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Castlevania: Dawn of Dissonance - A Juste Story Mode Hack

Hack of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


Castlevania Dawn of Dissonance is a Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow romhack aiming to modify most of the games content. There is a new story, new items, sprites, weapons, music, and most of the castle was modified in both small and big ways. Set 8 years after his last adventure, join Juste Belmont and his companions as they work to unravel the plot of the Bartley family.

3/6/2022 Update 1.0.6 is on its way. The author recommends holding off until then considering the recent feedback :)


  • This is first and foremost a difficulty hack
  • Belnades Blood Edition differences are in the patch notes.
  • Lvl 1 Mode patches are now available in the download (Patch to a vanilla DoS rom)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: DS (all) (v. 20210227-111036)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 47530FF87E608F88105A314FDF36DC385F8DEC94
  • File/ROM CRC32: 135737F6




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
LagoLunaticOriginal HackingDsvedit
OerstedProductionSome help with portraits and beta testing
Dev AnjProductionCustom Armips patches, Beta testing, feedback.
Masked DededeHackingMany Contributions
Fat T-800 Albert "Edvard"DesignSprite edits, inspiration, beta testing.

User Review Information

Too Much Memes, Too Little Substance

Reviewed By: RunningWild on 09 Aug 2022

I’m not the biggest fan of Dawn Of Sorrow, but this hack left a bad taste in my mouth. Dawn Of Sorrow had some of my favorite music in the DS trilogy, and while I don’t mind having tracks from both Portrait and Order in here, some of the arrangements of non-Castlevania music tossed in there like from Mega Man Zero, Persona, and Final Fantasy just straight up does not belong.

Some of the new arranged Harmony music isn’t bad, but then the inclusion of things like the use of Albus’ boss fight theme from Order as the standard boss music, it just doesn’t fit well, but the biggest offender imo goes to the final boss music with Menace… I dunno what that is from, but all the intense excitement from that fight that syncs with Piercing Battle Fury is just gone and it made me sad.

Gameplay wise… it’s not too different from your standard Dawn, Juste gets books from Portrait Of Ruin to boost his magic abuse, but like Soma, a speedy sword weapon (or even whips since he is a Belmont afterall) is generally ideal for dealing with just about everything. The name changes to many soul abilities can get very confusing during the playthrough, especially if you’re trying to Synthesis new weapons because then it gets difficult remember which mob drops which spell since the soul abilities use a different name than the monster that drops it generally, also some mobs will give you a completely different ability than what they had originally. For example, in the Underwater Cavern, there is that long room with spikes submerged underwater, you needed the Soul from the pair of skeletons carrying around a skull pillar to reach the other side. However in this hack, they do not give you that soul ability, so I never bothered exploring that area completely during my first visit.

The story is pretty much just like Dawn but everybody gets replaced. Juste is our hero obviously, Lydie takes the place of Mina, your love interest, Maxim takes over Hammer’s job as the merchant (and is probably one of the more interesting characters because he’s so damn horny), Sophia is just a Yoko re-color and isn’t too different overall, while Sonia Belmont from Castlevania Legends is reestablished as Juste’s disciple, and current master of the Vampire Killer having succeeded him, as well as functioning as Julius did in Dawn. Then Alucard… he’s Alucard.

The baddie trio of the game are just re-written recolors, with Dmitrii being re-colored into Graham from Aria Of Sorrow, on top of sharing his portrait (Which becomes very disturbing after his boss fight). Basic story is instead of trying to get a new Dark Lord Candidate through Dmitrii and Dario, Dmitrii is now the father of the cult leader Celia (Now re-named Cecilia, with green hair) and wants the power of Chaos for himself, while Dario (Now Darius) is basically the same stupid gorilla he was in Dawn, but made to be more co-operative to the others.

Where this game really goes to hell honestly is the amount of memeing with referencing other games, most notable Metroid, Zelda, and even Mario. In terms of difficulty, if you’ve beaten Dawn Of Sorrow before once or twice, this shouldn’t be hard. The hardest part was fighting the Crow Man boss, they relocated him and in his room are spiked ceiling traps, which hurt alot, so you really gotta respect his space and dodge. After that though, fairly standard experience, although as mentioned before, there are some frustrating mob placements throughout the game and simple room layout changes such as platforms, addition of spikes and traps, etc, can prove to be quite a hindrance. The final stretch of the game especially starts to wear itself thin I eventually reached a point where I stopped caring about trying to avoid stuff and just push hard past everything.

Overall, I feel like this hack doesn’t do enough interesting things, may as well stick to playing vanilla Dawn Of Sorrow (With the Definitive Edition hack of course!). Also should mention alot of the new bonus weapons are really insane… especially the Siryu Book lmao.

Version 1.0.5 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Too Much Memes, Too Little SubstanceRunningWild09 Aug 20221.0.5No
The Presentation Is Awesome, But...Rexius5505 Mar 20221.0.5No
Fanfic + meh level edit + somewhat interesting weapon modshugojmaia06 Dec 20211.0.5No
Could save Juste Belmont from obscurityjm10288718 Nov 20211.0.5Yes
Awesome hack!!METAZERO17 Oct 20211.0.5Yes
One of the best game hacks I've ever played.angico21111 Oct 20211.0.5Yes
This Hack it's a work of love for Castlevania Fansfer32xX02 Sep 20211.0.5Yes
One of, if not, the best DoS hack out there.Masked Dedede21 Jun 20211.0.3aYes
The Harmony of Dissonance sequel we never got.Cyiatic16 May 20211.0.2Yes
I really wanted to recommend this hack BUT...Aceearly199303 Aug 20211.0.2No
Greatest DS Castlevania to Date!StarWyvern27 Apr 20211.0.2Yes
A+++ hack. Very enjoyable experience!NetherSpecter18 Apr 20211.0.2Yes
Ah sequel we never hadAnoram17 Apr 20211.0.2Yes
A masterpiece made out of love for CastlevaniaDeviousB11 Apr 20211.0.2Yes
So good that I got addictedrafaelhelano07 Apr 20211.0.1Yes
What a great hack!Hect0r07 Apr 20211.0.1Yes
A Small Fan-Made RomHack is a complete Understatement!Oersted03 Apr 20211.0.0Yes
Beginning of Something WonderfulVK221203 Apr 20211.0.0Yes