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A Link to the Past Redux

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


“The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Redux” is a fork of Conn & qwertymodo’s A Link to the Past DX hack that further modifies the game to include changes to accommodate the game into the overall franchise, as well as renaming stuff badly translated and making changes for characters with official artwork not matching with the sprites/palettes in-game.

This version aims to keep consistence with the overall franchise, along with converting some of the odd palette/sprite choices that didn’t match the original artwork of the game.

A Link to the Past Redux provides two main patches (either of which can be applied without the need of the other):

  • New inventory GFX starting from version 7.0, which gives individual slots to every item, including one per each bottle and the shovel is handled as a separate and permanent item. Ocarina and Golden Bee names have been fixed manually for this too.
  • New Retranslation patch, a companion to main Redux. This patch provides a completely new and unique retranslation of the game’s script provided by the Translation Quest team that is primarily faithful to the Japanese text. (NOTE: This is an independent patch and should NOT be patched over the main Redux patch, but all optional patches should be compatible with it.)

As for the main changes for Redux:

  • Max consumables for Bombs and Arrows are now 60 for Bombs and 99 for Arrows (v7.0 and onwards)
  • Change Link’s hair and hat to closely match his original artwork.
  • Change Agahnim colours to match the original red robe and blue skin artwork.
  • Changed Uncle’s sprite to match official artwork.
  • Change the Flute’s name to Ocarina (I don’t know in what world that instrument is a flute). This includes in-game text and Credits name changed too.
  • Change the Good Bee’s name to Golden Bee.
  • Change Faerie to Fairy. This includes in-game text too.
  • Change Pegasus Shoes to Pegasus Boots. This includes in-game text too.
  • Change all the references of the “Wise Men” to “Sages”.
  • Change the layout of the Ice Palace to that of the GBA port. No more going around the entire palace just to get to the next room. As of v2.0, the Ice Palace new layout has been fixed to have 3 movable blocks in the new section. There was one movable block unused in one other Dungeon layout found in Room 240. (Why was it there?)
  • King of Hyrule now has a red outfit instead of green to match the rest of the franchise’s Kings of Hyrule (Like Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule from WW).
  • Permanent Shovel, as well as being able to dig up items with it in the overworld.
  • Skip the Title Screen sequence by pressing Start, you no longer have to wait until the Triforce and title screen finish their animation.
  • For v5.0, the final bug (palette shared between green soldiers and King of Hyrule) has been fixed. Thanks to Conn for this!
  • Uncensored changes have been included too, as well as restoring some unused content. These changes focus on restoring censored content from A Link to the Past (J) and unused content for both ROMs (U and J). Some of the new content includes:
    • Star of David for the Eastern Palace restored (From the Japanese ROM)
    • New custom hieroglyphs to mimic those of the Japanese release.
    • Sanctuary doorway restored
    • Skull Statues restored. They appear in the Skull Woods Dungeon.
    • Unused Zora sign near Zora’s Domain entrance restored.
    • First warp point has been relocated, it no longer drops you at the very beginning of the Death Mountain, but rather at the left side of the Heart Container you obtain after your first travel to the Dark World for convenience sake.

And for v7.5 and v8.0, thanks to RH user rainponcho, the bug with the Bunny palette and also the glitch with the LR Item switch for New GFX have been both fixed as well! Thank you so much, rainponcho!

Please refer to the A Link to the Past DX hack page by qwertymodo and Conn for more information on additional ASM changes over the original A Link to the Past (including L/R Item Switch).

Don’t like some of the new features? Or wish to change something that’s not included by default? Check the optional patches and customize your ROM as you see fit!

  • Disable Dash Turning: Disable the Dash Turning feature, and use the Pegasus Boots like they worked originally in A Link to the Past.
  • Enable FMV for MSU: This patch will enable the loading of the special FMV (Track 35) from the MSU files. (Please note that the hack itself ALREADY includes MSU-1 track loading, this patch simply enables the loading of that specific track #35 to avoid an issue with the game trying to always load the FMV, despite if the FMV itself exists or not in the same folder, which ends up in a 1~ minute black screen upon loading a new game.)
  • Green Agahnim: Using this will revert the color of Agahnim from Red+Blue to his original Green robe from vanilla ALttP.
  • Green Agahnim+Triforce Subtitle: Using this patch will revert the color of Agahnim from Red+Blue to his original Green robe, and also adds the new “TRIFORCE OF THE GODS” subtitle alongside it.
  • Kakariko Shortcut: Adds a shortcut to the northwest of Link’s house and southwest of Hyrule Castle that adds a lift-able rock that grants rapid access to Kakariko Village once the player obtains the Titan’s Mitt. This shortcut is inspired by the same shortcut/change that was implemented in “A Link Between Worlds”.
  • Max Bomb-Arrows Amounts: This patch changes Link default Bombs & Arrows minimum and maximum amounts to be 20 to 99 for Bombs, and 30 to 99 for Arrows.
  • Mirror Works in Both Worlds: This patch allows the Mirror to travel from both the Light and Dark Worlds (Light - Dark & Dark - Light), making it so that Link can travel between them at will, instead of only being able to use the Mirror to travel from Dark - Light World.
  • Move Blocks Indefinitely: Gives Link the ability to move blocks (that can be moved) several times.
  • Original Pink Hair Link: This patch reverts Link’s new blonde hair to the original pink hair he had.
  • Original Bomb-Arrows Amounts: This patch reverts Link default Bombs & Arrows minimum and maximum amounts to be those of the original ALttP, those being 10 to 50 for Bombs, and 30 to 70 for Arrows.
  • Remove Low Health Beep: Completely remove the constant beeping that plays when you’re low on hearts.
  • Start at Full Hearts: Makes Link spawn with a full set of hearts upon save load.
  • Triforce of the Gods Subtitle: Using this will change the subtitle in the title screen from “A LINK TO THE PAST” to match the original Japanese subtitle of “TRIFORCE OF THE GODS”.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 6D4F10A8B10E10DBE624CB23CF03B88BB8252973
  • File/ROM MD5: 608C22B8FF930C62DC2DE54BCD6EBA72
  • File/ROM CRC32: 777AAC2F



