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NewTrouble Sleeping2022-05-21 20:57:46
NewFireRed Pokemon Data Decryption2022-05-21 20:24:47
NewGran Turismo Japanese menu music to USA version2022-05-21 16:20:56
NewPokémon Silver - All Glitches Fixed2022-05-20 19:59:55
NewDawn of Sorrow - Playable Tressa2022-05-20 08:11:57
NewEmerald Pokemon Data Decryption2022-05-20 07:41:23
NewEmerald BW2 Repel System2022-05-20 06:46:22
NewPortrait of Deltaruin2022-05-20 05:05:30
NewTMNT Turtles in Time Practice2022-05-19 01:02:35
NewThe Legend of Zelda CHR-ROM Conversion MMC1 or MMC32022-05-18 19:47:38
NewMea Man Battle Network 2 (No G Code)2022-05-18 18:05:05
NewPokémon Gold - All Glitches Fixed2022-05-18 13:26:44
NewFinal Fantasy V Advance Color Restoration and Improvement2022-05-18 12:28:39
NewThe Thief and the Cobbler SMB22022-05-18 06:28:38
NewSuper Mario Advance - Classic Toad Voice + Wart Blood Removal2022-05-18 01:34:02
NewHarder Quest2022-05-17 17:21:28
NewSuper HitCombo Kart - Snowland City2022-05-17 13:17:22
NewSuper Lakitu 32022-05-17 10:48:03
NewWonder Boy in Monster Land Climb Patches2022-05-17 01:17:02
NewWizardry (WonderGate Unlock)2022-05-16 17:49:51

Last Updated Hacks
EditCastlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Definitive Edition+2022-05-22 07:18:04Small corrections to the readme.
UpdateCastlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Definitive Edition+2022-05-21 23:00:14Updated to version 2.3.
UpdateSuper Luigi RPG Star Powered2022-05-21 21:55:57...*sigh*... yet another hotfix containing minor balance fixes, and changes.
UpdateFinal Fantasy V Tweaks2022-05-20 22:57:49V2.4 Update
EditTime For Tom - Thomas and Jake's Excellent Adventure2022-05-20 19:42:13More bugfixes - Plegian reinforcements now are Fighters instead of Social Knights - Fixed broken outro - Fixed broken chest in "Mistakening"
UpdateTetrisGYM2022-05-20 17:19:24New version
EditBreath of Fire: War of the Goddess2022-05-20 01:16:23Addendum patches needed updates.
UpdateLakitu's Great Adventure2022-05-19 17:17:24Improvement and Update
EditExtra Mario Bros.2022-05-19 09:34:31Added screenshots
UpdatePracticeROM2022-05-19 08:07:38Fixing bugs and adding new features
EditPokemon Complete Safari2022-05-18 22:37:20Minor update to description and readme.
UpdatePokemon Complete Safari2022-05-18 12:04:51Updated Route 121 & 122 SR Pokemon to be more natural distribution, also Seedot and Kecleon % increased to 2. Readme locations and % updated.
EditPokemon Complete Safari2022-05-18 06:24:31add readme
EditWario Land II: Polished and Uncensored2022-05-18 04:00:24N/A. Changed some wording, minor invite to write a Review
EditPokemon Complete Safari2022-05-18 02:00:53Gameplay . Text Checkbox
EditPokemon Complete Safari2022-05-18 01:20:08Added Readme with locations
EditFinal Fantasy V Tweaks2022-05-17 22:01:10Added an optional patch and updated the readme.
UpdatePokemon Water Blue2022-05-17 21:18:31Updated Story. Fixed bugs. Updated movement scripts.
EditGarfield - A Week of Garfield MMC5 Patch2022-05-17 19:33:33Edit the title to Garfield - A Week of Garfield MMC5 Patch.
UpdateSuper Metroid Redux2022-05-17 17:06:21Updated to v1.3.2. Fixed an issue with the Map patch where certain rooms wouldn't show up in the map after a save reload. In short, they were not being saved into SRAM even after visited.