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Final Fantasy V - Sound restoration and no framerate drop

Hack of Final Fantasy V Advance


This hack completely restores the music and sound effects from the SNES original.

The framerate drop that was introduced when porting the game to GBA is almost completely eliminated.

All 3 releases of the game (Europe, Japan, America) are supported.

A new streamed orchestral intro is optional for the European version only.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ety-ff5a.gba
  • CRC32: 7197117E
  • SHA-1: 4FC4BC7C1C3ABE9D2F9C59A3AE4172B5CB57BD2C
  • ffva.gba
  • CRC32: 7A24AB0C
  • MD5: 9ED82843CC54876362BE56FACCB15D75
  • SHA-1: 492789276EAA3E94152B143AD92F310B8A3D5366
  • wrg-ffv.gba
  • CRC32: FC7909A7
  • MD5: B8FB00C59242AFC33B1A40D0D2B94EE7
  • SHA-1: F4F6806051097C3088A5763D6D7211024FE5CC34



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User Review Information

The negatives stop JUST short of outweighing the positives.

Reviewed By: jonespianist on 31 Dec 2022

The music came out great, if a little quiet and with a slightly worse hiss. It removes slowdown too, and “The Day Will Come” is now used where it’s supposed to, so I can’t give a definite “no” to this hack. But it’s not a perfect solution if you feel the vanilla ROM sounded terrible. Because all slowdown is removed, the opening music is desynced with the visuals no matter which variant of this hack you use. This is minor though, and the orchestral variant syncs with the visuals a bit better.

The main problem I have with this hack is that half of the sound effects I’ve heard were actually WORSENED. King Tycoon’s wind drake’s cries fall apart mid-way through, one of the earthquake sounds is much louder than it should be, the “normal enemy defeated” sound effect ended up sounding bit-crushed, and every single ambience sound has lost their reverb. Granted, these are obviously not ALL the sound effects in the game, and as of this writing I’ve only gotten as far as the first visit to Carwen. These results were from the mGBA emulator, so these issues will likely be present on real hardware.

If it wasn’t for the removed slowdown, I’d say don’t bother. If you didn’t like the slowdown and/or felt the vanilla ROM’s music sounded bad, AND you can stomach the botched sound effects, then this hack is for you.

Version 3.0a Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The negatives stop JUST short of outweighing the positives.jonespianist31 Dec 20223.0aYes
Don't play the game without this.T2910 Jun 20223.0aYes
Amazing Work - Most Highly Recommended!Eselred25 Sep 2014N/AYes
Not on par with SNES tracksX-or05 Feb 20223.0aNo
A definite improvement!TheZunar12306 Sep 2014N/AYes
Good, just needs a little tweakingMalev10 Nov 2010N/AYes