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EditUtilities - ROM Expander Pro2023-06-01 21:10:28I recently realized I can even edit my own bad reviews, as when I made this original review, I didn't get how this program actually works.
EditHacks - Antinomia: Final Fantasy VI2023-06-01 13:08:57Updating about some encountered issues in gameplay. And reporting all issues as possible.
EditHacks - Phantasy Star IV General Improvement2023-05-30 14:55:10Change recommend
EditHacks - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (NES)2023-05-25 19:01:17Forgot add details
EditHacks - Mega Man World 4 LDX2023-05-16 21:58:29correcting sentences.
EditHacks - Layla: The Iris Missions2023-05-10 03:02:50Have to soften my criticism, this hack is just too good to be that negative.
EditHacks - Golden Axe III Redux2023-05-10 01:43:19Typo on the review's title.
EditHacks - Super Mario RPG: Armageddon2023-05-04 13:11:41Opinion update on the game.
EditUtilities - ZScream2023-05-03 06:55:21Added note since the bug mentioned was fixed in a future version
EditHacks - Castlevania - Circle of The Realm2023-04-30 12:39:11Revisiting the game a bit and updating some of my thoughts about it.
EditTranslations - Donkey Kong Land III2023-04-30 08:41:321.3 patch update
EditHacks - Megaman 1 - Limbo Edition2023-04-26 09:27:38New version - Review update
EditHacks - SONICU THE CUBEHOG2023-04-19 14:10:37Little correct text
EditHacks - Enhansa Edition2023-04-18 21:20:59slight clarifying and typo.
EditHacks - Chrono Trigger Impossible2023-04-18 12:24:20submitted only half of review by mistake.
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros. Tweaked2023-04-18 05:29:32I wanted to describe one of the mechanics better
EditHacks - New Master Quest2023-04-15 04:35:29Add comments
EditTranslations - ActRaiser2023-04-14 15:26:11Clarification about the time limit (last edit!)
EditTranslations - ActRaiser2023-04-12 02:59:56Mentioned the platforms in the 5-1 boss area
EditTranslations - Go Go Ackman 22023-04-09 20:05:38Updated my review to coincide with the latest patch revision.