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NewPumpkin Runner2020-10-22 18:56:35
NewSuper Ale Bros. 32020-10-22 17:03:33
NewPaperboy NES - Palette Improvement2020-10-22 04:37:34
NewKaizo Vania2020-10-21 13:10:55
NewAbadox - The Deadly Inner War - Color hack.2020-10-20 15:07:36
NewChip and Dale 4: Chip is going to the rescue2020-10-20 15:06:23
NewMega Man 2 - QoL Fixes2020-10-19 23:30:28
NewPocket Alpha 32020-10-19 19:06:43
NewAmong Us (Mrs. Pac-Man Hack, with Co-Op!)2020-10-18 18:29:45
NewSuper Mario Bros among us edition2020-10-18 13:09:18
NewMr.Nutz resolution increase2020-10-18 10:18:59
NewCleopatra Pizza Delivery2020-10-16 02:33:47
NewSuper BOOio Bros.2020-10-15 21:17:31
NewButton Blunder2020-10-15 13:27:27
NewSuper Mochtroid2020-10-13 09:34:19
NewDragon Quest III: Delocalized2020-10-12 23:19:39
NewPac-Man Halloween Edition2020-10-12 16:18:51
NewMinor Improvements For Final Fight 22020-10-11 08:45:20
NewCooly Skunk (PAL Region Fix)2020-10-11 05:31:36
NewPlayer Sprites Restoration2020-10-10 13:39:29

Last Updated Hacks
UpdateSonic Improvement Vol.22020-10-24 10:47:35Upgrade to v1.4
EditChip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 42020-10-24 07:34:34Changed game. Duplicated entry -
UpdateThe Legend of Zelda - Relocalized2020-10-23 15:25:24Improvement
UpdateFinal Fight One - Arcade Remix2020-10-23 14:14:26Text typo on Final Screen, updated patch resubmitted.
EditPumpkin Runner2020-10-23 10:11:16Fixed ROM Info to be correct and changed category to 'Improvement'.
UpdateFinal Fight One - Arcade Remix2020-10-23 09:56:08Color Update in cutscenes and ending.
EditFinal Fight - Arcade Remix2020-10-23 09:38:19Final Fight Guy Ending had glitched colors due to copy/pasting FF Arcade Ending. Sending Fixed Colors.
UpdateArcana - Seal of Rimsala2020-10-23 09:29:15Added monster race bonuses to status screen, 2 bugfixes, multiple text corrections.
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 Project2020-10-23 09:08:22Description correction to omit readme information as there was No readme for this project.
UpdateCastlevania Labyrinth2020-10-23 07:59:30Restoring original files
EditMega Man 2 - QoL Fixes2020-10-23 01:49:02Corrected release date field, year is 2020.
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal - Original Version2020-10-22 08:31:25I think this name is a bit cleaner.
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal - Original Hard Version2020-10-22 00:19:51Just spotted a typo.
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal - Original Hard Version2020-10-22 00:05:25Just to make clear which version this is.
UpdateLegend of Zelda Challenge Outlands- Zed Edition2020-10-21 22:00:09Overworld fix.
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 Project2020-10-21 21:30:07FINAL
UpdateKinnikuman: Dreammatch2020-10-21 21:05:40Project update that improves among other things the compatibility with all known versions of this game.
UpdateCleopatra Pizza Delivery2020-10-21 20:09:01Bug fix in 4-2
EditArcana - Seal of Rimsala2020-10-21 12:42:13Added a few small details to the readme and updated screenshot 3 with the latest features.
EditDragon Quest: Delocalized2020-10-20 23:05:55Updated readme.