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Pac-Mania arcade style tiles/sprites/colors

Hack of Pac-Mania


Pac-Mania was ported to many systems. Early ports like the one to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive where visually quite different from the original version. This hack aims to change that:

  • arcade sprites have been converted to fit into the systems colorspace
  • backgrounds have been redrawn to looks closer to the arcade version
  • colors have been improved, giving the game a brighter, more saturated and friendlier look

Please note: the PAl release is the same NTSC-U ROM file with just different labeling. The IPS patch works thus works with both region versions.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Pac-Mania (U) [!].bin (GoodGen 2016-01-31)
  • CRC-32 74BBA09B
  • SHA-1 E21546F653607D95F2747305703DDD6BF118F90A
  • SHA-256 89CDA8498FD4C80B6C8A509FE38D03004EE5CC3102545A572FF7564E3B8FF9C7
  • MD-5 2256F31FF48F93A5E2F1D03F13C0F024




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User Review Information

(Nearly) Perfect!

Reviewed By: cornholio309 on 27 Jun 2022

After hearing that the Genesis port of Pac-Mania offered a ‘Pac-Booster’ mode that sped up the general flow of gameplay by making Pac-Man faster, I was curious to give this port a shot.

While the Genesis port is otherwise excellent and offers more customization than the original arcade release, the visuals leave a lot to be desired. The well done dithering shading on the original sprites for all the objects is noticeably absent. Pac-Man’s sprite in the unpatched version for instance has very inconsistent shading that causes him to noticeably ‘blink’ often. There are some slightly odd color choices that just make the game feel darker. It’s not awful, but considering how pleasant the original looked, it’s a little disappointing this is probably the biggest thing holding the port back.

This patch does an amazing job at overhauling the visuals and they look extremely close to the arcade release now. The game feels much more vibrant, and there are few things that look different. The biggest issue is the ghosts looking ‘up’ when Pac-Man jumps being absent, though that fault lies on the Genesis port rather than the effort displayed here. I’d say this is perhaps the best way to play Pac-Mania, even when compared to the arcade original. The Booster and Difficulty settings gives the game more replay value to the average joe, and are great if you pretty religiously used to play Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man in the arcade with the speedup hack. Highly recommended!

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
(Nearly) Perfect!cornholio30927 Jun 20221.00Yes
EssentialTRIFORCE8909 Aug 20201.00Yes
Much Improved VisualsFreightMan7121 Dec 20171.00Yes
Pacmania on Genesis now looks just like the original arcade version!thepatrickinator04 Dec 20161.00Yes