement in the Dharma Palace has been reviewed.
Update (Spanish)Live a Live2021-11-06 16:17:57New version 1.2
Edit (Spanish)Sword of Vermilion2021-11-05 11:55:14Updates and fixes
Update (Spanish)Pokémon: Crystal Version2021-11-03 15:24:40Fixed a little bug
Edit (English)Sakura Wars2021-11-01 11:24:44Updated to the current Readme.