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Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon

Game Boy

Game Description:

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon is an role playing game for the Game Boy.

Translation Description:

English patch. Note: ChangeV no longer has free time for the project anymore. Most of the works was done by his brother JawsV. Here’s the changelog:

  • ver. 009m Event/Request 5 ( door of heart ) / all menu and stuff
  • ver. 008 townspeople / misc fix
  • ver. 007 Event/Request 11 ( Hammer )
  • ver. 006 Event/Request 10 ( Tina )
  • ver. 005 Event/Request 4 ( monster fish )
  • ver. 004c Event/Requests 1 ( Arisa ), 8 ( Funk ), 2 ( Gourmet )
  • ver. 003a until ( Arche )
  • ver. 002 until ( leaving house )
  • ver. 001 until ( user control )
  • ver. 000 until ( intro )

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Tales of Phantasia - Narikiri Dungeon (Japan) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible)
  • CRC32: 725CF31C
  • MD5: A3C65D746E0E171843E9013E8D8E1021
  • SHA-1: EF322F4160CEEBD8DA67758EBD73225190AF6D23



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


User Review Information

A much appreciated translation

Reviewed By: drcouzelis on 03 Oct 2022

Thank you SO MUCH for making this translation! I bought a copy of this game when I was in Japan, hoping to work my way through it with a dictionary, but was quickly confused by what was happening in the story and the gameplay. With this translation I was finally able to figure out what was going on and start enjoying the game.

Also, it turns out I wasn’t just confused because of my lack of skill with Japanese… the story of this game is done in a very unique second person format (”You find two children…”, “That was very, very surprising!”) instead of the usual format where you are the characters on the screen.

The translation is not 100% complete, there are still small menu items and things that are in Japanese so a basic knowledge of the language will help, but because of this translation the game is finally playable by a non-Japanese speaker. Thank you!

Version 009m Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A much appreciated translationdrcouzelis03 Oct 2022009mYes