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Pokemon Crystal Graphics Fix for Goomba Color

Hack of Pokémon: Crystal Version


Fixes graphical glitches in Pokemon Crystal that occur when running the game through Goomba Color (

Credit to kmatzen and Sakitoshi for creating this fix based on disassembly by pret (


Tested on Goomba Color 2019-05-04 in mGBA and on EZ Flash Omega.

Additional comparisons:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe) (Rev 1)
  • SHA-1: F2F52230B536214EF7C9924F483392993E226CFB
  • CRC32: 3358E30A
  • Patch: pokecrystal11_goomba_color.ips
  • Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe)
  • SHA-1: 05B035D7B410BB006130CD92C4B52F01921C83B0
  • CRC32: EEBF62AE
  • Patch: pokecrystal_goomba_color.ips




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Neat change, although...

Reviewed By: ShadowOne333 on 15 Aug 2022

Good and nice change to make Pokémon Crystal finally work on the Goomba Color emulator, more so that the EZ Flash users can enjoy this title without much trouble.

Aside from that (and not to diminish in any extend the work by the author), I have to bring up to the attention of the author that the emulator Goomba Color has been forked and continued over at GBATemp, and one of the updates fixing Pokémon Crystal’s graphical corruption:

Still though, for those using the older version of Goomba, they can enjoy this little patch and continue gaming on their Goomba emu ;)

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Neat change, although...ShadowOne33315 Aug 20221.1Yes