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Pokemon Yellow - 151

Hack of Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition


Pokémon Yellow - 151 is intended for emulator players who simply want to play through the original Pokémon Yellow, complete their Pokédex 100%, and have access to the surfing beach-house. The problems with playing on emulators these days is that there are no promotional Pokémon events to go to, there is no connectivity to Pokémon Stadium, and trading across games, while possible, is not only tricky to do, but also feels totally un-natural. Many players have solved the problem by using cheat-codes to temporarily activate the ability to capture the “missing Pokémon”, but to many players it still feels unnatural and, well, like cheating.

The solutions implemented here are supposed to feel as natural as possible, where players should not feel as if they’ve cheated or that they are even playing a hack - think of this project as more of a patch. Players will have the ability to encounter all missing Pokémon in the most organic ways possible, where each encounter, trade, and shop edit has been carefully planned, with strong consideration of: where and how Pokémon have appeared in all Red, Blue, and Green games; where and how specific Pokémon have appeared in the anime series; game story; game balancing and playability

The only other liberty taken with this patch is to replace any real-world references (locations and animals) with appropriate Pokémon world counterparts. In doing so, the patch once again carefully considers main-line Pokémon game stories and has retconned the relevant new information into those replacements: The chef on the S.S. Anne has replaced the salmon on his menu, and Lt. Surge is no longer known as the Lightning American - but rest assured, Pokémon fans will be more than happy with the replacements. - any text which did not need changes has been left alone! The only other line that has changed, is that the game programmer’s computer which tells you not to mess with the code, now reveals the patch version number (Currently V3.0). Nothing else has been changed! There are no new sprites, routes, items, methods, or difficulties…

Please enjoy the ultimate vanilla Pokémon Yellow experience! Players will be able to complete the game 100% without the need for the guide. However, for those who are okay with spoilers, the included guide offers detailed information on all Pokémon locations and other edits made to the game.

Note: This update must be applied to a clean Pokémon Yellow rom. Players can continue playing with old save files as long as they take care that the new, patched 3.0 rom and their old save file have the exact same name (do not change the extension).

V3.0 UPDATE: Pikachu now learns SURF through HM03, and no longer knows SURF from the beginning of the game!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Pokemon - Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition (USA, Europe) (GBC,SGB Enhanced)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20180815-131105)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: CC7D03262EBFAF2F06772C1A480C7D9D5F4A38E1
  • File/ROM CRC32: 7D527D62



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


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User Review Information

Even recommended to those playing Pokemon Gen 1 for the first time.

Reviewed By: Incantator on 25 Nov 2022

It retains the very nature of the vanilla version but fixes all the bugs and let you become capable of capturing every Pokemon and grab the needed items. Most importantly, RazorMime’s hacks are always accompanied by detailed information of what are changed in the hacks, so you can check it for yourself before deciding whether to play this hack or not. Personally, I would even recommend this hack for those who are playing Pokemon Gen 1 for the first time; you would not miss out anything nor have a bloated experience due to all the added changes like some of other hacks out there.

This is simply one of the best Rom hacks I have ever played along with Pokemon Red Battle Factory and Final Fantasy I Restored. Highly recommended.

Version 3.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Even recommended to those playing Pokemon Gen 1 for the first time.Incantator25 Nov 20223.0Yes
Pretty fantastic hack! Though just one oddity:Greenknight900024 Jul 20223.0Yes
The ultimate way to experience the vanilla YellowPudupuda23 May 20223.0Yes
Almost exactly what I was Looking for!NordicNugz21 Mar 20211.2Yes