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Rockman 3 JI

Hack of Mega Man 3


Use the patch on the Japanese version (Rockman 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo! (J).nes).

New weapons, new bosses and new stage layouts.

Something random.

Other changes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Rockman 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo! (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 9B8A6E2E234DEB0697A8172C83AC90DEB3B209EA
  • File CRC32: 7A6F576
  • ROM SHA-1: F8B186609BBE3AD77D294A5E07F26B7E111A5564
  • ROM CRC32: D9F1E47C



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Shuaiqi XiaoxiGraphicsCover related

User Review Information

Top Tier work with a glitchy glossy cover

Reviewed By: megarobman on 30 Nov 2022

Adong, please keep doing what you are doing. This is one of the 2 best Mega Man 3 hacks, the hacking technical abilities that you were able to achieve in this Picasso esq masterpiece made even Kujakiller say “WOW, HOW DID HE HE DO THAT” to several things you did, including the gravity and the infinite vertical scrolling stuff. Just, this is incredible…

Incredible up until Wily 3, then it’s monotonous, but not bad. Sadly, I soft locked in refights was it’s honestly my fault I soft locked if I really think about it, but I think others might make the same mistake so DO NOT pause while transitioning into the refights area.

I played the pre-release and went back and played the RHDN release of this game.

I think people just spend too much time looking at aesthetics and ignoring the incredible hacking and level design as a whole. All of the Doc Stages provide you with a different experience and new feeling stages with interesting ideas. I judge stuff level design 90% of the time from a buster only stand point. This is clearly masterful. I hate saying stuff like this, but skill is likely an issue……. @PogChampGuy╹◡╹ and I loved this. Cheap and mean enemy placement in a game like JI is part of the game design overall. But, the game literally gives you jet to start the game with, so basically anything goes and should. Top Mans weapon is invincible slide, while not as broken and ruining of the games challenge as chill slip from UH, it’s pretty nerfing of any challenge the game can provide in 8 robos if you beat them first.

I do have two other big critiques but one of them is very excuseable, if…

  1. 1-Does not use Kuja’s mm3 fix patch. However, if this is because it would have made doing the INCREDIBLE hacking impossible, it’s excusable. But the game would have been a lot more enjoyable with the QOL fixes.
  1. 2-My biggest critique is the turtle fight, but if the spikes didn’t ignore iframes the fight would be way way way too easy, if you watch my playback you can literally feel my soul leaving my body each time I would die, but I got better and learned smarter strategies, but RNG for when you can attack and when you have to eat turtle shells is tough. I think making them open up more often is the solution to that problem.

As mentioned, Wily 3 the problem is with the “set up” in the room before, not the ladder push section, to avoid spoilers. The set up room takes 9000 years to work if you don’t get it first try sometimes.

Now, the elephant in the room. Doc Shadow…

I basically first tried the “HARD” section of Doc Shadow

I’m having fun trying to beat the bonus content, you know, the optional HARDHARDHARDHARDHARDHARDHARD side that again, is OPTIONAL…this game is fantastic and gets better the more I look into it

This is a hack made for people like me and kuumba_. Please don’t tell people to stop making hacks when they may not be meant for your type of playstyle. Go play My Little Pony or Ridley X’s non-revenge series of hacks, a never ending series of rehashing mega man 1-6 and putting them into 1-6. This is trying to break new ground in mega man rom hacking, let this master do his craft, please.

Version Pre1.0/1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Top Tier work with a glitchy glossy covermegarobman30 Nov 2022Pre1.0/1.0Yes
Expectation and realitydiablo66615 Nov 20221.0No
This game feels uncasual to the playerinsectduel13 Nov 20221.0No