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
ShadowOne333HackingMain Redux project and hacking
qwertymodoOriginal HackingALttP DX Original Creator
ConnOriginal HackingALttP DX Original Creator & New GFX
SCDOriginal HackingUncensoring contribution
KazutoOriginal HackingZelda 3 Max Consumables Fix Hack
rainponchoHackingBunny palette & LR Item Switch for New GFX fixes
Chicken KnifeScript Editing/RevisionFrom Translation Quest, new Retranslation work based on the Japanese script
DattebayoScript Editing/RevisionFrom Translation Quest, new Retranslation work based on the Japanese script
nejimakipiyoScript Editing/RevisionFrom Translation Quest, new Retranslation work based on the Japanese script
PowerPandaHackingKakariko Shortcut, Title Screen Skip, Shovel Treasures and Start at Full Hearts hacks

User Review Information

Hard to go back to vanilla ALttP

Reviewed By: d0k3 on 12 Nov 2022

This hack prompted me to write my first ever review on this site. I’m just in the process of finishing my v10.1 run, and apart from one minor issue (more below), I found no problems with ALttP Redux.

Good stuff: Improved UI, censorship removed, some minor graphical improvements (Link’s hair color, Agahnim’s robe, etc), (optional, highly recommended) retranslation and lots of stuff I probably forgot about. All changes feel natural to the game. After playing this, it’s hard to go back to the original game.

One minor issue: I see no indicator whatsoever for the 1/2 magic meter upgrade. Was this forgotten?

Some more ideas for future versions:

There are still some annoyances left. A removed 999 rupee limit would be nice, as this game tends to fill your rupee stock quickly, and then you will lose lots of $$$ by not using your rupees quick enough.

The digging game heart piece is a well known annoyance. It is known it can only be gotten after digging at least 25 holes, and even then the chance is roughly 3%. Maybe remove the 25 hole requirement?

It would be nice (and would remove some repetitive tasks) if we could throw in 100 rupees a time in the well if wishes.

Also, there are several cases where a room must be exited and reentered tons of times for repetitive tasks, the well if wishes, the two fairy fountains, the digging game and the treasure game being several cases. Maybe these rooms can be reset without exiting? As for the well if wishes / fairy fountains, maybe the process of throwing in several things could be streamlined?

Version 10.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Best Vanilla ALttP HackEligames200917 Dec 202210.1Yes
Hard to go back to vanilla ALttPd0k312 Nov 202210.1Yes
One for the ages..above and beyond..the definitive Link to the PastNintenja09 Sep 202210.1Yes
What a blessingphils3r19 Aug 202210.0Yes
Remember to apply the "Disable Dash Turning" optional patch.T9210 Jul 20229.3Yes
All the Reviews are TrueTRIFORCE8925 Jan 20229.1Yes
Issue with Chest Minigame in Dark WorldMega_Mega_X14 Dec 20219.1Yes
The perfect way to play the gamebudtzcbs@gmail.com06 Nov 20219.1Yes
This is perfectYoshiWhite6204 Nov 20219.1Yes
Brilliant!TmDobbin27 Oct 20219.0Yes
Love the CollaborationJack_Vincent1322 Oct 20219.0Yes
Absolutely fantastic, what the game should have been at releaselinktothepast20 Oct 20219.0Yes
Most definitive way to play ALttPDazh25 Sep 20218.3.1Yes
This is the Way to do a Redux!Ziko19 Mar 20218.3Yes
A great hack with just a bit butdolmonm31 May 20208.1Yes
My new "go-to" versionlightninghunter17 Aug 20188.1Yes
A perfectly understated revisionChicken Knife05 Feb 20188.1Yes
A Vastly Better ExperienceShade Aurion08 Feb 20188.1Yes
Simply fantasticTruner31 Aug 20178.0Yes
A Link to the Past: Redefined for a Modern GenerationShockwaveS0828 May 20178.0 (New GYes
Cherry on top of the cakeBallz04 Feb 20176.1Yes
Minor changespuzzledude29 Oct 20165.1No
Great stuffspiffy04 Feb 20163.2Yes