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NewLet's Kill Iggy!2018-12-09 16:07:41
NewEarthBound Consistency patch2018-12-08 00:30:11
NewFinal Fantasy IV - Critical Hit Fix2018-12-06 20:31:28
NewNBA Jam 2K17 - Overtime Edition2018-12-05 21:42:55
NewKarnov Rage2018-12-04 16:46:58
NewMega Man X2 MSU-1 v2,02018-12-04 09:28:09
NewArmorines: New control buttons config2018-12-04 04:36:49
NewDawn of Souls - Final Fantasy I Auto-Name Update2018-12-02 15:26:06
NewFinal Fantasy V Advance Font Facelift2018-12-02 15:19:47
NewThe Legend of Zelda Return of Ganon2018-12-02 14:34:36
NewThe Blue Portal2018-12-02 12:21:49
NewStreets of Rage 2 Minus2018-12-02 04:28:50
NewW-Item Bugfix2018-12-01 19:16:04
NewHornbuckle2018-12-01 17:58:33
NewBattleTech - Operation Revival2018-11-30 23:55:47
NewF-Zero Nebula Highway2018-11-30 18:16:12
NewMetal Slug 2 NoBGM2018-11-30 07:21:22
NewEmerald2018-11-29 18:20:01
NewBill Mario COOL ADVENTURE2018-11-27 17:40:26
NewProject RE-Quest - Mobile Script Port and Relocalization2018-11-27 05:42:16

Last Updated Hacks
EditMetal Slug 2 NoBGM2018-12-09 20:24:47Not for neogeo cd, corrected the instructions a bit.
EditF-Zero Nebula Highway2018-12-08 14:01:21Updated readme once more
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Critical Hit Fix2018-12-07 22:05:07Added co-author
EditF-Zero Nebula Highway2018-12-07 16:17:16Version BETA 0.1.1 (1.1.1 in released.
EditGhosts'N Goblins Easy2018-12-07 12:38:52Blank 'modifications' field
EditF-Zero Nebula Highway2018-12-06 08:16:02Version number fixed
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2018-12-06 04:27:27Updated to v1.20 - Added a bunch of improvements such as extra save point, making endgame less difficult, shortcuts, etc. Thanks!
EditMKDS N64 Circuit2018-12-05 20:08:15Needed to update the patch on account of it being over a year since 1.51 was originally released and original source closing down.
EditSuper Mario Bros. Continued2018-12-05 11:37:09Updated the file with latest edition
EditF-Zero Nebula Highway2018-12-04 13:34:51Added readme.
EditMagical Quest 3 - Nephew Colors Hack2018-12-04 08:12:43Info updated
EditSecret of Mana 2 Titlescreen Patch2018-12-04 03:11:12If applied to header rom it will garble the text. Non header rom will be patched properly
EditSOR2 - International Action Heroes2018-12-03 18:42:31update to v1.41
EditSOR2 - Warriors of Fate2018-12-03 03:17:24Update to 1.1
EditSOR2 - The Return of the Fighters 20182018-12-03 03:10:38Update to 1.2
EditPokemon Emerald: Complete National Dex Edition2018-12-02 11:42:31Added Black Jynx patch. Thanks to ShadowOne333 for putting it together!
EditPokemon Emerald: Complete Hoenn Dex Edition2018-12-02 11:41:53Added Black Jynx patch. Thanks to ShadowOne333 for putting it together!
EditPokemon Fire Red 2512018-12-02 11:37:44ShadowOne333 has provided an updated Black Jynx patch that uses better versions of SCD. Thanks a lot!
EditCastlevania Yuutsuki no Fantasia: Bizarre castle2018-11-30 12:58:30update to V1.2
EditShadowrun 20502018-11-26 22:03:28new update