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NewROM Hacking 201 - A non-ASM approach to compressed data2022-05-10 11:20:25
NewROM Hacking 202 - Reverse engineering with the debugger2022-05-06 13:24:40
NewPCSX 1.5 with Debugger2022-05-03 11:15:02
NewCapcom Sound Engine 1 Format2022-05-03 02:25:23
NewEntities.ebp Documentation2022-04-23 00:05:46
NewRomHacking 103 - ScriptInsertion2022-04-18 18:03:39
NewRomHacking 102 - Font & Sprites2022-04-16 12:51:17
NewRomHacking101_ScripDump2022-04-10 22:05:28
NewMetal Gear 2: Solid Snake Table file2022-03-11 13:32:37
NewMetal Gear (NES) Character Table2022-03-01 07:58:58

Last Updated Documents
UpdatePCSX 1.5 with Debugger2022-05-16 05:55:12Source code is updated.
UpdateEntities.ebp Documentation2022-05-10 21:22:10attack stuff was majorly incorrect, figured it out
UpdateEntities.ebp Documentation2022-05-09 20:54:56adds info about other speeds, projectile damage and ID
UpdateEntities.ebp Documentation2022-05-03 12:20:56corrected some typos, fixed some wording
UpdateROMHacking 101 - Script Dump2022-04-23 21:00:29Updated the document, after a whole review of style, grammar and clarifying. Also took the chance to fix a typo in the description.