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F-Zero ZX Overdrive

Hack of F-Zero X


  • Download F-zero (USA).z64 and CajeASM from to patch the rom with F-zero ZX Overdrive.s

    You can use any F-zero romhack to apply the mods but the insane difficulty would be kind of unplayable because is for the vanilla maps seing most of the time cpu fall down of the maps

    If you are curious, you can check the code in the file with visual studio code


    Use any emulator with jabo 1.7+, GLideN64 4+ graphic plugins, some others have issues with new machines

    It might crash on console due to LOD


    This hack is focused in 2000km/h+ races, custom stats, new stats and new machines


    The new difficulty insane is the best challenge for veteran players You will need only S stats machines and even with max stats is going to be hard to reach the 1st place, cpu has sss+ stats with improved AI that means they can hit anyone unlike before that they focused only on 2-3 rivals, they make a lot of damage have a lot of energy,and they can reach 2500 to 3000km/h easily without falling from the map

    Also cpu can fly like speed runners in almost every map

    You can select this difficulty from the beginning but you can’t do much till you get about 10 points minimum

    Scroll down from the difficulty menu till the Insane text become bigger and you will be able to play it

    There is not cups to win for this, is just for enjoying the new stats and extreme speed

    Novice would be a tough tutorial but once you get points, it become easier


    the stats selector wil help to get stats upgrades, machines and boosters You can unlock points by getting cups (20 points max)


    speed and energy are stats now being rank E the worst and SSS the best

    (SPEED base)

    • speed rank E go from 700km to 750km
    • speed rank D go from 750km to 800km
    • speed rank C go from 800km to 850km
    • speed rank B go from 850km to 900km
    • speed rank A go from 900km to 1000km
    • speed rank S go from 1000km to 1100km
    • speed rank SS go from 1100km to 1200km
    • speed rank SSS go from 1200km to 1300km

    (SPEED scaling with BOOST)

    • speed/boost rank E go from 700km to 800km
    • speed/boost rank D go from 800km to 900km
    • speed/boost rank C go from 900km to 1000km
    • speed/boost rank B go from 1000km to 1200km
    • speed/boost rank A go from 1200km to 1400km
    • speed/boost rank S go from 1400km to 1600km
    • speed/boost rank SS go from 1600km to 1800km
    • speed/boost rank SSS go from 1800km to 2000km

    energy rank E make the machine explode faster if you get hit, crash or use the boost power about 5 times, and rank SSS make the machine use the boost power about 20 times and very bulky this last one only in default difficulties


    There are 3 new machines added for Captain Falcon You can select them by changing the body stat


    There are over 255 colors to select now There are a lot of booster combinations for modding the machines You can select them by changing the boost stat

    • 1 mini booster rank E
    • 1 big booster rank D
    • 2 mini boosters rank C
    • 2 big boosters rank B
    • 3 mini boosters rank A
    • 3 big boosters rank S
    • 4 mini boosters rank SS
    • 4 big boosters rank SSS

    The widescreen and black bars remover is enabled only in race The level of detail is improved that means that all the maps are rendered from the beginning , so you will see all stuff from the distance


    I’m going to add more machines for other characters in the future, and maybe maps aswell so stay tuned!!



    • Fix black screen in trophy scene


    • Fix 0 points bug by progressing with some ships

    ROM / ISO Information:

    • Database match: F-Zero X (USA)
    • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo 64 (v. 20210220-053642)
    • File/ROM SHA-1: 5F658E88FFA9DE23CBA6986A8FD3D3A90D7B4340
    • File/ROM CRC32: B561FBA



    RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


    ContributorType of contributionListed credit
    F-Zero NexusProductionSupport

    User Review Information

    As a fanmade video homage said: Intensity rating: 10 stars!

    Reviewed By: bingoboingo on 01 Nov 2022

    This one is AWESOME!

    Due to the Aero GPX demo release I checked here to see whether any new mod for F-Zero X had been created and came to find: yup e.g. this one.

    Aero GPX might even have gotten its idea of more aggressive opponents from this hack here!

    I love that even Novice difficulty is a real challenge now.

    I have beaten (albeit a narrow first place) Jack with Astro Robin and was a bit sad that I can only allocate the point on upgrading that machine.

    This seems to make lots of machines useless it appears to me (then again I never was a skilled slider always leaning more to top speed and good grip). EDIT: “I forgot about the X cup and how cheesable that can be, so this hack’s author thought of everything, while I clearly did not on first impression. I bet way more with the Astro Robin by now it gets easier for a while. But INSANE difficulty surely is insane indeed. This is an outrageous, glorious hack for F-Zero X, I totally love it. Neckbreaking speeds. Here is the Expert run of Jack but the one below may be less boring to watch. ”

    Iron Tiger and Hyper Speeder seem to be valid choices, too.

    The fact that much more wreckages make the tracks more dangerous also shed some light on why Aero GPX might have opted to separate boost from health (in addition to the nice choice of reload strips).

    It is more of a gamble here to boost in the beginning (until you can up body or energy I guess, but overall speed seems to be the most important stat to allocate your points to till maxed out on each race [unless you always want to really challenge yourself]).

    F-Zero X always was a high-risk exciting and challenging futuristic racer in singleplayer, but this romhack manages to add to that in spades!

    What a labor of love. How could this get topped? A split screen GP or CPU filling up to 30 racers on VS races maybe (one can dream).

    A failed attempt at Novice Jack with Baba (recorded with 50FPS although played at ~60 i.e. it was more smooth; also renderer is slightly broken) while it lasts here:

    Version 1.0.2 Recommended - Yes

    User Reviews
    As a fanmade video homage said: Intensity rating: 10 stars!bingoboingo01 Nov 20221.0.2Yes