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Virtua Racing Deluxe ROM Editor

Game Specific


A ROM editor for Virtua Racing Deluxe (32x) that lets you make lots of changes in the game, including car performance.


  • Works on any of the 3 versions of the game (USA, Japan, and Europe), as well as the Aug 29th and Sept 5th prototype ROMs.
  • Has 4 pages/tabs: Your car, Computer controller cars, Misc options, and Transmission…
  • “Your Car”: Lets you make adjustments to any of the 3 cars in the game. You can adjust engine power, wind resistance, drifting, 2 different types of handling, and turning sensitivity. You can make your car faster, make it take turns at full speed, etc. Lots of adjustments to play around with.
  • There is also an adjustment for acceleration/deceleration that works on all 3 cars.
  • “Computer controller cars”: This page lets you adjust how fast the 15 CPU cars are (top speed). You can slow down or speed up just a few of them, or all 15. These adjustments will last for the entire race.
  • This page also has adjustments for how fast the CPU cars are at the very beginning of the race. Setting this to a lower value will make the CPU cars slower at the start of the race, so you can get out in front in 1st place. This adjustment only lasts for a few seconds at the very beginning of the race, then all of the CPU cars will go back to their normal speeds.
  • There are buttons that let you increase or decrease all of the CPU top speed values at once.
  • There is also an option for patching the CPU top speed values to all 3 difficulties (Easy/Normal/Hard), or just to Normal difficulty.
  • “Misc options”: Has adjustments for things like how much total time for races, how many laps, enabling the “Mirror Tracks” cheat (can race the tracks backwards), how much extra time you get for passing check points, etc.
  • “Transmission”: You can adjust the gear ratios for your transmission here. You can also change the number of gears in the manual transmission. Setting this to a lower value means you won’t have to shift as much, but you will have to adjust the gear ratios and increase the engine power.
  • There is an unused set of gear ratios in the ROM. This page will let you copy these unused ratios over to any of the 3 cars in the game so you can test them out and see how they work.
  • Editor has a option that lets you create a new ROM when patching. If you create a new ROM, the editor will add “Patched” to the end of your new file name, which makes it easy to find the newly patched ROM. This will also keep your original ROM safe.
  • Each page/section has buttons that show you what the normal/default values are, as well as buttons that show what the current values in the ROM are.
  • Each page/section has buttons that show you specific information for that section.
  • If any of your changes to the game aren’t working after patching your ROM, you’ll need to reset your game/emulator since some of the things that are being changed in the ROM are loaded at the very beginning of the game (number of laps, CPU top speeds, etc).


User Review Information

Finally, I can actually beat this game

Reviewed By: BulkSlash on 21 Nov 2022

I don’t know why, but I’ve always sucked at Virtua Racing in every form, the only track I can beat is the first one, so a tool to slow the AI cars down a bit without making it too easy is perfect for me. The range of options this tool provides are amazing, with control of pretty much every variable related to your own car and the AI cars you could ever want, even including stuff like gear ratios.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a fairer game (or even people who want to make it harder!)

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Finally, I can actually beat this gameBulkSlash21 Nov 20221.0Yes