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Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions Tweak

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions


War of the Lions Tweak is a balance and quality-of-life improvement mod for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, designed to make the game more fun and less annoying to play. This mod is not intended to create a wholly *new* experience - instead, its goal is an idealized version of the same game that we all know and love. Play this mod if you intend to replay FFT or experience it for the first time.

Version 2.50 was the first release to embrace game balance as a goal itself, rather than as part of QoL. It added several ASM hacks in order to even further enhance the game. V2.52 is a balance and bugfix update that adds additional optional patches as well!

The full mod source is included in the archive for those who would like to mod the mod or just snoop the ASM code.

Major features include:

  • PSP spell effects slowdown fix
  • Controllable “Guest” characters
  • JP Boost always in effect
  • Treasure Hunter always in effect and always finds the rare item
  • No missable items or spells
  • Multiplayer items are obtainable in the campaign
  • All rare (but not unique) items can be purchased at the end of the game
  • Broken and Stolen equipment can be repurchased at the Poachers’ Den
  • Poachers’ Den now opens earlier
  • Special characters can go on Errands
  • Balance pass across the game - reduced difficulty spikes, increased chapter 4 and postgame difficulty
  • Gender equality - female and male characters have the same stats and equipment access
  • ASM weapon formula improvements (axes are no longer terrible)
  • Quicker spellcasting speeds
  • Spellcasting quotes reimplemented
  • Endgame job prerequisites reduced
  • Optional Feature: Only fight random battles when you want to
  • Optional Feature: No random battle level scaling
  • …and much more!

Please consult the readme file for the details and reasoning for every change!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Use only on an unmodified US version ISO file!
  • Serial Number: ULUS-10297
  • MD5: 18d1169cefed2d5ed77a599694f2f871
  • SHA1: 5120ff66f78cfd31f6e90d8ef4be8200eca563f7
  • CRC32: 0d6a3d9f



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Very Much Worthwhile Revisit To A Beloved Classic

Reviewed By: RunningWild on 25 Dec 2022

I never played the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics all the way through, but I am a gigantic fan of the original on PSX. So playing through this mod was quite a treat for me giving me a double dose of new experiences. I liked that I actually had to strategize and prepare more than usual and couldn’t always go with my default gorilla strats stemming from the PSX version here, new balances and adjustments had me messing around and experimenting with different builds and characters, one of the most welcoming being Rafa who actually got time to shine (and not be a huge hindrance where she is a Guest).

Many of the quality of life adjustments make a lot of sense as do the new balance changes, making Knight Swords two hand only in particular because let’s be honest, those weapons were straight busted in the original, especially combined with Ninja’s Dual Wielding. The entire playthrough I was was unable to hit for damage cap at all. Monk Ramza with Bracer and a couple rounds of Scream? Nope. Even the almighty T.G Cid was unable to hit for beyond +500 after acquiring the best gear I could get for him. The closest I was able to get was through Beowulf, I’m sure if I pumped him up a bit more I’d be able to pull it off, course that means keeping him in the danger zone.

Deep Dungeon’s changes were some of the most welcome with how it progressively became more difficult as enemies got stronger+tankier, with some particularly nasty combinations of gear and abilities, and of course, that final boss fight at the end that really tested my squads mettle. In the OG I’d just have Ramza teleport straight up there to him, Chaos Blade in hand and he’d go down quick, but here I actually had to slowly wage war up that mountain to avoid getting nuked and locked down.

The final battles going into the “Necrohol” (PSP localization is still new to me) were all quite rough for me as well, especially Cletienne who proved most challenging, compared to the original where he was a mere pushover. However the final boss, the Bloody Seraphim herself Ultima felt like I just scammed her time and time again - She would not let up on targeting Alma.

Once I managed to get Alma to cast Aegis on someone, and slowly start getting everybody else buffed, that was it for her. Going into the 2nd Phase, she just would not stop trying to Dispel those buffs from my squad, and by constantly recasting Aegis on everybody, I essentially had her in an infinite loop. She did not get a chance to attack even once. A pathetic way for the final boss of the game to go, but oh well, the name of the game is Final Fantasy TACTICS and my scumbag tactics won out in the end. Being able to control Guest characters really is the best. No Rafa trying to yolo Not-Sephiroth and his Escorts, and Alma actually getting to see GAMEPLAY, even doing DAMAGE. Amazing.

That said, it was a satisfying experience and I enjoyed it very much. Bit disappointed that I apparently missed out on a couple PSP-exclusive events, but maybe next time.

Version 2.50 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Near Perfection of a Timeless ClassicMetawraith16 Jan 20232.52Yes
Under-Leveled FFT is Surprisingly Great!magictrufflez07 Jan 20232.50Yes
A Great Addition to a Great Game, But…Josephine Lithius23 Dec 20222.50Yes
Very Much Worthwhile Revisit To A Beloved ClassicRunningWild25 Dec 20222.50Yes
Best choice for QoLdarist19 Jul 20222.01Yes
Rapha probably loves you so much!paprikamayo21 Jul 20212.01Yes
Awesome tweak by a great modderseajay122120 Feb 20212.01Yes
Makes the game overall more enjoyable.TheChristoph31 Aug 20191.06Yes
Nice changesElderMateo29 Jun 2014N/AYes