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    Credits Guidelines: Only direct credits for actual work should be considered for inclusion. Beta Testers and Special Thanks like credits should be omitted. This also applies to Utility Authors unless the utility was specifically designed for the project.
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    Credits Guidelines: Only direct credits for actual work should be considered for inclusion. Beta Testers and Special Thanks like credits should be omitted. This also applies to Utility Authors unless the utility was specifically designed for the project.
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Final Fantasy VI - A Soldier's Contingency (Extended Bestiary Edition)

Hack of Final Fantasy III


A Soldier’s Contingency is a comprehensive Gameplay and expansion hack for FFVI. It has been in the works for 5-years and is based on the wonderful hack by Fauntleroy/Fedorajoe titled the “General Leo Edition”. In addition to being able to recruit Leo, the whole game has a fresh new experience from start to finish while remaining faithful to the original. All the original content is still there, but with a significant overhaul and expansion. Battles should feel exciting rather than tedious. Gameplay is more challenging, but never in an unfair manner. Grinding will NOT be necessary with some good strategy.

The following is a list of features:

  • Approximately 200 new monster sprites on top of the original monsters for a total of 350 monsters
  • Optional end-game Beast hunting and some new bosses
  • Lots of new equipment, including dozens of new ultimate endgame gear
  • 50+ new battle themes
  • New alternate characters that remain faithful to the originals while adding a degree of freshness
  • The ability to recruit Leo as in the General Leo edition
  • New surprise twist for Gogo and his own set of equipment
  • Dozens of new spells and abilities and improved animations for existing spells
  • Complete Gameplay overhaul and rebalancing
  • New equipment menu that combines relics and gear
  • A surprise twist to the final Kefka fight with your party above a certain level
  • All new AI scripts for more intelligent monsters
  • 50+ user-made hacks, patches, improvements, and more included
  • Some new cutscenes
  • Pugs instead of Imps that change color based on the character
  • Some new dialog and plot twists
  • All major bugs fixed, such as vanish/doom trick, psycho cyan, the infamous Gau sketch bug, and the useless evade stat along with countless others
  • Ability to learn rages anywhere and to see which rages you are missing in Gau’s skill menu
  • Colosseum completely re-written, and the ability to control your characters
  • Re-written auction house to include more items and to be less annoying
  • Functional Umaro, complete with his own set of equipment and a brand new skill
  • New Dash function
  • Leo’s Shock overhaul, which is now limited to once per battle and will randomly choose between 3 types of shock attacks
  • New “Miracle” ability for Leo
  • Rebalancing of physical attacking vs. magic
  • Espers limited to mages
  • No more status boosts for espers to compensate for the mage-only esper system
  • Major rebalancing of characters; all of them should have a purpose for being in your group at one point or another!
  • Game-breaking attacks fixed, such as fixed dice with offering
  • Rages completely redone
  • No more missable rages; a complete list is doable
  • Many skill improvements, such as faster Bushido, A smart chainsaw that knows when to go for an instant kill, and Dance that never fails
  • New desperate attacks, including brand new desperate attacks for Umaro, Gau, and Leo.
  • More frequent desperate attacks
  • Countless other features. Far too many to list here, in fact!

Be sure to grab the full PDF guide here!

Feel free to ask questions at the FF6Hacking forum here!

Join the discussion of the hack over at Discord!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA) - NOINTRO
  • Platform: Super NES
  • CRC32: 39A8F5B4
  • SHA-1: E2E1ED5B66FB66AE0C9BAE9AD64E55E34196BFDD
  • Checksum valid: Yes
  • Patches for Headered and Unheadered included
  • Patches for both FF3 USA version 1.0 and 1.1 included



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image



ContributorType of contributionListed credit
FauntleroyHackingThe base of the hack, the "General Leo Edition"
Mike FerrellMusicMusic, coding, tutorials, and more
C-DudeHackingVarious patches, help with coding
MadsiurHackingVarious patches, help with coding

User Review Information

Better than retail, but not as good as others.

