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NewStreets of Rage 3 - Fujiwara no Mokou2018-02-15 14:29:44
NewCastlevania No Recoil No Remorse2018-02-14 16:44:15
NewSD Hero Total Battle - Return! The Army Of Evil2018-02-14 06:53:37
NewClash at Demonhead - Map edit2018-02-14 01:47:39
NewVirtual Console Safety Feature2018-02-13 23:51:22
NewKeep Banana Coins2018-02-13 23:40:24
NewSMB3 Ridley X Hack 42018-02-12 15:05:32
NewCastlevania - Localization Fix2018-02-12 11:15:36
NewSpeedy Gonzales - 6-1 fix2018-02-11 18:51:21
NewKeep Bear Coins2018-02-11 12:27:00
NewUnused Music Hack2018-02-11 12:14:56
NewLess-Blocky Bomberman2018-02-11 08:27:46
NewFinal Fantasy - Doubled2018-02-11 06:51:01
NewDragon Warrior I & II - Doubled2018-02-11 04:56:32
NewFire Emblem Binary: English Translation2018-02-10 10:43:12
NewSuper Hang-On Enhanced2018-02-10 08:33:52
NewCastlevania: Improved Controls2018-02-08 20:14:35
NewSMB2J: Hard Mode2018-02-08 13:42:42
NewSuper Mario Bros. Cozy With Death2018-02-08 13:09:17
NewEarthworm Jim 2 ISO9000 music restoration2018-02-07 11:33:06

Last Updated Hacks
EditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition2018-02-17 16:17:05Major Update to Version 2.00 - -Major update. Numerous script fixes and updates. Fixed event where an Actor walked through a WALL! Updated Opera patches now have the full Opera updated. Ensured that the Sketch bug fix was applied to all patches. Removed older version of Gerard and Sabin and replaced with current one. Added several bug fixes.
EditSD Hero Total Battle - Return! The Army of Evil2018-02-17 08:02:39v 3.0 changes -changed all the enemies and bosses projectiles damage -made the game easier by editing some unfair level parts and enemies
EditNekketsu Hockey - Golden Edition2018-02-16 04:40:56Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditIke Ike! Nekketsu Hockey 16 teams2018-02-16 04:40:55Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditNekketsu Hockey League 20162018-02-16 04:40:52Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey Forever2018-02-16 04:40:51Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditUltimate Nekketsu Hockey2018-02-16 04:40:49Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey Unlimited2018-02-16 04:40:48Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey Championship2018-02-16 04:40:46Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey alternative2018-02-16 04:40:45Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey 20132018-02-16 04:40:43Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditZelda II Rev Edition2018-02-15 16:40:50Temporary replacement build due to game breaking bug found in build 1.5.00
EditICE BALL2018-02-15 07:40:28Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditDanger's ice hockey2018-02-15 07:40:25Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditNekketsu hockey apocalypse2018-02-15 07:40:23Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey 2 special kits2018-02-15 07:40:19Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnosIceHockey all teams demo2018-02-15 07:40:18Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditTechnos Ice Hockey all stars hack2018-02-15 07:40:16Corrected wrong ROM / ISO Information
EditNekketsu! Street Basket - Hockey Heroes v32018-02-15 05:24:38Translation info updated
EditMoon Crystal Stage Select Hack2018-02-15 05:17:04Translation info updated