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Enable Scanline Interlacing Mode

Hack of Super Game Boy


The Super Game Boy is a game accessory that plays original monochrome Game Boy games as well as black Game Boy Color games using the SNES console as an input interface with audio and video output display to the TV. The focal point was allowing players finally being able to play Game Boy games on a more accessible bigger screen, as well as having the ability to assign all 4 of the monochrome palettes to a 15-BIT value.

Games could also be developed to take advantage of the additional functions of the SNES, though they were almost completely wasted in games. Most developers just opted to throw up a border and palettes that were often incomplete and weren’t very good, as well as often locking out the player from changing palettes and or controller settings. Games could allow up to 4 players to play limited modes by plugging in a SNES Multitap accessory allowing Bomberman deathmatches, Street Fighter 2 tournaments and even the more obscure turn-based board games would be setup to work without passing a single controller to other players.

A small number of games offered alternate soundtracks using the SGB sound driver, games even uploaded their custom own sound samples and that was much less common. Only one game, Space Invaders actually uploaded an early version of the game running in the SGB’s RAM. The ability to write custom hooks in both RAM and ROM were also possible though never actually used in any meaningful way.

It is possible to add scanlines and screen ghosting like the original Game Boy displays using the Super Game Boy / 2 by enabling a PPU register and interlacing bit.

Actually, it may be closer to that of the Game Boy Color interlacing display; if you’re using a palette that matches the original handheld it really looks close to the DMG Dot Matrix display, minus the blocks.

Included are patches for all known Super Game Boy / 2 regions and revisions because addresses are slightly offset between versions.

Known limitations

  • SNES sprites are not affected by mosaic settings as a result of a hardware limitation.
  • The modification is compatible with the Enable OBJ_TRN mode patch.
  • Mosaics effects do not function.
  • Space Invaders Arcade mode is also not affected because the Super Game Boy / program jumps to a new program and resets the hardware registers.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Game Boy (World) (Rev 2)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 973E10840DB683CF3FAF61BD443090786B3A9F04
  • File/ROM CRC32: 8A4A174F



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User Review Information

Just be aware of what this may look like

Reviewed By: r1ggles on 26 Nov 2022

I mean, it does what it says so recommended is both a no and a yes, but there’s some misinformation regarding this being like how it’s supposed to look like on original displays.

You’re supposed to not get any “interlacing artifacting” at all on GBC and other Gameboys.

There’s a screen voltage potentiometer that you adjust on GBC and later handhelds (including DS and 3DS), most LCD’s work this way in fact. When the voltage is not properly set you get this interlace effect, it’s especially noticeable when you wobble the screen up and down. This is not what it’s supposed to look like, you’re meant to adjust the pot until this effect is gone completely and you’re left with a solid picture even in motion, no striping effect.

(Just a few days ago I had to readjust a bunch of original screen Gameboy Colors as I was recapping and restoring them, you’ll have to go back and forth a bit, testing things in motion and moving the screen while displaying solid colors until you’ve made sure you got rid of it completely)

Just a headsup for anyone confused about this, the results of this hack will greatly vary depending on the setup you use, a CRT (which would wobble a lot if the scanline separation is high), a modern display, what type of deinterlacing algorithm is used, there’s a lot of variables. But either way the interlace striping effect is not what it’s supposed to be like.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Just be aware of what this may look liker1ggles26 Nov 20221.0No