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Hourai Gakuen no Bouken!: Tenkousei Scramble

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

This is an RPG. Apparently it’s one of those fabled wacky, or, dare I say it, quirky RPGs. I don’t know much about it, except you attend this school, and you can join clubs, and gain abilities from those clubs, FFV-style. So cool. Yeah.

Translation Description:

The Adventures of Hourai High is a silly little RPG, with a Dragon Quest combat presentation, a Final Fantasy 5-ish class system, and a sense of humor straight out of Earthbound. You can tell that a lot of heart went into the creation of this game. It’s quite charming!

Translation’s complete! Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Hourai Gakuen no Bouken! - Tenkousei Scramble (Japan).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 6299FB1C
  • MD5: 586159E9055691AA8DE3757F408350FD
  • SHA-1: 25E107E21D45B0C4095E623A723E2020A55C9253
  • SHA-256: 65F1EEFE40D8C63B8390EFD6E57CEF4321F40B79EDEE2DA0B1575189F7135364



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiHackingProject leader, romhacker, assembly hacker
satsuTranslationScript translator and editor

User Review Information

Great Game, Similar to the Mother Series

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 26 Mar 2012

The Adventure of Hourai High School is, at its core, a great parody of the classic JRPG. It shares many similarities with the Mother series in its presentation and battle system. Although a very different storyline than the Mother games, it shares the same sense of humor with many laugh-out-loud moments. Of course, Aeon Genesis tackled this game, and as usual they provided a very strong English translation with only a few grammatical errors.

AoHHS is about a new student attending the school and the crazy adventures that he and his friends from an underground school newspaper go through. There are shady going-ons within the staff of the school and they are attempting to unravel the mysteries.

The game plays much like a mixture of Dragon Quest, Mother, and Final Fantasy. The world is based on an island with a huge campus centered in the middle. The battle interface is very much like DQ with Mother-like enemy drawings. As well, there is a class system similar to that of Final Fantasy 3 or 5. You learn new skills from simply gaining exp. It’s simple but a lot of fun.

Again, Aeon Genesis, who brought us the translations for Chaos World, Clock Tower, Shin Megami Tensei, and many many others, did the great translation, bringing the script to great life. It’s great to just walk about and talk to the NPC’s and see what hilarious things they have to say. Particularly from the “school patrol”. I think even one of them says something about if you get out of line that he was going to eat you. I was cracking up numerous times from the great translation. My only issue was from a proofreaders point of view. There were plenty of times where an “s” was used where a “z” should be. That was pretty much it though. It definitely doesn’t take away from the game in any way and the translation is solid otherwise.

The game is definitely worth checking into. Especially if you are into JRPG’s. Everything about this game is fun and addicting.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Cool and interesting gameD3RPkitten26 Jul 20211.00Yes
A middling game that's worth a lookStarstream04 Apr 20201.00Yes
Great Game, Similar to the Mother SeriesKlaviaturist26 Mar 2012N/AYes