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NewSuper Mario Bros. For Super Players2020-02-20 08:15:48
NewASCII Boxes2020-02-19 02:06:39
NewMega Man X Zero Playble2020-02-18 23:13:18
NewMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 112020-02-18 14:42:54
NewLords of Thunder Track 8 Audio Skip Restoration2020-02-17 12:41:47
NewMega Man 5 - Ridley X Hack 5 Proto Man's Revenge Normal2020-02-17 09:34:55
NewColor Fix For Toad2020-02-16 15:41:25
NewPokemon FireMix2020-02-15 16:04:13
NewTaito Chase H.Q.2020-02-11 23:35:11
NewHard Mode of Contra2020-02-11 00:02:55
NewPokemon Perfect Crystal (2020 Update)2020-02-10 22:04:47
NewTerranigma Practise2020-02-10 16:05:14
NewGolvellius - SRAM save w/ 6 enemies2020-02-10 02:11:29
NewDeadpool Hardcore Edition2020-02-09 09:40:54
NewSMB2 (Lost Levels) NES Crowned Edition + Bonus2020-02-08 13:02:29
NewMega Man X2 - Zero Project2020-02-08 09:33:05
NewJourney to Silius Level 5 Music Replacement2020-02-08 02:15:30
NewPokemon : swaprald verison2020-02-08 00:03:39
NewWired Gems2020-02-07 00:27:11
NewMetroid Zero Mission: Deluxe2020-02-06 13:42:46

Last Updated Hacks
EditTaito Chase H.Q. Car Palette Fix2020-02-21 23:20:28Minor fix in the name.
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2020-02-21 17:01:39Errors in the rom
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2020-02-21 16:14:52Some NPC text did not work
EditKoko Adventure (MMC3 Conversion)2020-02-21 09:13:31Added how to fix life counter.
EditSuper Mario Bros. For Super Players2020-02-21 06:19:20Mistake in the description + picture.
EditPredator MMC5 Patch2020-02-20 18:24:42Corrected the nametable mapping in mirroring swaping by changing the values to #$44 & #$50 in original locations that JSR to nametable mapping swapping.
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2020-02-20 16:29:55Updated to version 8.0 - New items including the Thief Gloves, new enemies, new areas, new graphics, etc. Thank you!
EditReturn of the Dark Sorcerer2020-02-19 20:27:33Hack updated to v2.0.6!
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2020-02-19 15:16:55Accidentally uploaded a non-clean ips patch
EditMega Man X1: Proto Edition2020-02-19 14:35:20ROM/ISO Information was incorrect. Trying to patch the game using the old information was impossible. In the end of the description the information about patching is correct, but it was in conflict with the mentioned field.
EditWired Gems (feat. Neon and Chip)2020-02-18 20:32:42Released version 20200218.02.
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2020-02-18 14:39:42Graphic fixes, spawning issues
EditWired Gems (feat. Neon and Chip)2020-02-18 07:44:35Released version 20200218.01, and renamed the hack title.
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal (2020 Update)2020-02-17 17:29:54While SuperEgz made the original project, this was made by aleckermit according to the credits. This should most likely be classified as an addendum.
EditChrono Trigger+2020-02-17 12:04:22More fixes and improvements.
EditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 6 (Dr. Cossack's Revenge - Normal)2020-02-17 10:42:42Title and description revision
EditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 102020-02-17 10:37:47Title and description minor revision
EditJackal 22020-02-17 10:01:08version 2.15 release
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2020-02-17 08:39:53Fixed likely typo in hack release date.
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2020-02-16 15:19:11updated pictures and original release date