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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Improved version

Hack of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin


The castle in Portrait of Ruin feels like it was used just as a main HUB, as most of the enemies were scattered into the paintings.

This hack has the purpose of improving the game by relocating most of the enemies around the main castle, making it more challenging and alive, adding more variety and keeping gameplay interesting.

As some of the music is also not the best of the DSvanias, some of the tracks were rearranged to different locations, were the mood would seems more appropriate.

Lastly, new save and exit points were added, inside the paintings and around the castle, to make it a more user-friendly game, using the most of the layout of the maps.

Besides that, is the same story and game that we all love.

Obs: The patch is in BPS format.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File Name: 0735 - Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin (U)(XenoPhobia).nds
  • ROM CRC32: 96DF4C4D
  • ROM SHA-1: 382602E3615B2282EEAD584014125E71B5B0F033



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


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User Review Information

Outstandingly bad re-arrange choices for music and enemy placement

Reviewed By: Aceearly1993 on 20 Nov 2022

I got interested by this hack’s description and summary, but as soon as I applied the patch I found I was critically wrong. The first thing noticed in this hack would be - randomly picked enemies stagged in unfitting areas as groups. This adds nothing to the games variety as the game’s map didn’t receive major changes to fit it. And it goes to a completely wrong direction from the challenging, yet fair overall tempo/flow that the original game already provided.

And for whatever reason, the hack’s author placed a copy of True Dracula in Forest of Doom, it didn’t work because if this “wild generated” True Dracula is defeated, you’re basically screwed; you can no longer beat the game normally (After defeating Dracula & Death tag, True Dracula didn’t appear. Dang!) because the game already regists True Dracula’s death flag since then.

In contrast with all these madness in early game, the enemy placement in the second half of portraits seems like the hack’s author gave up or something. They’re almost unchanged from original aside from some removal for the addon of warp portraits and save points I’ll mention below. Pretty lame I would say.

Next thing to note is the randomly added save points and warp portraits - they clashes with the structure of original rooms so badly. They even generate slowdowns when accompanied to enemies in the same rooms, it’s just straight up unpleasant and annoying.

And the Music is also shuffled so random pieces of tracks played at unfitting places, I really couldn’t get why the hack’s author made these changes to music. 0/10 Points.

The rebalance changes are next to none; in fact I found it almost untouched compared to the original. This is the saddest part of a hack like this which it proclaims to be improved according to the description.

You really won’t get anything pleasant in this hack. Go find other improvement hacks rather than this one.

Version 1.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Outstandingly bad re-arrange choices for music and enemy placementAceearly199320 Nov 20221.2No
Terrible.Luminatron15 Mar 20221.2No
A Portrait of Mismanaged IdeasJosephine Lithius27 Oct 20211.2No
Unfinishable Hack.StarWyvern16 Jul 20201.2Yes
it wasn't improvedgarvin08 Jan 20181.2No
Incredibly misguidedgauchomax26 Dec 20171.2No