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    Updating screenshots to reflect current build.
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    A certain user pointed out that the graphics are garbled when applying a patch using by online patcher. I confirmed the same issue a while ago. I never used the online patcher before, so I didn't notice that. I was able to play without any problems with the file download method. I don't know the cause of the issue, but I decided to upload the IPS file again.
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    Small dialogue change
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    Resubmission of prior changes
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    I remove some sentences to let it describe the hack is all about and not pander to woke western political statements
Latest New Reviews
NewHacks - Mega Woman2022-08-15 19:42:15
NewHacks - Mega Woman2022-08-15 17:10:03
NewHacks - Sonic Genesis2022-08-15 16:10:54
NewHacks - Pokemon Crystal Graphics Fix for Goomba Color2022-08-15 13:59:08
NewHacks - Sonic Genesis2022-08-15 08:51:04
NewHacks - Sonic Genesis2022-08-15 02:59:01
NewHacks - Super Royal Pals. 32022-08-14 15:48:04
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NewHacks - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Color Edition2022-08-10 10:59:57

Last Updated Reviews
EditHacks - Dying with Dignity (Player Sprite Edit)2022-08-12 18:04:54Upon further play, I discovered this hack broke an integral system to the game (the dash function).
EditHacks - Super Mario RPG: Armageddon2022-08-09 19:25:01Updating my review to include info about v10a, and an aside about being careful about misinformation
EditHacks - Star Fox 64-Style HUD2022-08-03 00:28:02Spelling error in title
EditHacks - Dr. Garfield2022-08-02 17:31:38I am editing my review because, initially, my emulator was on the fritz and playing too fast. I reset the game and now it plays fine.
EditHacks - Star Beasts - Meteor Version2022-08-01 22:42:31New information on the issue.
EditHacks - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Color Edition2022-08-01 11:31:13Edited review to address the changes in v1.11
EditHacks - Unsightly Pixel2022-08-01 01:38:26Some users misunderstood my review.
EditHacks - Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master2022-07-31 15:40:18Adding new comments.
EditHacks - Conker's High Rule Tail2022-07-30 20:44:56added some stuff
EditHacks - Wet Dream - TROM's Edition2022-07-30 20:35:15rewritten the review with less anger :)
EditHacks - Ys - Fluffy Repair Service2022-07-30 10:51:45My playthrough ended on the most sour note that it possibly could. This entire review will be rendered completely obsolete when an "Extra-Fluffy" service repair shows up.
EditHacks - Ys - Fluffy Repair Service2022-07-29 14:16:26I didn't finish my playthrough when I originally wrote this, and I still haven't. But I didn't think the boss room problems would get any worse, and sure enough, they did. I also took this time to correct some problems with the already-existing text. Once an "Extra-Fluffy" service repair is brought out, this review will be rendered completely obsolete.
EditHacks - Mega Man 2 Revamped2022-07-26 17:48:15Cleanup to better organize thoughts and remove redundancy
EditHacks - Shadow Dragon - Full Content Patch2022-07-24 22:13:55I just wanted to update my review after I attempted the Aum Staff exploit. I was hesitant to do so earlier because I feared that the bug was fixed. I am very happy that it wasn’t.
EditHacks - Mega Man ZX Advent Voice Clip Removal2022-07-22 09:39:53Expanded review
EditHacks - Secret of Mana: Relocalized2022-07-16 18:44:45Point 3 in flaws has been disregarded
EditHacks - Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition2022-07-16 13:05:48Adding more reviews!
EditHacks - Final Fantasy 6: Divergent Paths2022-07-16 12:35:28Restructured points a bit
EditHacks - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Color Edition2022-07-16 10:09:35The real hardware bug was fixed, so I'm updating my review accordingly.
EditHacks - SMW Redrawn 20222022-07-14 14:46:16Forgot to add information!