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Playable Golbez Edition

Hack of Final Fantasy II


This hack alters events of the game such that Golbez joins the party after Cecil and friends destroy the Giant of Babil. The story has been tweaked so that this development makes sense in context. Edge is demoted to a non-playable character in order to make room for Golbez.

Other changes include: a modified party lineup at various points throughout the game, many new equipment and tool items, the restoration of dummied commands and spells, overall refinement of the script, and more.

We are currently on Version 3.1, the eighth release of this hack. This release only addresses bugs from previous versions.

Thank you to everyone who tries the hack!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy II (U) (V1.1)
  • Unmodified ROM CRC32: 76396414
  • Patch Applied CRC32: B92C0E06




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

A new twist to your next playthrough

Reviewed By: ShiningForceHero on 03 Feb 2012

This hack was definitely fun, but things weren’t quite what I expected, mainly the mention of the part of the author of cleaning up the script; the script was VERY similar for a large part of the game, until you hit parts that he has specifically changed for the inclusion of Golbez. I myself was expecting a bit more then that, but it could have been worse.

Another thing that could definitely use some work is a possible improvement on enemy difficulty. Since there are often some parts where you are traveling with an additional character then you normally would, it makes a game that is already not too hard really easy. I do have to say, it was definitely fun seeing Edward be my most damaging character when you get him back later.

One bug that the author should look at is that when you gain Goblin with kid Rydia, it only costs 1 MP even though it claims to cost more, making her by the far the most damaging character at the time. I would say you definitely want to look into improving the end game mini-bosses (the powerful weapon guards and whatnot in the moons core). With two characters dropping Flares and Meteos, they become extremely trivial. Also possibly buff the last boss.

Overall I would say this hack was a nice new change without making TOO many changes. I had fun playing through it and recommend someone who is looking to play through FF4 again with a slight twist, but prepare yourself for a game that’s even easier then the original.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A nice twist - but lacks difficultyXardas08 Mar 20183.1Yes
Great hack, a desire for extra difficultyCjb13741312 Dec 20173.1Yes
The FF IV Golbez Edition Rocks!Scottdj2323 Sep 20173.1Yes
Not only a romhack, but also a patch to Final Fantasy IV.thepatrickinator04 Jun 20173.0Yes
Very well doneLigeia26 Oct 2014N/AYes
A good twist on a classicNovaSurge16 Jul 2013N/AYes
A new twist to your next playthroughShiningForceHero03 Feb 2012N/AYes