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NewBreath of Fire IV Technical Guide to Enemies2023-03-30 20:23:04
NewROMhacking - PSP basics2023-03-26 18:57:04
NewArrow Flash Table and Translation Notes2023-02-18 21:44:20
NewPuyo Puyo Fever GBA Table & Notes2023-02-18 20:32:06
NewSolomon's Key ROM map (all versions)2023-01-24 02:59:58

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UpdateBreath of Fire IV Text Hacking Guide2023-03-26 02:43:44Deprecate tools, reorganize, new instructions
UpdateBreath of Fire III Text Hacking Guide2023-03-26 02:42:12Deprecate tools, reorganize, new instructions
UpdateCastle of Illusion - Disassembly (Translation)2023-02-22 13:37:46Fixed Game Over text issue.
UpdateEntities.ebp Documentation2023-02-11 22:19:36various small changes to bring this up to date with the github version
UpdateCastle of Illusion - Disassembly (Translation)2023-02-10 12:03:00Added a new font table "Gems_Text.asm". Any letters in the last 2 rows of the font table will display correctly.
EditFFII DoS Character Bytes2023-02-07 00:31:19Touched up the wonky, unnatural third-person wording. I wasn't aware of any requirement that submission descriptions be written in third-person, so I'll keep that in mind moving forward.
UpdateCastle of Illusion - Disassembly (Translation)2023-02-05 14:12:47Fixed a small text error in the "Gems.asm" file.
UpdateCastle of Illusion - Disassembly (Translation)2023-02-04 15:29:53Updated the code in the "font_tables". Updated the Readme file.
UpdateSuper Mario Bros. 3 Music Format2023-01-21 04:07:34Various small improvements, but primarily to fix an off-by-one error that caused the track listing to be incorrect. Comparison: