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Recent Updates


Level Editors


Zelda 3 dungeon editor and overworld possibility to edit almost everything related to the dungeons, tiles sprites, palettes, chests, etc…

3.0.2 Update

• fixed the text editor [K] wait for key disappearing on save

3.0.1 Update

• fixed toolbox being inside eachother issue and updated to 3.0.1 was not possible to edit sprites key drop or subtype

3.0.0 Update

• lots of bug fix, lots of changes, lots small things you probably won’t notice

2.8.7 Update Many new things from the 2.5 version • A lot of bugs fixes • Basic Triforce/crystal editor • Screens Editor • Many new others features!

2.5 Update • Can edit the overworld and many others things

2.1 Update

New Features:

• All windows in Window menu are now using custom windows

• By mouse hovering/right clicking the map you can see a preview for the room

• You can use arrows to open adjacent rooms

• You can export cgram palette to a .pal format (yy-chr)

• Room tabs now have X to close them

Bugs Fixes:

• Door save on layer2 fixed

• Closing all room tabs crash fixed

• multi-Selecting object through mask object fixed

• Headered ROM are now working

• a bug happening when copy pasting multiple time *mostly fixed

• Room objects save are using Expanded ROM too now (start at 0×120000 search for 0×00 bytes)

• Some objects names has been changed

• Some useless confusing menu got removed from right click


User Review Information

Already a lot better than Hyrule Magic

Reviewed By: Hiro-sofT on 01 Jul 2022

I can only repeat what already has been said. Generally it’s easy to build dungeons, make changes in the layout and its cool how much you can already do with it. I also love the graphics editor as I never got zcompress to work back then for some strange reasons. Even making your own titlescreen or dungeon maps is possible with this tool (even as far as editing the sword graphic on the title logo, which is normally a sprite object), which is impressive.

However, I also wanted to report a thing I noticed, apparently it seems to be an issue with the editor but maybe someone else can back me up on this:

If you save a rom with this editor, it will mess up the music in the dark world areas in the game and set them mostly to “beginning” and “rain fall”. This happened to my alttp projects i worked on in this editor and even just putting in a vanilla rom, changing one thing, saving and look back at it. Trying to manually fix this inside the editor just sets it back, as if it never saved it before. The most obvious area to test this is the pyramid area you get to after the first agahnim fight. Usually leaving the area to the right causes the wrong song to play (as the song playing there at first is hardcoded into the spawning code).

I was looking around if there is something like a discord server or anything where you could report or mention issues like this but my search in the internet for something like that did not lead me to anything of that sort, so I thought this might be the next best place for it, seeing how the editor is also being updated over here.

I look forward to all the new versions and updates to this, as making an alttp romhack was always something I would love to do, and this editor already shows a lot of promise.

Version 3.0.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Already a lot better than Hyrule MagicHiro-sofT01 Jul 20223.0.2Yes
The Best Editor I Have Ever Worked WithLetterbomb09 Jun 20223.0.2Yes
Just...wowgravitygoesup122 Dec 20202.5Yes