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Phantasy Star III - Knife Only Challenge

Hack of Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom


This is an extremely challenging ROM hack where the only usable weapon is a knife. I verified that it is in fact possible to defeat Dark Force with knives before creating it.

Created with Aridia - Phantasy Star III ROM editor.


  • Knife is the only weapon that can be equipped by anyone.
  • Every character can equip a knife.
  • Weapon shops only sell knives.
  • Melee techniques removed from characters.
  • Melee techniques removed from items.
  • Characters’ initial weapon replaced with a knife (except Legendary weapons which are in the inventory but not equipped).

An HTML Readme can be accessed on this link here -

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star 3 - Generations of Doom (UE) [!].bin
  • CRC32: C6B42B0F
  • MD5: 82C7BC027685CC8FC6C9E077BEB1A75A
  • SHA-1: 59D4914E652672FD1E453C76B8250D17E8CA154E
  • SHA-256: CB837A2B10B8D219D844A55D8EC25581A57152F5EE8361AB62389354170A21D5




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Hugues JohnsonHacking

User Review Information

Challenge? More like worthless...

Reviewed By: obscurumlux01 on 23 Jul 2011

I’d usually write up a lengthy or witty review but my heart really isn’t into it this time around.

To be blunt, this is a fairly shoddy effort and not worth the time, even if you’re curious.

You want more? OK…Knives, yay (louder!).

Dear goodness, now I’m making MLP references to liven things up here. That’s how dreary of a hack this is. It’ll bore you to tears as you die over and over with nothing but an endless grind ahead of you just to get past the most basic of mobs until you outlevel and can overpower them through sheer attrition. Pack plenty of healing items and go to town, then recharge after each battle, rinse and repeat until you stop dying all the time (which will take forever).

I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like fun or challenging, just dreary and frustrating. To each, their own I guess.

The author got one thing right, it is definitely a difficult challenge to get through this game with only a knife but I doubt if the author bothered to play through it completely as claimed. If such a feat was done legitimately, why not an LP on YouTube it to brag? Its not every day you see something like that especially in a game of this caliber.

It isn’t listed here, but Google for the Phantasy Star 3 rom hack called ‘Nial Edition’ by ‘TheKromede’ (author of many other awesome PS hacks). The Nial Edition hack is far superior to something like this by leaps and bounds. Get the version that’s on the Phantasy Star Cave, that one seems to work better with most roms.

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Challenge? More like worthless...obscurumlux0123 Jul 2011N/ANo