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Super Castlevania IV No Candles Mod

Hack of Super Castlevania IV


Super Castlevania IV - No Candles Mod

Removed all candles from the game, resulting in a much more difficult game.

You will always have to play with the short whip and no sub weapons.

All breakable blocks are still remained so there will still be some meat to grab.

You can use Lunar IPS to apply the patch to a US version of the game.

This is meant to be free and never sold. The patch only contains my edits and nothing copyright. Please make sure you follow your local laws.

Please report if you see any bugs.

Mod made by Ralle.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Super Castlevania IV (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 684C1DFAFF8E5999422C24D48054D96BB12DA2F4



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


User Review Information

Game breaking bug at stage 7-1

Reviewed By: timeisup on 18 Jun 2022

As other reviewers pointed out, you take this challenge on your own, but I think it’s nice to not have the temptation. When playing this way you have no choice but to go powerless. Also as someone else pointed out there is a candle in stage 2-3, which is inconsequential as it drops a money bag, but the bone dragons in stage 3-3 drop whip upgrades. Not a big deal as they can be avoided or you can take them and still do a whip only run only as long as you can keep it. This leads to the last problem that breaks the game. Stage 7-1, the library, the staircase room that leads to the armory is curiously empty of the book enemies but worse when you descend the final staircase you simply drop off the screen and die. Until this is fixed this is essentially useless as you would be better off doing a no candle run the old fashioned way. The password to stage 8 will allow you skip past this of course, but you won’t be able to do a full play though.

I am tempted to see if this can be patched along with the Practice hack which allows you to disable deaths from pits and see what happens. I’m guessing the game will just get stuck as it often did there too until the time ran out.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Game breaking bug at stage 7-1timeisup18 Jun 20221.0No
Interesting, but it has some bugs.Allerius21 Nov 20161.0No
What's the point?dACE16 Aug 20161.0No