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NewStarfox 2 Restoration Hack2021-05-12 18:10:29
NewSMB1 and a Fresh Coat of Paint2021-05-12 08:54:38
NewUltimate Chakan2021-05-11 22:23:00
NewBatman Eternity2021-05-10 17:38:12
NewReduce Time Penalty2021-05-10 17:37:27
NewMOTHER Restored2021-05-10 07:52:21
NewDr. Mario Combo Levels2021-05-07 13:21:25
NewHebereke's Popoon - Pleasant Edition2021-05-05 19:53:45
NewZelda II: Playable Iron Knuckle2021-05-02 22:33:00
NewChange Shadow's name to Clyde Arrowny in end credit sequence2021-05-01 19:55:50
NewDonkey Kong MMC5 Patch2021-05-01 18:37:43
NewAlisa’s Quest +2021-04-30 18:21:58
NewSMB2J FDS-to-NES MMC3 Super Hack2021-04-30 13:14:57
NewJapanese features for International Pokémon Yellow2021-04-29 21:37:01
NewA Genwunner's Crystal2021-04-28 18:45:37
NewNBA Jam T.E. - Air Jordan Patch2021-04-27 21:10:55
NewThe Legend Of Zelda (Chunky Edition)2021-04-25 11:05:30
NewFix EXP Border2021-04-25 11:03:32
NewThe Jungle Book Palette Improvement2021-04-25 02:15:28
NewJapanese features for Pokémon Blue2021-04-23 16:44:32

Last Updated Hacks
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 Deluxe2021-05-14 22:38:55Edit Entry!
EditSuper Mario Bros. 2 Turbo Edition2021-05-13 10:46:41added missing "Levels" modification
EditAlisa’s Quest +2021-05-13 09:47:51fixed author (use existing profile instead of new profile with forum account name)
EditSuper Luigi Land 2: 6 Golden Coins2021-05-13 01:13:00forgot to edit some sprite copies in game
EditToad's Autumn Adventure2021-05-12 16:01:11fixed title (typo)
EditFFTA Minor Tweak Pack2021-05-12 14:20:23Description improvement.
EditSuper Mario Bros. Gen'yuu2021-05-11 18:17:23added missing "Sound" modification (different music)
EditThe Stronghold - Super Mario Pipe Maze2021-05-11 16:31:32fixed title/author (based on title screen and author's website)
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 Deluxe2021-05-11 13:13:23Update Final (Entry, description, add Shang Tsung Morph + Idels Animality)
EditPokémon Crystal Full Restoration2021-05-11 11:18:11Update
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2021-05-11 04:13:08Updated the 2 Patches in the Zip file. The previous patches contained an error and the new patches in the zip are now correct. Same version number. Thank you!
UpdatePokémon Silver Full Restoration2021-05-10 21:12:29Update
UpdatePokémon Gold Full Restoration2021-05-10 21:11:23Update
EditSD Gundam G Next - Hack Rom Pack & Map Collection2021-05-10 07:47:10There was a mistake in the comment of Xi Gundam, so I corrected it. Thank you for updating.
UpdateFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2021-05-10 04:27:01Updated to version 26k - New update to a command. Fixed various bugs. Balance and polish. Thank you!
EditLuigi Fumi Mario - Stomp on Brothers Head2021-05-09 23:25:56added rest of title (main title is "ルイージ踏みマリオ" according to author's site)
EditHoshi ni Negai wo - Love and Star2021-05-09 21:58:37added rest of title (full title is "星に願いを -LOVE AND STAR-" according to author's site)
UpdateJoy Mech Fight Special2021-05-09 02:10:02Forgot to remove a part of the description since it's no longer relevant.
UpdateReturn of the Dark Sorcerer2021-05-08 15:45:03Updated to version 2.6.4 - adds a new sprite, relocated a Magicite, some event and song touch ups, couple bug fixes.
UpdateStuck in a Pose Fix2021-05-08 10:59:33Update to version 2.9