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Latest New Translations
New (Arabic)Adventure Island III2018-02-18 00:47:47
New (Hungarian)Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!2018-02-17 17:09:43
New (Spanish)Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!2018-02-17 11:20:03
New (Spanish)The Jungle Book2018-02-17 04:53:24
New (Spanish)Jungle Book, The2018-02-17 04:50:55
New (Spanish)Jungle Book, The2018-02-17 04:49:11
New (Spanish)Jungle Book, The2018-02-17 04:47:11
New (Spanish)Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou Ningen2018-02-16 20:21:31
New (Spanish)Shaman King - Master of Spirit 22018-02-16 12:49:40
New (Arabic)Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-02-13 06:19:50
New (English)Three Kingdoms - Sichuan Mahjong2018-02-12 22:39:11
New (English)City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle2018-02-12 15:04:52
New (Spanish)Alien Syndrome2018-02-10 04:27:21
New (Spanish)Alien Syndrome2018-02-10 04:24:21
New (Spanish)Alien Syndrome2018-02-10 04:21:20
New (Spanish)Alien 32018-02-10 04:17:51
New (Arabic)Adventures of Dino Riki2018-02-09 05:47:34
New (French)The House Of The Dead 2&3 Return2018-02-08 12:11:03
New (Arabic)Final Fantasy III2018-02-06 07:22:19
New (Indonesian)Super Mario Bros.2018-02-06 02:57:36

Last Updated Translations
Edit (English)Tengai Makyou Zero2018-02-19 18:53:01Two small fixes added to the patch, updated readme.
Edit (Arabic)Adventure Island III2018-02-19 10:08:16translation release date
Edit (Spanish)3 Ninjas Kick Back2018-02-18 13:50:21V1.1: Minor fixes.
Edit (Arabic)Final Fantasy III2018-02-15 17:37:16update to 1.3.4 - Fix freezing the game in Nikeah: Gerad event...
Edit (Arabic)Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-02-14 14:48:52Fix texts.
Edit (Arabic)Adventures of Dino Riki2018-02-13 19:36:38translation release date
Edit (Arabic)Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-02-13 19:35:04translation release date
Edit (Arabic)Final Fantasy III2018-02-13 09:42:02update to 1.3.2 - fixed General scrtips...
Edit (Spanish)Alien Syndrome2018-02-12 02:56:15V1.1:Fixed intro
Edit (Spanish)Shonen Jump's One Piece2018-02-11 19:34:02New patch version 1.1 Added collection spanish text
Edit (Spanish)Alien 32018-02-11 07:46:40Fixed release date
Edit (Spanish)Alien Syndrome2018-02-11 07:46:22Fixed release date
Edit (Arabic)Adventures of Dino Riki2018-02-10 16:02:46Fix some texts & Change pictures.
Edit (Arabic)Final Fantasy III2018-02-10 04:02:07update 1.2.7 - fixed some srcipts
Edit (Arabic)Final Fantasy III2018-02-09 12:59:24udpate to beta 1.2.3 - Translate some texts and correct general errors.
Edit (Spanish)Overblood2018-02-08 11:53:45V.1.1 Fixed some dialog untranslated near the end of the game.
Edit (Arabic)Final Fantasy III2018-02-07 12:06:16update to beta 1.1
Edit (Indonesian)Dig Dug2018-02-07 01:00:02Add special thanks.
Edit (Spanish)Animaniacs2018-02-05 05:45:56V1.1: Little fixes.
Edit (English)Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem2018-02-03 00:09:47Changed category to Addendum since this is a separate update to the original translation of RPGuy96 & VincentASM.
Edit (English)Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light2018-02-02 17:31:41Removed my email address from the readme file for privacy reasons.
Edit (Spanish)EarthBound2018-01-29 14:44:30Two wrongly translated lines corrected, and one linebreak added to ensure proper text parsing after a battle ends.
Edit (English)Asuncia: Matsue no Jubaku2018-01-29 02:29:44Update patch and move game info.
Edit (English)Lunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book2018-01-28 11:36:00Multiple bug fixes.
Edit (English)Tengai Makyou Zero2018-01-28 10:08:15Added the CRC number for the correct rom file.
Edit (English)Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei2018-01-27 01:53:02Updated the patching set because one of the images in the manual needed to be fixed. The actual patch is unchanged.
Edit (English)Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei2018-01-26 19:53:22Expanded the patch set information to clarify that the packaging is also translated.
Edit (English)Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei2018-01-24 15:33:13new version
Edit (English)CRW: Metal Jacket2018-01-23 23:50:05Update to 1.0.2
Edit (Spanish)The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie2018-01-23 14:04:14V1.2:Fixed Options.
Edit (Spanish)The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie2018-01-22 14:12:52V1.1: Minor fixes.
Edit (Spanish)The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie2018-01-22 04:52:40V1.1: Minor fixes.
Edit (Russian)Crossroad Crisis2018-01-18 06:04:18Replaced EN title screen with the RU one.
Edit (Russian)Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams2018-01-18 05:59:35Replaced EN title screen with the RU one. Replaced erroneously sized gif screen with four unique screens.
Edit (Russian)Castle Quest2018-01-18 05:35:52Replaced EN title screen with the RU one.
Edit (Russian)Widget2018-01-17 11:51:37Replaced EN title screen with the RU one.
Edit (Russian)Final Fantasy2018-01-17 10:50:12Replaced EN title screen with the different RU screen.
Edit (Spanish)Final Fantasy II2018-01-16 20:10:46Changed Game to FF2US
Edit (Thai)Final Fantasy II2018-01-16 20:00:58Changed Game to FF2US
Edit (Spanish)Final Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:59:31Changed Game to FF4J