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Final Fantasy Legend III: Lunacy

Hack of Final Fantasy Legend III


This ROM hack makes one simple but profound change to the game - it makes it so, every time a character levels up, he or she will transform randomly into any race that they could have been at that level. The player must react on the fly to a party composition that fluctuates wildly not just from one dungeon to the next, but even within the current dungeon!

The transformation odds are as follows:

  • 1/8 for the character’s base class
  • 1/4 each to become some Monster or some Beast
  • 3/16 each to become some Robot or some Cyborg

Robots have some challenges in this hack since they require so much GP commitment per character to make them powerful. To alleviate this, particularly for the early game, the following changes are also applied:

  • Every character begins the game as if they had 1 capsule of each of the 4 upgrade types (HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed) already installed. This makes a level 2 Robot about as powerful as a level 2 Monster, which is hopefully enough to survive fights against the weakest enemies.
  • The purchase price of robot upgrade capsules is half of what it is normally: 750GP instead of 1500GP.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ROM Name Final_Fantasy_Legend_III_(U)_[!].gb
  • ROM Size 262144 (40000)
  • ROM CRC32 3E454710
  • ROM SHA-1 3864AFA48A97DB826FFDA1D31A7FF9C6C315D5C9




User Review Information

Great for the 3rd Replay and Beyond

Reviewed By: Skygor on 26 May 2022

This hack does what it says and fixes a big issue with FFL3’s Races: you cannot manual swap Races. By the time you get your desired Meat/Parts, you either did a lot of tedious save scumming or grinded pass so many potential specie due to leveling up. E.g. no one has ever naturally played as an “F Drake”.

With the Flushex, which you get early in the game, and natural Meat/Part drops an experience player can easily adjust the party to however they want. Or even just embrace the “challenge” of a constantly shifting party. (That challenge only exists from early to mid game. The higher your level the less frequently you level up.)

The lower price of Robot upgrade pills feels appropriate. If you do not Run from a single battle, you have enough money to upgrade 2 Robots to be the same STR and AGL as a Human of the same level.

This is a very nice hack for experienced players. (First time is just to play the game. Second is to try out specific stuff. Third and beyond is just shear enjoyment of the game.) I will most likely never play the vanilla version again.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great for the 3rd Replay and BeyondSkygor26 May 20221.0Yes