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New (Polish)Mega Man2019-08-19 07:32:12
New (Hungarian)Star Force2019-08-17 03:57:40
New (Spanish)Tennis Ace2019-08-17 03:21:25
New (Spanish)Snake Rattle 'n' Roll2019-08-17 03:18:47
New (Spanish)Phantasy Star Gaiden2019-08-17 03:17:23
New (Spanish)Donald in Maui Mallard2019-08-17 03:14:56
New (Spanish)James Pond 3: Operation Starfish2019-08-17 03:12:47
New (Spanish)Golvellius: Valley of Doom2019-08-17 03:11:08
New (Spanish)Donald Duck in Maui Mallard2019-08-17 03:09:25
New (Spanish)The Aquatic Games - Starring James Pond2019-08-17 03:07:34
New (Spanish)Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragon Strike2019-08-17 03:05:23
New (Spanish)Action 522019-08-17 03:03:39
New (Arabic)Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi2019-08-14 19:57:19
New (Arabic)Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade2019-08-14 19:40:00
New (Dutch)Boggy ’842019-08-10 05:02:24
New (Spanish)The Simpsons - Krusty's Fun House2019-08-10 04:59:55
New (Spanish)Krusty's Super Funhouse2019-08-10 04:58:08
New (Dutch)Battleship Clapton II2019-08-10 04:56:19
New (Spanish)Krusty's Super Fun House2019-08-10 04:56:01
New (Spanish)Krusty's Fun House2019-08-10 04:54:06

Last Updated Translations
Edit (Spanish)Phantasy Star Gaiden2019-08-22 13:57:11V1.1: Fixed ending translation.
Edit (English)CRW: Metal Jacket2019-08-21 09:29:42Update to v1.0.3; fixes bug in ending text
Edit (French)Mario Bros.2019-08-21 08:38:05Description rewritten a little.
Edit (Spanish)The Aquatic Games - Starring James Pond2019-08-20 14:01:18V1.1: Minor fixes.
Edit (Spanish)James Pond 3: Operation Starfish2019-08-20 13:57:36V1.1: Minor fixes.
Edit (Spanish)Disney's Goof Troop2019-08-16 13:59:54Fixed duplicated game
Edit (Spanish)Streets of Rage2019-08-15 15:51:36V1.1: Fixed Red screen for REV01.
Edit (English)Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu2019-08-13 13:20:05Typos fixed on the description
Edit (English)Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu2019-08-13 03:02:32New version 1.1; fixes several bugs found since 1.0 release.
Edit (English)Final Fantasy2019-08-10 19:44:08Ignore previous submission, THIS submission shall be v1.2
Edit (Spanish)F-1 Sensation2019-08-09 11:27:36V1.2: More fixes on menus.
Edit (English)Majin Tensei2019-08-09 00:16:04Updated the patch and readme due to a small formatting fix.
Edit (Spanish)F-1 Sensation2019-08-08 14:25:24V1.1:Little fixes.
Edit (English)Metal Gear (MSX2)2019-08-07 09:17:09Added missing stuff and crashes the translation has.
Edit (Spanish)Adventures of Tom Sawyer2019-08-06 13:53:45V1.1: Fixed background and changed time table and start/continue.
Edit (English)Castlevania: Rondo of Blood2019-08-03 11:36:03Updated with a note saying the patch is not 100% translated.
Edit (English)Majin Tensei2019-08-03 01:50:09Updated the patch to version three.
Edit (French)Super Mario Bros.2019-08-02 10:48:07Description has been modified.
Edit (Welsh)Super Mario World2019-08-01 05:22:51Added new screenshots.
Edit (English)Dragon & Princess2019-07-30 21:58:09Minor update to fix some truncated text.
Edit (Spanish)Deadly Moves2019-07-30 13:47:59Added japan release as per request.
Edit (French)Prince of Persia2019-07-30 11:38:19better text in 1st et 2nd paragraphs.
Edit (English)Final Fantasy2019-07-30 00:22:20Updated to v1.11
Edit (English)Dirty Pair: Project Eden2019-07-28 13:44:19Fixing author to match group name it was released under at the time.
Edit (English)Final Fantasy2019-07-28 12:05:58Updated to v1.01, fixing a minor inconsistency in the "Chaos Edition" patch
Edit (French)Spelunker2019-07-28 05:19:04Game over screen tweaked again. The word "Jeu fini" was off-center.
Edit (French)Spelunker2019-07-28 05:08:32In the description there was something wrong: the spacing from a section to another wasn't there. So it has been fixed.
Edit (French)Shantae2019-07-26 17:14:56A mail from suggested this to me and I did it : « You can use our online ROM hasher to generate standardized ROM/ISO information. Please consider editing your entry accordingly.» I have also changed a very little thing in the readmefile (I added a word about 7-zip as a tip to easily display the CRC32 for beginners.). I also added Image4 in addition to Image1+2+3
Edit (English)Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence2019-07-24 23:36:34Changed status to unfinished, because this is definitely not finished since all of the (voiced) cutscenes are still in Japanese, and there's no translated text script provided with the patch to compensate either.
Edit (English)Fire Emblem: Thracia 7762019-07-18 20:14:41Updated to 1.04
Edit (Chinese)Xenogears2019-07-17 14:07:41Adding Information.
Edit (French)Spelunker2019-07-17 09:56:40Game over screen slightly tweaked.
Edit (Spanish)Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)2019-07-16 13:59:23V1.1: Fixed Sallah letter.
Edit (English)Majin Tensei2019-07-16 11:07:22Updated the patch to fix a line that had a small chance of appearing as garbled text.
Edit (English)Digimon Adventure2019-07-14 19:29:33As far as I can tell xeno translations are not the ones that released that patch and Omarrrio isn't part of the team either. Patch 4.1 was released by this group(they don't seem to have a name). I don't get the "New autor entry" at the bottom of the form so I can't create a new Author and I would't know who to credit it to either.
Edit (Spanish)GoldenEye 0072019-07-12 17:50:54Updating files and readme file to version 2.0. Funny, someone updated the page, but not the patch files...
Edit (Tagalog)Donkey Kong2019-07-11 07:11:42Little update: two text lines have been fixed.
Edit (Spanish)Cave Story2019-07-05 14:29:31Better wording.
Edit (Spanish)Dragon's Fury2019-07-05 10:40:34V1.1: Fixed some options terms.
Edit (Spanish)Super Fantasy Zone2019-07-04 14:33:04V1.1: Changed Special to Space.