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NewShadowrun: Vikfield's mod2018-08-17 20:59:20
NewMendel Palace Vapor2018-08-15 07:27:40
NewCoin Flip Fix2018-08-14 14:51:28
NewMetroid: SR3872018-08-13 14:12:36
NewGood Ending Bug Fix2018-08-11 19:08:59
NewDonkey Kong Redux2018-08-11 08:03:20
NewMother 2.1 - Relocalized2018-08-09 22:44:16
NewMetal Gear MSX + Style2018-08-09 20:15:49
NewMetroid 2 DX2018-08-09 17:50:36
NewRanger of Rage 22018-08-09 15:53:41
NewRockman 3: Winternight Endless Version2018-08-08 03:04:57
NewSWAT Out-Of-Bounds Fix2018-08-05 10:27:51
NewMega Man X3 PSOne PAL to NTSC2018-08-04 20:45:51
NewDragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-08-04 15:06:54
NewCrystal Beans - turhope mods2018-08-04 10:58:20
NewVine Man2018-08-03 22:32:40
NewGrandia Voices & Video cutscenes Undub NTSC US English2018-08-03 05:58:10
NewRockman 2 Slide and Charge Shot2018-08-02 11:33:42
NewRockman 3 EX: Blues no Kage2018-08-01 08:24:30
NewBubble Bobble Proofread2018-07-30 22:43:12

Last Updated Hacks
EditMother 2.1 - Relocalized2018-08-18 07:33:29People seem to have misunderstood my sarcastic description and I fear physical violence from the more unhinged members of the internet community. Just trying to make it more obvious that this is a stupid text hack that isn't worth getting angry about.
EditJoshua (Redesign)2018-08-17 17:29:29Updated Title Screen with the proper version number.
EditMega Man X5 Improvement Project [BETA]2018-08-17 10:43:02new version (bugfix)
EditZelda3 Time & Day/Night cycling system2018-08-17 08:15:47Fixed title for hacked game.
EditMother 2.1 - Relocalized2018-08-16 19:51:48fixed up typos in the description
EditJoshua (Redesign)2018-08-16 13:50:427.1 Update
EditCastlevania - Order of Ecclesia - Shanoa Remade2018-08-14 12:31:21Fixed Title screen, changed title screen screenshot
EditCastlevania - Order of Ecclesia - Shanoa Remade2018-08-13 23:22:00update
EditRockman 3: Winternight Endless Version2018-08-13 05:28:05fix 2 bugs
EditRanger of Rage 22018-08-12 13:54:26Fixed a bugged animation frame in Tommy's walk cycle.
EditSonic 2 Improvement2018-08-12 11:17:47Version 4.2
EditSMB3 - The New Xiuluo2018-08-12 04:54:47I changed 5-tower and pockcard.
EditSMB3 - The Dorio Challenge2018-08-12 04:53:45There is an error in world 6, and I repaired it. And I made some changes in some levels. And pockcard was changed.
EditRockman/Mega Man 2 - Slide and Charge Shot2018-08-10 04:19:14Puresabe informed me of 2 bugs with weapon swapping, where the dog boss in woodman, and the dragon get corrupted if you swap at the momment they appear. That's fixed. also standing on item 1-3 after they're deleted, fixed. Keeping the same version 1.1 - just only these bugfixes
EditRockman 3: Winternight2018-08-09 21:29:01change desc
EditVine Man2018-08-08 12:44:49Bug fixes
EditVine Man2018-08-07 20:04:09Levels have been changed, bugs have been fixed, and graphics have been updated
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks2018-08-07 01:31:53Version update
EditSuper Metroid: GBA Style!2018-08-07 01:03:01I don't even know what button it was lol. It was the Run butyon, not Select, sorry!
EditDragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate2018-08-07 00:33:32Fixed minor bugs relating to random names, rare monster spawn (Pirate) and Lamia/Petitbou stat mixup Improved readme, added Addtional Info and Lunar IPS Log Improved basic items, improved some treasure contents