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Latest New Hacks
NewFinal Fantasy 3: Divergent Paths2017-10-19 22:28:34
NewZelda II New Link Sprites2017-10-19 22:02:57
NewRandom and Level Fix2017-10-18 21:33:23
NewPower Blazer2017-10-18 12:27:42
NewCarnage2017-10-16 14:38:52
NewAutobot Bros.2017-10-16 14:05:16
NewMega Man X5 Improvement Project2017-10-16 00:09:59
NewMegaman Bass2017-10-15 15:12:24
NewSuper Mario Bros. - Ninja Turtles2017-10-15 10:59:50
New2600 Bros.2017-10-15 10:37:19
NewSuper Peach World DX2017-10-15 01:31:01
NewHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-14 17:04:05
NewRick Taylor in SOR22017-10-13 13:09:40
NewSMB Instant Death Spike patch2017-10-12 17:45:50
NewGantz to Guntz2017-10-12 14:29:46
NewSuper ASCII Bros.2017-10-12 14:14:19
NewZelda 2 Refresh2017-10-12 08:41:46
NewCastleVania 52017-10-12 00:54:27
NewSuper Pantufa2017-10-11 20:51:18
NewFinal Fantasy V Advance new sprites hack2017-10-11 13:35:17

Last Updated Hacks
EditLittle Nemo - The Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition2017-10-20 01:59:23Updated ips file in the zip file. Slight graphical update to a few tiles in level 3. The included ips file in the new zip file is updated to reflect the change. Thanks!
EditMega Man X5 Improvement Project [BETA]2017-10-19 20:32:04Corrected info
EditZombies Ate My Neighbors - The Sequel2017-10-19 18:56:26Updated to version 1.0.2. - Reduced the overall difficulty of the game. - Minor fixes. - Added a FAQ to the readme.
EditMaster of Monsters Fix2017-10-19 15:50:02Added multi-player info and changed name to be more recognizable (I'm the author).
EditProbotector (E) Hit Point Restoration Hack2017-10-19 10:08:45Game changed
EditBreath of Fire Text Cleanup2017-10-18 20:38:00Slight update to the description text
EditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigma2017-10-17 21:12:14Name version.
EditSuper Marioyji World 22017-10-17 13:41:28Correct file information. I hope this works...
EditSuper Mario All Stars NES2017-10-17 02:37:39Updated v10-15-2017
EditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-16 21:05:25Complete - Addendum
EditSuper Mario Bros. Desert Land2017-10-16 11:12:41Updated to 1.1. Changes: Lowered a pipe's height in 1-1, fixed checkpoint for 1-2 and removed enterable pipe, removed checkpoint in 1-3 and removed enterable pipe in 2-1.
EditFinal Fantasy V - GBA Script Port2017-10-16 06:52:08Changed Image to Blink
EditLittle Nemo - The Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition2017-10-16 05:34:09Updated the zip file containing the ips. Made a slight graphic fix in the screen right before the last boss. The updated zip file contain the ips with the graphical fix. Thanks!
EditColor Wheel2017-10-15 23:09:47Two updates: one fixes a bad location byte that causes part of a function to be overwritten, and the other fixes a wrong instruction parameter that causes a bug whereby characters treated as enemies appear on the wrong side of the field.
EditMortal Kombat II - Hidden Characters Playable2017-10-15 19:46:50Fix the wrong ROM info
EditRad Racer: Car-Battery Edition2017-10-15 19:34:35Fix the wrong hash values
EditLow G Man - Crash Fix2017-10-15 17:37:44Update USA ROM hash
EditHyper Metroid (Nintendit 1.0)2017-10-15 14:50:531.1 Update
EditColor Wheel2017-10-15 13:22:49Fixed a crash bug caused by the Vanish status.
EditSuper Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten Worlds2017-10-15 12:45:48hash update