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Vay: Battle rate reduction

Hack of Vay


This hack reduces the random battle encounter rate in Vay and Vay Unworked.

There are multiple patch files included as well as a Python-based patch program.

Each patch file divides the battle rate with a certain amount. Apply the desired rate file - the bigger the number - the smaller the encounter rate - or use the python patcher.

Vay patches are in .ips format for 2048 byte/sector and 2352 byte/sector image files.

Vay Unworked patches are in .xdelta3 and .ups format due to the changes being moved into an offset 16MB in the image files.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Vay (USA) (Track 01).bin:
  • File/ROM SHA-1: E2C9D8438CEF364D31D7FFEE2DF5894E09168572
  • File/ROM CRC32: 1D9BE2B9




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User Review Information

Combined with the Unworked Patch, this is the definitive way to play Vay!

Reviewed By: Escaeva on 22 Jun 2022

Vay is an game for people who enjoy a really classic, cliche, but well put together RPG.

The biggest stain on both the Japanese and English release is the TERRIBLE encounter rate. It’s way too high!

This patch fixes that and gives you many options depending on your preference.

Personally I found the 04 multiplier to be the sweet spot, but 08 would work well for people who want even more breathing room.

The other controversy surrounding Vay was that working designs CRANKED up the difficulty, item prices, and added some “unqiue” scenarios like the infamous ‘Gold Vortex’. Most of these changes just result in the need to grind A LOT.

The unworked patch converts the game back to it’s original Japanese difficulty (still a good challenge)

Combined with this patch, Vay is actually much MUCH more enjoyable.

Highly recommended!

And the programming work here is great, you have lots of options of HOW to patch and which patch to use.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Combined with the Unworked Patch, this is the definitive way to play Vay!Escaeva22 Jun 20221.1Yes
Makes the game much more tolerablevic_viper_00116 May 20221.0Yes