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Extra Mario Bros.

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


New maps, new graphics, new enemies, new powerups, new physics, new final boss. It’s inspired by Metroid and in fact, some tiles are imported directly from it. It’s practically a new game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0) [!].nes
  • CRC32: 3337EC46
  • MD5: 811B027EAF99C2DEF7B933C5208636DE
  • SHA-1: EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922




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Reviewed By: keithisgood on 24 Mar 2012

Extra Mario is among the top 1% of rom hacks. The graphical overhaul is spot-on, introducing SMB3 and Metroid sprites into SMB1. The music is engaging and moody.

The gameplay is what sets Extra Mario apart. Instead of simply moving left to right, finishing a level and moving on to the next, Mario must navigate through 5 distinct areas of the world via warp pipes. The game only allows left to right movement, but that restriction adds to the gameplay, ramping up the difficulty a few clicks.

The available power ups scattered through the 5 areas create a rich game experience, opeinging new worlds and aiding Mario in his quest to retrieve 8 keys and defeat Bowser.

And the final boss fight… yowza.

There’s even a game+ option if you still want to explore the world after defeating Bowser.

Extra Mario is, if not the best, among the top rom hacks. I can’t recommend this game highly enough. Two thumbs up, five stars out of five. Extra Mario is one of the better games for the NES period.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Tough but Fun HackProveaux15 Nov 20171.0Yes
This is niceJohnH08 Jun 20171.0Yes
The limitations of the engine actually make the level design shine more.w7n16 Jul 2016N/AYes
Impressive, but...Mother Kojiro15 May 20161.0No
Perfection.keithisgood24 Mar 2012N/AYes
Not feeling this one..gdoddmeta360827 Dec 2011N/ANo
One of the best SMB hacks of all timefrantik22 Jun 2008N/AYes