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Mighty Final Fight for 2 players

Hack of Mighty Final Fight


Mighty Final Fight for 2 players

  • 2P is able to control the enemies.

2P can press SELECT to change the person that would be controlled.

  • 2P can use all the enemies’ skills, including the laugh of the final boss.

In particular, the kiss skill of the boss3 is made to be a passive skill.

  • There will be an arrow at the bottom of the screen for displaying the position of 2P.

If 2P stand outside the screen, the arrow will stay at the corresponding edge of the screen.

  • 1P can change the leading role (Cody-Guy-Haggar-Cody…) by pressing SELECT+UP (SELECT must be the previous key).

This is valid when the leading role is under control and standing on the ground.

This will clear your current EXP.

  • 1P can press SELECT+RIGHT (SELECT must be the previous key) to jump to the next arena.

This is valid when the leading role is under control and standing on the ground.

  • 1P and 2P can exchange the joypad. That means 1P controls the enemies and 2P controls the leading role.

1P or 2P press SELECT+LEFT (SELECT must be the previous key) to do this.


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Filename: Mighty Final Fight (USA)
  • File MD5 1355ECCCE09D3E9554FF9120387F64B0
  • File SHA-1 1BB410BC457694FE3109791B6BE8F75BF157B8C8
  • File CRC32 15EB0BEE
  • ROM MD5 BE4670792B17C74EECF3A0E7F37ECFE2
  • ROM SHA-1 CC5BAC121D94B23D7581F4F443DD42F6CFE8EB67
  • ROM CRC32 3F78037C



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User Review Information

Very fun to play with

Reviewed By: Persephone on 06 Nov 2022

This game is great. However, I don’t know why there is no difficulty selection because this game will either go easy if you know how to play or becomes too hard if you’re beginner or playing it for the first time.

Yeah, at least before this hack comes. With this hack, now the enemies or even bosses can be controlled by second player. Even an experienced player will get surprised because any strategies they usually did no longer works here anymore. Especially about the boss patterns, imagine if they can roaming freely punching / slashing you repeatedly anywhere now instead of just move from side to side in the whole fight.

A few days ago, I was playing it on my mobile phone using Multiness emulator. I was creating a room on public server with title “PRESS SELECT TO CONTROL ENEMIES”. After beating several enemies on stage 1 and reaching the first boss (Thrasher), suddenly there is someone joining my room. And guess what? Thanks to my room’s name, now he takes control of all enemies and bosses.

When playing as basic thugs, he’s not much of problem. When controlling Andore or knife thrower enemy, sure he gives me hard times, but not much. As for Thrasher and Samurai boss, I can still manage to beat him (although I lost some lives on Samurai battle)

When play as Abigail (the third boss), this is where my journey ends. That spamming punch, and freaking kiss attack, he was kicking my ass without mercy. And I don’t have a choice but to say goodbye to him :D

Sure I will recommend this MOD, especially with my method above. Once again, the difficulty of this game is manageable, but whenever someone else joining your room and takes control the enemy, this is where the difficulty suddenly changes :)

Version 4.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very fun to play withPersephone06 Nov 20224.4Yes