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SNES ROM Utility



Toolbox with the most common tasks for SFC/SNES ROMS, such like remove header, IPS patcher, split file and the great SwapBin function.

Latest Version 2.1: minor bug fixes and now with IPS patcher! Not as clean as LIPS however easy to use for simple patches


User Review Information

ROM must be divisible by 8Mb

Reviewed By: Ziggy587 on 02 Mar 2012

This little utility is great! For those that don’t know, it will allow you to prepare a SNES ROM for use with a 27C801 EPROM. You can remove the header, swapbin and splice all in one step! It prepares the files so that the 27C801 has a closer pinout to the SNES mask ROM (only 2 pins will differ compared to the normal 5).

In order to use the swapbin function, the ROM size must be divisible by 8Mbits! Note: 8Mbits = 1 MByte. If the ROM size is not divisible by 8Mbits, you must expand it to the next size that is divisible by 8 (8, 16, 24, 32). So if you have a 4Mbit (512KB) ROM, you need to expand it to 8Mbits (1MB). If you have a 12Mbit ROM (1.5MB) you need to expand it to 16Mbits (2MB). So on and so forth.

Use Lunar Expand to easily expand your SNES ROMs, found here:

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
ROM must be divisible by 8MbZiggy58702 Mar 2012N/AYes