Reviewed By: FrigginNeato on 01 Feb 2023

I wish that there were some kind of middle-ground on whether you would recommend a hack to others, as I would recommend this to specific types of people. But if you’ve been playing FF6 hacks for any measure of time, this isn’t likely to dazzle you.

If you’ve never played a hack of FF6, this would likely be an amazing introduction to the potential that romhacks have to improve what the original developers couldn’t. All of the standard bugfixes are nice, and the script adjustments to include new characters and justify their reason for being there are extremely competent and feel natural.

Initially, I was really enjoying the hack. The new battle tunes were great and I recognize some solid classics from the past, and some cool 16-bit remixes of games that are newer than FF6. Giving all enemies a unique sprite was interesting for a while, but began to become hit-or-miss as the game went on, with the art style being all over the place; some of the sprite art was high-quality and looked great, while other sprites looked messy and low-resolution. And at first, I was enjoying the changes to how Espers are handled: not everyone can use them, so this promotes a more unique identity per character. The problem is that characters eventually just become a different type of one-trick pony; in the original everyone became an Ultima-spamming factory, but in this hack, they just do the best thing that their job offers.

For instance, once you get the chainsaw for Edgar, you’ll just be using that since he won’t be able to use magic. Why attempt to confuse enemies with Noiseblaster that may miss when you can just do a ton of damage instead? Gau gets a ton of new Rages and doesn’t have Leap anymore since all he has to do is be present when an enemy dies to learn their Rage? Initially that sounds great, except you’re just going to use the most powerful Rage that’s available to you every time anyway.

And then there are the changes to magic in general, with some odd choices being made. The hack author states that they’d like it to make sense that a character would be able to use magic, so only certain characters can equip Espers. But at the time of this writing, only Terra, Celes, Relm, and Gogo can use Espers. Relm, but not Strago? I tried to reason it out by assuming that the hack author thought that it was good enough that Strago had access to blue magic with his Lore skill, and they even added some new Lores, but if you’re going to restrict characters according to a philosophy, not giving *the* mage of the cast who comes from a long line of battlemages access to Espers, but allowing his inexperienced grandchild to use them, is silly. The main story arc in the first half of the game is all about the idea that Espers can grant magical powers to those who aren’t magically-attuned, so telling the majority of the cast “too bad” and only making 4 characters well-rounded with multiple options in combat feels awful.

All of this combined with the fact that so much World of Ruin content is geared to your characters being level 70+, with most of the interesting stuff being available once you hit level 99, is silly. You could finish the game well before that point, so it turns into grinding experience just to get over the wall to see a majority of the new content, all of which is to just get unnecessary powerful equipment just for what, bragging rights?

Ultimately, it’s a decent hack that will wow people who haven’t played many, if any hacks of the game, but the design philosophies are nonsensical and the game tilts into confusion once you get to the World of Ruin and realize that you’re just going to be walking in circles getting into endless fights just to see a few new extra sprites.

Although development has ceased on Brave New World, I’d recommend that hack to anyone looking to have a substantial new experience with Final Fantasy VI.

Version 1.02 Recommended - No

User Reviews
When the 12th time is just as good as the first.Kost11 Mar 20231.02Yes
A perfect amalgamation of vanilla and hacks!Ace_Aileron08 Mar 20231.02Yes
Great Ideas, But Needs Better ImplementationPhaxuji06 Mar 20231.02No
Starts 10/10, ends 9/10loinator23 Feb 20231.02Yes
A Very Solid FF6 Hack, Something for EveryoneLilyily21 Feb 20231.02Yes
Better than retail, but not as good as others.FrigginNeato01 Feb 20231.02No
Review of A Soldier's ContingencyChanewt30 Jan 20231.01Yes
One of the best Final Fantasy hacks.T9225 Jan 20231.0Yes